My Advice Would Be Not To Touch…

As his eyes became accustomed to the gloom after the fiery room Miklos stalked around the room casting his eyes over the statues. Hmm, three statues, Witches Three, Rahasia is safe but two maidens are trapped, one we have seen. Two green stones, one red. Green for unactive, red for active? Surely no light would show if no magic were present? The palm print…like that of the teleport device that brought him here. Perhaps its is some sort of teleport?

He stalked around some more. Then suddenly the dwarf joined him.

The dwarf gave a shudder as he realised that once more he’d been unwittingly transported to like the mage before him. As he glanced about he took note of the statues and then the iron throne. He wasn’t of a mind to care about the glowing eyesocket gems—they would only bring about more magics, no doubt. The empty eyesocket of the smaller statue however was rather telling. “The Black Opal Eye.”

So they were in the right spot.. but where were the Witches? Or rather the possessed maids they were here to save? Feldard moved away from the center of the room and began an circuit, checking the walls, yet keeping a respectful distance from the statues. He had no desire to experience yet more magic.

Shortly thereafter, Hasan, Maruc and Saeth joined them.

“Ahh there you all are. Splendid,” said the young mage as he joined Feldard at the throne. “The Opal goes here then?” He cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention. “My friends you’ll notice that two of the statues glow a different colour to that of the third. My guess is that they hold some relation to the witches. As Rahasia is safe with her kin only two of these have been used. Perhaps in some dark ritual? My advice would be not to touch…”

As he spoke, Saeth had wandered over to the statue in the center and placed her hand in the carven spot along the neck. She and the statue were both bathed in bright red light, and then the elven swordswoman fell to the ground unconscious.



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6 responses to “My Advice Would Be Not To Touch…

  1. Feldard (dwf)

    “What are you daft woman!? He said NOT to touch!” Feldard’s tirade continued on more for venting than to chastize the unconcious elf – given that there was nothing he could do to assist. “It seems a gender trait common to all races to ignore common sense.” He switched over to dwarven expounding on the faults of women and their lack of care and common sense. He fumed, as he waited for the cleric or mage to give their pronouncement as to the elfs fate.

  2. Miklos (Mu3)

    Startled by the Dwarfs outburst Miklos stalked over to the fallen elf. “…them.” he finished. He knelt down and raise one of the elf’s eyelids and gazed at her pupils. He looked up at the glowing red gem knowing that it would be green before he bothered moving his head. “So much for ritual. What I would like to know is how the first witch escaped. By the looks of it all the Siswa were male and one elf maid would have had to have been inquisitive indeed to have stumbled down here by accident to release them. You could argue that the Rahib released them but it dosen’t make sense. He was a servant of Denetiata and was woo’d buy his ‘new masters’, I doubt the witch’s ghosts visited him passed all of Denetiata’s wards. He could have been hedging his bets long before I suppose. The disappearances of the elf maids from the village must have been happening for some time for the Witches to have developed such a comprehensive reconstruction of Elyas’s defences. No, we are missing something.”

  3. Maruc (Clr4)

    Maruc knelt the other side of the fallen elf. He checked her over. Hmm, no outward sign of damage. “This is some sort of mental jolt.” he said.

  4. Miklos (Mu3)

    “Based on the facts we have, my guess is that she is no longer Saeth but that a witch dwells within her body.” Miklos looked up at the green gem. “That is Seath, there. Didn’t you warn her that she might suffer this fate Maruc? As a replacement for Rahasia? Alas I fear you spoke true. The question is what do we do with her?”

  5. Nicolia (T4)

    Nicolai rubbed his bristly chin. “Much as I’d like to, you can’t leave her tied up. You’ll have to keep her unconscious. I would like to guess what would happen if the other two got hold of her.”

  6. Maruc (Clr4)

    “We’ll need a stretcher. We’ll need to gag and bind her first.” Maruc hunted in his pack for rope. He tied Saeth up and hunted around for stretcher making materials.

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