Stopping Saeth

Despite his companions misgivings about his actions, Feldard was expecting the worst and when ‘Saeth’ made a dash for the alcove, he broke free from Hasan’s restraining hold, and bellowed as he gave chase, cursing himself for not having his crossbow at the ready. “Stop her escape! Nicolai—your bow!”

Hasan wasn’t as quick to react as the dwarf and Saeth’s surprising dash left him stonefooted. He wondered if he had been taken in and trusted her strength, her independent spirit, and yes, their racial bonds too much.

Miklos knew he wasn’t strong enough to restrain Saeth, that didn’t stop him trying as sprang upon her. He tried to catch her off guard, “The scorn of Karelena will be yours if you let us escape!”

Nicolai didn’t have any weapons to hand. As he ran to intercept Saeth, he wondered how he could string his bow, nock, draw and loose an arrow by the time Seath had fled—what did Feldard think he was, some kind of elf? Not that there was any place to flee to in a room without exits. Still she was moving with a purpose and he was the only one fast enough to be able to stop her!

The priest spun on his heal at the surprise sprint of the elf. His arm snatched out at thin air and he started to purse her before he realized he wasn’t going to catch up. Think fool! He began to cast his spell as Nicolai was reaching to tackle the elf. “Spirit of Halav encompass thee that thy purpose is…”

And then, just before he could complete his spell, Saeth and Nicolai disappeared in a flash as they both tumbled into the alcove.



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6 responses to “Stopping Saeth

  1. Hasan

    Hasan’s cautious instinct had been to scout the room further, but there was no time for such prudence now. He plunged into the alcove after his companions, dragging the dwarf along, certain the dwarf’s natural resistance to all things magical would need to be overcome.

  2. Feldard (dwf)

    But the dwarf needed no prompting this time; something stronger was driving him – a sense of camaradrie and loyalty. Feldard wasn’t about to let the witch keep control of Saeth, not when he had means to stop it. He charged into the alcove after Saeth and Nicolai without the aid of the Siswa elf. “You won’t get away that easily, Witch.”

  3. Nicolai (T4)


    Valuable seconds passed as Nicolai’s eyes, and stomach, caught up with his urgency to catch his quarry. His legs were moving beofre his mind was considering direction. Involuntarily he scrabbled with his arms hoping to catch Saeths clothing beofre his eyes could confirm his whereabouts. He fought with every once of his dexterity and ingenuity to keep up with her. And catch her.

  4. Maruc (Clr4)

    Maruc clenched his teeth on the last sylable of his spell and lauched himself after the elf. “Halav!” he prayed as he threw himself through the dancing lights of the alcove in pursuit of his fiends.

  5. Miklos (Mu3)

    The mage lunged. Missing the elf by mere inches he cast himself at her feet as she sprightly sped for the alcove. Mikos spent a moment appriciating the teleporter after-effects before trying it himself. The bulky form of the priest swept passed him and he gracefully followed him. This was rather spoilt as he stepped on the hem of his cloak as he passed the interface.

    Sticky strands of magic dissapated as he picked himself up on the other side if the interface. Not of nought had been his training. He’d known what to expect. He calmly reached for Dentiata’s wand and pointed at the fleeing elven figure….

    He paused hoping one of the others might yet stop her before she was out of range.

    Miklos will use his wand to stop Saeth if Nicolai fails to catch her or Maruc fails to cast his hold person spell.

  6. Maruc (Clr4)

    The the priest swept his eyes around the area beyond trying to recognise his target. Catching her fleeing shadow he tryed to finish his incantation. Thrusting his symbol out again he cryed, “Thy purpose is curtailed!”

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