The Throne Room

As the fire flared, the dwarf braced himself and tucked an arm about his face and beard expecting the worst, but when flames did not consume him, he glanced up in time to see the flash of Miklos’ disappear. By the beard of the Gods! “Where did he go!? What just happened?” More damned magic.

The priest let out an explosive breath. He didn’t realize he was holding it. “Miklos you foolish boy!” he railed, “I only hope Halav has saved you from yourself.”

Feldard eyed the glowing handprint—it looked to be the source of the foul magic. The dwarf began to stalk forward towards the alter, hefting his axe into position to swing at the handprint.

“Feldard, you might well destroy our only chance of getting Miklos back,” shouted Maruc after the reckless dwarf. ”Release the desire for stonemasonary!”

At the cleric’s words, the dwarf hesitated at bringing his axe down upon the elven handprint, but before he could turn to respond, he was gone in a flash. Quickly thereafter, the altar’s glow and flames receded.

“As I charged you to not leave this quest, we cannot leave Miklos and Feldard alone,” declared Hasan, who stepped forward unhesitatingly to follow the dwarf.

Nicolai groaned. Now we’ll have to go jumping into no man’s land with no idea if we’ll end up in solid rock. Still there was hope. From the doorway he called, “I don’t think Elyas was evil. Sevastian was and his magic didn’t bury you in rock. My guess is its the same.” Nicolai shrugged, “I still don’t like the idea of leaping into the unknown but where’s the choice?”

“It might be an idea to hold on to Hasan, unless you can speak Elvish of course,” he added stalking across the room. He grasped Hasan’s shoulder. “Who wants to live forever?” He whispered mockingly in his ear.

Saeth and Maruc joined them at the altar and Hasan then pressed his palm where Miklos’s has gone just before. Once again the flames erupted along the top of the chamber and the same riddle was presented. Hasan supplied the identical answers to the mage and all of the group disappeared from the room.

* * * * *

The group now found themselves in an alcove, looking into a 30-foot wide circular chamber. Three other alcoves lined the walls of the chamber. Three tall blackstone statues stood in front of the other alcoves that faced the companions and surrounded a smaller center statue. All of the statues were blackrobed figures topped with giant dragon heads. Gemstones in the right eyes of the statues to the left and right glowed with dim green light. The gem in the right eyesocket of the statue in the middle glowed with a pulsing red light. An impression of a hand was carved into the neck of each statue.

The robe of the smaller center statue opened to form a niche. Within this niche sat an iron throne. Unlike the others, this statue’s dragonhead had only one eye socket located in the center of its head, and it was empty.



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5 responses to “The Throne Room

  1. Feldard (dwf)

    (thanks – I was wondering how I could honestly get Feldard to go along with yet more magical travel)

    The dwarf gave a shudder as he realised that once more he’d been unwittingly transported to like the mage before him. As he glanced about he took note of the statues and then the iron throne. He wasn’t of a mind to care about the glowing eyesocket gems – they would only bring about more magics, no doubt. The empty eyesocket of the smaller statue however was rather telling. “The Black Opal Eye.”

    So they were in the right spot.. but where were the Witches? Or rather the possessed maids they were here to save?

    Feldard moved away from the centre of the room and began an circuit, checking the walls, yet keeping a respectful distance from the statues. He had no desire to experience yet more magic.

  2. Miklos (Mu 3)

    As his eyes became accustomed to the gloom after the firy room Miklos stalked around the room casting his eyes over the statues. Hmm, three statues, Witches Three, Rahasia is safe but two maidens are trapped, one we have seen. Two green stones, one red. Green for unactive, red for active? Surely no light would show if no magic were present? The palm print…like that of the teleport device that brought him here. Perhaps its is some sort of teleport?

    He stalked around some more. Then suddenly the room was crowded.

    “Ahh there you all are. Splended.”

    He joined Feldard at the throne. “The Opal goes here then?” he cleared his throat to get everyones attention. “My friends you’ll notice that two of the statues glow a different colour to that of the third. My guess is that they hold some relation to the witches. As Rahasia is safe with her kin only two of these have been used. Pehaps in some dark ritual? My advice would be not to touch them.”

  3. Nicolai (T 4)

    Nicolai left the others to their chat. He skirted the room to investigate the acloves.

  4. Maruc (Clr 4)

    “And I wouldn’t park yourself on the Throne. Fortunately for us the power of Halav oversees our quest. If it is as you say what do we have to fear fromt the green lights? At worst nothing at best we might find the trapped maidens?” said the priest.

  5. Miklos (Mu 3)

    “At worst you could be vapourised or be trapped yourself.” Milos replied.

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