The Sisters Three

Hasan’s cautious instinct had been to scout the room further, but there was no time for such prudence now. He plunged toward the alcove after his companions, prepared the dwarf along, certain the dwarf’s natural resistance to all things magical would need to be overcome.

But the dwarf needed no prompting this time; something stronger was driving him—a sense of camaraderie and loyalty. Feldard wasn’t about to let the witch keep control of Saeth, not when he had means to stop it. He charged into the alcove after Saeth and Nicolai, without the aid of the Siswa elf. “You won’t get away that easily, Witch!”

Maruc clenched his teeth on the last syllable of his spell and launched himself after the elf. “Halav!” he prayed as he threw himself through the dancing lights of the alcove in pursuit of his fiends.

The mage picked himself off the ground—he had missed the elf by mere inches, as he had cast himself at her feet as she sprightly sped for the alcove. Miklos spent a moment appreciating the teleporter after-effects. When the bulky form of the priest swept passed him, he gracefully followed. This was rather spoilt as he stepped on the hem of his cloak as he passed the interface.

* * * * *

Valuable seconds passed as Nicolai’s eyes, and stomach, caught up with his urgency to catch his quarry. His legs were moving before his mind was considering direction. Involuntarily, he scrabbled with his arms, catching Saeth’s clothing before his eyes could confirm his whereabouts. He tackled her to the ground.

They were in a 20-foot square room, upon a raised, semi-circular platform opposite a set of steel doors, etched with decorative woodland patterns.

Sticky strands of magic dissipated as the others appeared an instant later.

Not of nought had been his training, Miklos thought to himself. He’d known what to expect of the dimensional displacement. He calmly reached for Dentiata’s wand. Something was different about it. Earlier, he had sensed that its power was waning and that perhaps it was on its last charge, but suddenly it felt different. His ponderance of this phenomenon was quickly curtailed however as the double doors were violently thrust open. Golden light shone in the room, reflected light cast from the treasury of the Elyan located in the room beyond.

Standing now before the group were two female elves, which the companions immediately recognised as the missing maidens. They wore black robes and were speaking in the tongue of the arcane arts.



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6 responses to “The Sisters Three

  1. Miklos (Mu 3)

    ‘Ha! Got you!’ thought the mage has he barked the command word of the wand at the Elven sorceresses….

    if the wand works:

    … a moments glare. He still stood with the wand held forth like some stabbing finger of retribution. He allowed himself a smile. “My friends,” he said, “the advantage of a wand is that it requires no guesture or material component. And no long chanting.” He turned his gazed to the motionless witches. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

  2. Miklos (Mu 3)

    if the wand dosn’t work:

    Not stopping to ponder the the lack of magic Miklos threw up the first defensive spell he had to hand. “Confuse thine aim thou shalt see that Mine was One but now is Three!”

    Miklos casts his mirror image spell.

  3. Nicolai (T 4)

    Nicolai struggled with the wily elf on the ground. Damn but she was a match for him. He fumbled for a pommel with his free hand. By the weight he’d gabbed his shortsword. He deftly spun it then without any remorse, or a second thought he brought the pommel with all his strength down on her temple.

    if this has the desired effect (i.e. one unconscious elf)…

    Afterwards he would muse that perhaps the witch inhabiting her body was no expert brawler as Saeth might have been. And, perhaps the lack of two eyes might have confused her as well? If it was the real Seath perhaps he wounldn’t have been so bold….

  4. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Maruc sidestepped the brawling couple on the floor. Saeth was casting no spells. He also realised he had no chance to do so either. Guessing that Feldard would charge he cried. “Blessed Halav!” The priest continued the race toward the witches determined to stop them casting blasts of fire at his companions. If anything his longer legs would carry him there first.

  5. Feldard

    The dwarf not as accustomed to magical travel, was still feeling the ill after effects, but the sight of the two possessed maidens was like a like a douse of cold water. Saeth was being dealt with. The mage would need a distraction no doubt. So with a dwarven bellow, Feldard launched himself towards the two witches. He quarter turned the hilt of his axe in his hand so that his blows would land flat. Now to see if he could get close enough to use his axe without their magics interfering.

  6. Hasan

    Hasan joined the mad charge of Feldard and Maruc. His purpose, however, was not to join in melee with the maidens. Rather he aimed to enter the treasury beyond, hoping that he might find there the sisters’ orb, or some other useful device.

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