Methodical Caution

Moving into the room, Feldard took a pace or two to the left side, allowing for better freedom should battle present; but disturbingly the room was empty save more doors and yet another obelisk.

“Quit hiding, Witch! Show yourself!” Yes, poor Feldard was getting rather annoyed at this game of hide and seek.

“Temples three,” Hasan muttered, studying the three golden doors, stunned himself to find the party not engaged in a climactic battle. “Could these three doors provide the paths to the three temples? I know no rumor of three temples, but much knowledge has been lost in my tribe,” he bitterly concluded.

“Might I suggest we leave no stone unturned behind us?” Maruc suggested, ” I fear that in haste we may blunder into some trap we must be cautious and not underestimate the witches or fabled Elyas and his stronghold. The witches have had lond to spy out the fortress and turned the powerful magics placed by Elyas to their own defense.”

Maruc paused for a moment and turned to Hasan, “As to the way on the other doors may hold a clue, it is plain we cannot chase after the witch, and by her own admission they are relying on the Rahib to secure a third candidate.” His eyes strayed to Saeth. “We yet may play into their hands. Mistress Saeth, you may end up making a substitute for their black intent!”

“My advice would be to give up this chase and proceed with methodical caution. I’m sure Miklos would agree with me.”

Miklos, absorbed in the elven script, was distracted by the mention of his name. “What? I agree to nothing unless all the facts are present…” he said absently then realized where he was. “Ahh, yes, what where you saying?”

“I’m saying,” answered the cleric patiently, “that I think it unwise to leave uncharted rooms behind us? Something might jump out if we need to retreat.”

“Quite right! Quite right, come come now let us see if one of the rooms in the corridor contains a cowering witch!”

“What does that writing say Miklos?” asked Nicolai.

“Beyond the temples of elements three, Above riches of ages past,The Eye does dwell.” recited the mage without referring to the wall, “Touch Opal Black to Obelisk Pure, Light shall swallow Dark,
As thou complete the Spell.”

“I don’t know about you but I think we have already passed ‘ancient riches’ back there.” he said thumbing over his shoulder. My guess is that we have to gain access to those sealed rooms. If I wanted to keep a jewel safe from my competitors I’d keep it secure with everything else. I wonder how competitive the witches are with each other? How do they choose who gets control of the Eye? So they place it where all three can access it yet none can steal it.”

“Then to gain access to those chambers we must try the doors in the corridor first and work our way round?” the priest suggested.

Distracted by the poem again Miklos mumbled to himself. “I thought there where four elements? Anyway there are three door from this room and it suggested three temples so Hasan’s inference seems logical. The poem suggests the paths will lead to the gem but why write it? And why on Mystara haven’t the witches removed it? Or at least the Rahib? Unless they don’t understand what it could mean or we are dealing with some very foolish people. This suggests to me that it is immune to the witches. It may indeed be the ‘pure obelisk’ the poem speaks of.”

“Either way,” continued the mage, “we must investigate these other doors in the corridor before continuing.”

Nicolai turned on his heal and listened intently at the door in the south wall light caressing his expert hands over it searching for anything unusual before handing over door opening duties to someone more appropriate.

Hasan saw the good sense of the cleric’s counseled forebearance. Still, he felt no interest in the doors of the corridor behind. As the others turned to those doors, the Siswa remained in the inner sanctum. He approached the pure obelisk and began a thorough examination. How, he wondered, would the Opal Eye be connected to the smooth-faced object.

It wasn’t long before the others returned to join Hasan. On either side of the hall were empty bedchambers—neither of which seemed to contain anything that would be helpful to their cause.



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2 responses to “Methodical Caution

  1. Hasan

    Hasan was glad to see the company reassembled, but disappointed that his examination of the obelisk had yielded no further intelligence. Still, the time had not been wasted, the elf believed, for he had a premonition on the way forward. “Nicolai’s observation that the ancient treasure is that which we just passed is sound. Let us head that way,” the elf suggested. He headed to the north door.

  2. Feldard (dwf)

    Feldard for his part had remained behind with Hasan.. checking the room and obelisk over. He was itching to press on. The witch had only been a room ahead as they’d fought the cat.. yet now.. who knew what devilry she had instore with time to prepare? All this ‘methodical caution’ was beginning to grate on the impatient dwarf.

    At the return of the others, Feldard nodded his agreement with the Siswa elf and stood in a offensive position alongside the door as Hasan opened it.

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