Fire, Water and Air!

Feldard backed away from the ceiling column of fire, and edged towards a wall. More damn hoity-toity elfspeak, and spellcraft. He didn’t envy the mage in the least.

Maruc glanced swiftly back at the doorway wondering if he had time to grasp Miklos and drag him into the main antechamber—but events where overtaking him, to die in a conflagration would not serve Halav, but he could not leave a friend in peril. Valuable seconds passed in indecision….

Nicolai backed immediately out of the room expecting the onrush of his friends as the flames danced across the ceiling.

The mage glanced across to the Elves. Neither the cleric, rogue or dwarf would understand the riddle. He bearly grasped the translation himself. Still, the riddle was not about to defeat him. The Obelisk gave the first clue; “Beyond the Temples of Elements Three”. This was plainly the Temple of Fire.

“The temples of Fire,” he called in elvish, the others clicked into place—that which runs and is never weary—obvious, “Water,” that which cries and is never seen? Certainly not Earth! “and Air!”

Hasan stepped toward the mage, confident Miklos had deciphered the riddle correctly. Besides, the elf thought with a wry smile, with magic this powerful, a few steps in either direction likely wouldn’t avoid any ill fate.

For a moment, the column of fire running along the ceiling of the room flared up, but then it quickly receded as the altar and Miklos were bathed in amber light originating from the handprint. In a flash, Miklos disappeared the light upon the altar continued to pulse.



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9 responses to “Fire, Water and Air!

  1. Feldard (dwf)

    As the fire flared, the dwarf braced himself and tucked an arm about his face and beard expecting the worst, but when flames did not consume him, he glanced up in time to see the flash of Miklos’ disappear. By the beard of the Gods! “Where did he go!? What just happened?” More damned magic. Feldard eyed the glowing handprint – it looked to be the source of the foul magic. The dwarf began to stalk forward towards the alter, hefting his axe into position to swing at the handprint.

  2. Feldard (dwf)

    (flash of Miklos’ disappearance)

  3. Hasan

    “As I charged you to not leave this quest, we cannot leave Miklos alone,” declared Hasan, who stepped forward unhesitatingly to the still glowing palm print. “Saeth, teach the others the riddle’s answer,” the Siswa said over his shoulder in Elvish as he pressed his palm where Miklos’s has gone just before. (If the same riddle is presented, Hasan will supply the same answers.)

  4. Nicolia (T4)

    Nicolai groaned. Now we’ll have to go jumping into no mans land with no idea if we’ll end up in solid rock. Still there was hope. from the doorway he called, “I don’t think Elyas is evil. Sevastian was and his magic didn’t bury you in rock. My guess is its the same.” Nicolai shrugged, “I still don’t like the idea of leaping into the unknown but where’s the choice?”

    “It might be an idea to hold on to Hasan, unless you can speak Elvish of course.” he added stalking across the room. He grasped Hasan’s shoulder. “Who want’s to live forever.” he whispered mockingly in his ear.

  5. Maruc (Clr4)

    The priest let out an explosive breath. He didn’t realise he was holding it. “Miklos you foolish boy!” he railed, “I only hope Halav has saved you from yourself.” Already standing beside the dwarf Maruc stayed his advance. “Feldard, you might well destroy our only chance of getting Miklos back, or considering Nicolai’s words, following him, hold your intent for the moment. Release the desire for stonemasonary!” He grinned.

    “If Mistress Saeth will stay with us we may yet all pass through. Let us await our friends fate.”

  6. Miklos (Mu3)


  7. Miklos (Mu3)

    …oh look I’ve found the Earth element….

  8. Feldard (dwf)

    The dwarf glowered towards the priest at the advice; but it was sound, and the dwarf lowered his axe and watched the Siswa elf repeat Miklos’ rash action. Nicolai’s suggestion of holding on to the elf, set Feldard’s beard to itching. Surely, there was another way. “This is madness.”

  9. Maruc (Clr4)

    “Ahh Feldard, think of it more as….err, bravery!” Maruc said with a bright smile. “Halav watches over us, have faith my friend.”

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