Under The Ruins

Nicolai remained where he was, allowing the elves to pass. The idea of tackling a savage panther did not feature high on his ‘things to do’ list. Well, not where there was any choice.

Maruc lowered his symbol. He stalked into the corridor and seeing that the demihumans had the situation in hand he took a good look around before continuing to join them. Miklos joined Maruc at the back of the party and watched the fight ready with Dentiata’s wand poised for action should the need arise.

Feldard muttered to himself about shut doors and cats as he eyed the cornered cat. He had no qualms about engaging the panther; he merely was waiting on the elves to close ranks behind him to ensure that the cat didn’t try to bolt past them and over towards the undefended mage.

Hasan hated to attack this wild thing, which had no doubt been distorted beyond it’s natural condition. Still, there was no choice at this point. He got as close as possible, swung the ancient blade first, and tried to follow with his Siswa blade as well. Neither blade was very effective. The weapons were together too large for the elf to effectively maintain the balance he needed to strike the fast moving creature. He had been hoping the skeleton’s blade had some sort of enchantment upon it, but it appeared to be nothing more than an old longsword.

With the Saeth and Hasan in place, Feldard closed the distance quickly against the cat and swung out with his axe to end this quickly. The cat fought ferociously. Though badly wounded, it did not go down easily, managing to land another clawscrape on the dwarf before the blades of the three companions ended the battle.



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6 responses to “Under The Ruins

  1. Hasan

    Hasan pulled himself up from over the slain great cat. He waited to catch his breath, then said, “My new travelling companions, we have travelled far together in this deep. It is clear we are now coming to where we must end our journey. For me, I must end it now, in either success or death. For you, no such urgency is at stake.”

    The Siswa elf saw the exagerrated eyerolls Feldard and Nicolai exchanged. Nonetheless, Hasan continued, “Hear me out. As we face the sisters or their accursed successors, we cannot prevail if we cannot count on one another. Nobody who leaves now would face my scorn, for we will face a terrible foe. But for those who will join me in opening that door,” Hasan gestured as dramatically as he could, this role was really growing on him, “for whatever reason, be it glory, justice or mere curiousity, must pact with me to not turn back from what we face, or we shall sink faster than a skiff with a rotted plank. Come now! Let’s go.”

    The elf spun toward the door, armed with his pathetic blades, an enchanted ring and torque, and a firmly set jaw.

  2. Feldard (dwf)

    For a moment, the dwarf considered making mockery of the elfs attempt at a stirring speech, but something of the mans’ firmly set jaw gave him pause. Instead, Feldard thumped the handle of his axe on the floor three times. “I’m in.”
    Feldard took a place to the elf’s left, waiting on Nicolai to check the door.

  3. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Maruc slapped Hasan oh the shoulder in a comradely fashion. “Halav has guided us to you, doubt not His wisdom. We are chosen for this purpose, have faith in your friends we will stand at your side.Or possibly right behind you in some cases.” He turned a winked good naturedly at Nicolai and Miklos.

  4. Nicolai (T 4)

    Nicolai squinted and rubbed his eyes. The elf’s words chimed not at all with him. He was still trying to work out what the point of all this was. Noble, yes but … he guessed it was the thrill of the unknown that drove him. That and trying to stop these people from comitting suicide. Talking of that he checked the door.

    (assuming he finds nothing)

    Satisfied the door was safer than what lay beyond Nicolai stepped aside and allowed the others to continue.

  5. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos filed the wand away and waited to counter what magic the witch might through at them.

  6. Maruc (Clr 4)

    The priest backed out of the way and allowed Hasan and Feldard to breach the door. He braced himself behind his shield half expecting some blast of sorcery.

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