The Last Sister

Hasan agonized. Frozen in place, but with his mind free, he tried to compose himself. Just shy of his goal, a beam beam of what he could only assume to be magic had locked himself and the two witches he still saw before him into their places. He tried to imagine their melee forever encapsulated in this moment. He tried to reason out again why he had charged the witches, even he hadn’t meant to melee. Still, he held to the comfort that whatever magic held him held them too. He hoped that whatever had brought this upon his company was less evil than the witches. In his mind, he prepared himself to cast a ward against evil Elrond had taught him long ago.

Was all going to be lost? Was this going to be the end of his clan? His despair turned to hope as he sensed the dwarf beginning to move.

The paralysis that had suddenly gripped the dwarf was quickly fading. Feldard struggled to gain control of his seemingly heavy arms and legs as he sat up. He glanced about, taking note of his fallen companions and fallen foes—only Miklos and Saeth were untouched by the magic. Saeth! Feldard could hear the elven warrior chanting her magics, focused on Miklos. This was no good. He fumbled for the crossbow at his side and struggled to cock and load it.

As the green light bathed him Maruc had the brief pleasure of watching the two witches collapse before him. He rolled on the floor motionless, and saw Nicolai folding to the floor like a sigh… and the other witch rear up. He watched helplessly as Seath, no not Seath casually raise her hand to cast death at someone out of Maruc’s field of vision. He silently beseached Halav Reincarnate for some turn of good fortune, and attempted to will the strength of the one and true King to his companion.

Miklos caught the movement of the dwarf out of the corner of his eye. He must maintain the witch’s attention and defend himself.

Only one choice.

“Thine aim defied, thy target split, before you stands foes three to hit!” Miklos barked his Mirror Image spell and two duplicate spellcasters appeared at his side.

Trilena, the last of the three sisters grinned as she finished the last words of her spell. This young mage had somehow come into possession of a powerful wand that had incapacitated her sisters. It was no matter, for she would now return the favor. It had been so long since she had cast a spell—the pleasure was enhanced by the influence of the Black Opal Eye, which augmented her power.

Miklos was instantly frozen in place as the witch’s dwoemer overtook him. He had known that he was outmatched, but he hoped against hope that he had distracted the sister long enough for the dwarf to recover.

In that moment, Trilena exulted in victory. It was only a matter of time before her sisters would recover and they could finally harness the full power of the Eye. However, her thoughts would prove to be shortlived.

Aiming low, the dwarf’s first shot was intended only to maim a leg—distract the witch from Miklos, who he hoped had some other magic that could immobile her without serious harm. By the time he released the bolt, it was too late to save the mage, but it did find its mark. Trilena screamed in agony as the dwarf’s shot pierced Saeth’s leg.

She spun around to face the source of her agony, and saw a creature born of a race that she truly despised. Immediately, she began to recite the quickest incantation in her arsenal of spells.



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4 responses to “The Last Sister

  1. Feldard

    His shot too slow, and the witchs recovery too swift, Feldard didn’t have the time he needed to reload his crossbow – already he could hear her speaking her magics to bring him down. There was no way now that he could save Saeth, not if he hoped to survive this himself, which he did. Feldard rolled to the side grabbing up his trusted battle axe in doing so, and heaved it with all the strength he had. The dwarf let loose the axe at the zenith of his arc aiming it towards the possessed elf. Battle axes are not made for throwing, and Feldard could tell as it left his hand that its rotation was clumsy. For once, even the dwarf prayed. Let it be enough.

  2. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Maruc continued to pray for release so he could aid his companion. “Mighty Halav sat on thine throne aid my dwarven friend against this foe!” he wished.

  3. Miklos (Mu 3)

    ‘Heh, not such a good a defense as he had hoped. Still he quite admired the turn of casting speed and the subtle movements. At least his dieing moments would be educational….

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