The Final Confrontation

The dwarf not as accustomed to magical travel, was still feeling the ill after effects, but the sight of the two possessed maidens was like a like a douse of cold water. Saeth was being dealt with. The mage would need a distraction no doubt. So with a dwarven bellow, Feldard launched himself towards the two witches. He quarter turned the hilt of his axe in his hand so that his blows would land flat. Now to see if he could get close enough to use his axe without their magics interfering.

Maruc sidestepped the brawling couple on the floor. Saeth was casting no spells. He also realised he had no chance to do so either. Guessing that Feldard would charge he cried. “Blessed Halav!” The priest continued the race toward the witches determined to stop them casting blasts of fire at his companions. If anything his longer legs would carry him there first.

Hasan joined the mad charge of Feldard and Maruc. His purpose, however, was not to join in melee with the maidens. Rather he aimed to enter the treasury beyond, hoping that he might find there the sisters’ orb, or some other useful device.

As the sisters had entered the room, Nicolai was struggling with the wily elf on the ground. Damn but she was a match for him. He fumbled for a pommel with his free hand. By the weight, he’d gabbed his shortsword.

‘Ha! Got you!’ thought the mage has he barked the command word of the wand at the Elven sorceresses. A cone of energy shot forth from the black wand—at the same time, one of the sisters motioned her arm toward Nicolai. She had already begun her spell before her sister had kicked open the double doors. She had considered unleashing a darkning bolt upon them, but it was an imprecise instrument of death, and she did not want to harm her freshly released sister. Whoever it was beyond that door was going to be no match for them, she had thought. Now that they were together and in proximity to The Eye, their powers were heightened. Three bolts of light that had been hovering behind the witch launched forth at the rogue as he was deftly spinning the pommel of the sword at his possessed elven companion.

What occurred next, happened in the span of an eyeblink, yet for the combatants in the room, time seemed to slow down, as it often does in times of intense battle. The three magic missiles raced across the room and slammed into Nicolai, generating a large crackling sound that echoed in the small chamber as he dropped to the ground. Simultaneously, Miklos struggled to direct the wand’s cone at the witches—the device was much more powerful than the mage had expected. He had hoped to avoid catching his charging companions in its area of effect, but its path was astonishingly wide. One after another, those who stood in front of him fell to the ground motionless, including, most importantly, the two sisters, stopping one of them just before she could complete her spell.

Free from her opponent, the witch that had possessed Saeth immediately began casting a spell, speaking in a voice that was not her own. Long had she waited for this moment. Soon, she and her sisters would be able to tap into the full power of the Black Opal at last. All she had to do was defeat this one novice mage. Or so she thought.

The dwarf twitched on the ground. He had been at the edge of the wand’s cone. Between that, and his race’s natural resistance to magecraft, the effect of the wand had only been momentary.



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6 responses to “The Final Confrontation

  1. Feldard

    (tee hee – I love being a dwarf! Never thought I’d say that.)

    The paralysis that had suddenly gripped the dwarf was quickly fading. Feldard struggled to gain control of his seemingly heavy arms and legs as he sat up. He glanced about taking note of his fallen companions and fallen foes – only Miklos and Saeth were untouched by the magic. Saeth! Feldard could her the elven warrior chanting her magics, focused on Miklos. This was no good. He fumbled for the crossbow at his side and struggled a moment to cock and load it. Aiming low, his first shot was intended only to maim a leg – distract the witch from Miklos, who he hoped had some other magic that could immobile her without serious harm.

  2. Feldard

    (spelling correction: Feldard could HEAR the elven warrior )

  3. Hasan

    Hasan agonized. Frozen in place, but with his mind free, he tried to compose himself. Just shy of his goal, a beam beam of what he could only assume to be magic had locked himself and the two witches he still saw before him into their places. He tried to imagine their melee forever encapsulated in this moment. He tried to reason out again why he had charged the witches, even he hadn’t meant to melee. Still, he held to the comfort that whatever magic held him held them too. He hoped that whatever had brought this upon his company was less evil than the witches. In his mind, he prepared himself to cast a ward against evil Elrond had taught him long ago.

  4. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos caught the movement of the dwarf out of the corner of his eye. He must maintain the witch’s attention and defend himself.

    Only one choice.

    “Thine aim defied, thy target split, before you stands foes three to hit!”

    Miklos barked his Mirror Image spell.

  5. Maruc (Clr 4)

    As the green light bathed him Maruc had the brief pleasure of watching the two witches collapse before him. As he rolled on the floor motionless he saw Nicolai folding to the floor like a sigh… and the other witch rear up. He watched helplessly as Seath, no not Seath casually raise her hand to cast death at someone out of Marucs field of vision. He silently beseached Halav Incarnate for some turn of good fortune.

  6. Nicolai (T 4)


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