The Hall of Statues

As the dust settled Nicolai scanned the rubble. He nodded at Feldard to check the passageways to the left, and glided over to where the door lay in hallway. The portal was completely choked with rubble piled to the ceiling. Whatever its contents of the room were, they would remain a mystery as it was buried in the ruin of the tower’s collapse.

The priest stalked over to Saeth and checked her over. “No harm done!” he said brushing the remaining rubble from her. The elf said nothing. The others picked an inopportune time to rejoin the group—just in time to witness her courageous return to the lead result in nothing more than a pile of rubble. Was the dwarf baiting her? With his keen knowledge of engineering, perhaps he had noticed the door was unstable and that was why he let her be the one to open it? She mused in silence, hoping that some new development would lead to everyone quickly forgetting this mishap.

Feldard had nodded at the rogue’s silent suggestion and made his way to the intersection to the left. He peered down each passageway for a moment listening carefully.

“You think this place will hold up much longer Feldard?” Maruc asked trying to keep the concern from his voice. He ghosted the Dwarf as he approached the crossed passages.

Miklos scanned the ceiling with visible unease. He waited a good few seconds to see if the roof would collapse. Satisfied, he finally passed the entrance and moved away from the rubble strewn walls.

Hasan stepped carefully down the hall, all the while thinking that the time had come for him be above ground again. Spelunking, he thought, was a business for worms, moles and the occasional dear, deluded dwarf.

Once again at the lead, the dwarf saw down two passageways. He grew ever-anxious to reach the final confrontation with these elven witches. He was unnerved at the prospect of taking on their dark magicks—the sooner they got it over with, the better. He explored a bit into each passage.

The southern passage led straight into a spiral stair leading up. He surmised that it most likely had been the access to the mage’s tower. Now it led to nothing but more rubble.

The passage to his left was more interesting. The long corridor continued for 70 feet, ending at a pair of bronze doors, intricately carved with more woodland designs. Curved alcoves were cut onto either side of the 10-foot wide hall. Still, shadowy figures stood silently in each alcove. At first glance, the dwarf clutched his axe tightly, thinking he was facing an army of gargoyles running at him, but their poses frozen, he thankfully saw that it appeared these were nothing more than statues.

As the light from the human’s torches was cast down the passage, the statues were illuminated with silvery reflections. The dwarf gasped. These statues were made of platinum. They could fetch a king’s ransom in Specularum. He went for a closer look and saw that they were sculpted with breathtakingly detail that rivaled even that of the most skilled dwarven craftsman he had known in Rockhome. Humans, dwarves, elves, halflings—adventurers all. The sculptor had for some reason chose to pose them all in running positions, hands and arms outstretched, with broad smiles covering their faces.



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7 responses to “The Hall of Statues

  1. In case my post is confusing, the door that Saeth opened revealed nothing but a wall of impassable rubble. The only path is to through the hall of statues.

  2. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    Feldard took a long moment to appreciate the workmanship of the platinum statues – they were so life-like but for the life of him, the dwarf couldn’t fathom why the sculptor who choose such ridiculous poses – mid-swing or a victorious stance sure, but those goofy wide-smiling faces did little for the dwarf aestetically.
    After motioning the others to the hallway, the dwarf maintained the lead, making his way past each of the statues, heading for the bronze double doors he noted at the far end of the hall.

  3. Hasan

    Hasan followed the dwarf. The instability of the previous chamber was scary. The statuary, however, was much worse. “What could be the explanation for this?” mused Hasan. “It seems most unnatural. Why wouldn’t treasure seekers from ages past have plundered this? And why do all the statues show such happiness? Few artists would carry the theme so consistently through their work.” The elf shrank into his Siswa cloak as he walked forward, lost in thought.

  4. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth moved to follow down the hallway, without quite as much introspection as Hasan. It seemed obvious enough that moving statues of this size would be impractical, and that breaking down an object of such worksmanship would be nothing less than sacrilege. She paused by the first figure, reaching up to run her hand down the Elf’s flowing platinum hair.

    OOC, I still lack regular internet access. I’ve managed to piggyback off an open wireless network for today (as I very much wanted to get back online), and hope to spend a bit of time in coffeeshops in the coming week, but don’t hold the game on my behalf. I hope to be back to full participation soon!

  5. Nicolai (T4)

    Stalking behind the dwarf Nicolai paused at the first statue. The dwarf gasping was of some concern until he realised what caused it. He was staring at enough wealth to buy an entire kingdom and right now it was about as much use as an entire kingdom. Still, it was useful to know where a very large stash of funds were sitting, even if you did have to get a crowd of dwarves to mine it out after the remains of the tower has sealed it in. Right now it was a distraction.

    He turned around at Hasans comment and wondered at which work crew willing to work in such an environment he was thinking of. If they were removable the Rahib would have removed them already. Nicolai couldn’t see someone as single minded as the Rahib failing to miss an opportunity like that. But then again, he thought as his eyes landed on Maruc, religion can do strange things to you.

    He spun back and with a few long strides caught up with Feldard before he started to open the doors, or something equally…ahh dwarvish!

    He waved the protesting dwarf into silence and pressed his ear against the door before checking the frame and handle for anything out of the ordinary.
    assuming Nicolai finds nothing …

    Satisifed he stepped to one side, still with his sword in hand, and backed out of Feldards way.

  6. Maruc (Clr 4)

    The young priest had seen many rich wonders adorning the cathedrals of the Traladarian Church. Maruc had always felt them an extravagance especially with the poor of the congregation supporting such edificies. These reminded him of this and it knotted his stomach. He turned his face away and joined the others at the doorway.

  7. Miklos (Mu 3)

    “Come come! Look at these beautiful pieces!” said Miklos awed as the light from his lightstone splinted off the myriad untarneshed facets of the statue oi front of him. “Look at the workmanship. Stunning.” His eyes ran to the cracked and blackened roof. “Its tragic really, to be buried in this pit for ‘beauty craves to be beheld or it is as nothing’ or so my lecturer in ancient arts said. Come my friends let us liberate this pit of its ‘Sisters of Death’ that we might return these wonders to your people! And others no doubt!” he he strode off to join the reat.

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