The Bronze Double Doors Started to Creak Open…

Nicolai stepped off the glowing disc, pleased to be on solid ground. As the blue disk rose again the light dimmed so he pulled out his lightstone and shone it about. The statues were tall and his light gave them masks of terror lit from beneath. The glint of the bronze doors caught his eye and glad to be alone for a few moments he studied them. As he listened intently for a few moments, Saeth arrived and Miklos again uttered the command to make the disc rise up the wellshaft.

Hasan descended with Miklos, who continued to prattle on, somewhat maniacally, about states of matter and energy and mass probably being equivalent, if you just think about it hard enough, but that to establish permanence in such a state would require an energy infusion beyond imagining.

Feldard peered down from above…and gave a groan at the depth of the shaft. He doubted they had enough rope for a climb such as that, but maybe it would get him near enough that he could jump down—anything was better than that eerie disc. “How much rope you got Maruc?”

The priest gauged the distance down the hole. “Not enough I think. Still, Nicolai and Miklos are safe. Halav has protected them and I doubt this business with Elyas will be achieved unless we take a leap of faith. You said yourself we have few choices for a way on. I’ll not abandon my friends through a lack of heart. Come now Feldard don’t show yourself up in front of the elves!”

The dwarf scowled sourly at Maruc’s persuasion as he watched him board the floating object of magecraft, but the cleric did have a point. Feldard wasn’t willing to abandon his companions, nor was he willing to give the elves something more to mock him about.

Moments later, safely on the ground, Maruc stood back from the crowded doorway and re shouldered his shield strap, it seemed to have and annoying habit of slipping down as he walked. He checked his flail and spent a moment offering thanks to Halav for seeing them all safe thus far. He waited for the others the proceed.

When Miklos returned for him, Feldard was ready and a waiting. He climbed aboard with some help and then stood tense at the center of the disc, gripping his axe handle tightly, not speaking a word.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the well, Nicolai carefully checked the doors for traps, and then, covering his lightstone in the pouch he tried the door, opening it a fraction to look beyond. He saw that another long hallway, identical to the one above, with alcoves containing the more exquisitely detailed platinum statues. At the end of the hall, the bronze double doors started to creak open…



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6 responses to “The Bronze Double Doors Started to Creak Open…

  1. Note: at the end of the post, Miklos and Feldard are not yet at the bottom of the well – they are still on the magic elevator ride.

  2. Nicolai (T4)

    DM: Nicolai will stop pushing the door and if necessay wiggle it a fraction to ensure he is not looking a reflection. If it is he will proceed into the corridor (provided he is convinced it is otherwise empty), if not he will close the door as quickly and quietly as possible and stand behind the door so that if it opens, it opens away from him. He will also wave the others into silence and urgently whisper, “Somethings comming!” and get his sword ready.

  3. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Maruc started to form a question but at Nicolai’s gesture he remained silent and carefully unhooked his flail.

  4. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos remained artfully silent noting the white knuckle grip Feldard had on his axehaft.

  5. Hasan

    Hasan looked down at his two swords, one battered and enfeebled from decades, maybe centuries in the crypt above, and the other a mere ceremonial blade that was little more than a toy. Neither offered much comfort. “Oh for a longbow,” he thought. He drew both of the swords and wondered if he could wield the two together. It wouldn’t be easy, but what choice did he have? It seemed unlikely whatever they saw next would be of good intent.

  6. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    Feldard remained steadily silent, and tensely waited for the disc to slow to a stop or slam them to the ground below.

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