Taking The Lead

Hasan admired the ferocity of the rubble to the north and east, idly contemplating the terrible force necessary to create such a mess. Knowing that the casting down of tower had been the doing of Elyas was a sobering realization, as Hasan knew much separated himself from such power. The young elf hoped fervently that the party could swiftly find the missing elf maidens and return above, safely avoiding an enemy of the sort that could challenge Elyas himself. Still, though he knew little of its capacities, fingering the ring given him by Elrond, that was passed down from Elyas long ago, gave a bit of comfort.

“Through the door then, yes? I hope there’s no need for a speedy retreat,” Hasan noted, remarking at the cleric’s ponderous, clamorous progress through the small entryway.

Saeth craned her neck trying to peek through the cracks in the dilapidated portal. Her ears strained to hear anything from the far side. Hearing nothing, she gave a curt nod of assent to the other elf. In a fluidly graceful motion, she pulled the door open, ready to face any unseen foes that lay beyond. For a brief moment, she relished taking the lead position. And then the door broke off at the hinges and a mound of rubble fell at her.



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5 responses to “Taking The Lead

  1. Nicolai (T4)

    As the dust settled Nicolai stepped though the ruined doorway after the Dwarf & Elf. He scanned the rubble to the left then his eye’s alighted on the doorway in front of him nodded at Felderd to check the passageways to the left. and glided over to the door. He waved the others to silence and listened at the door. Waiting for Feldard to confirm they were alone before he tried the door he ran his practiced hands over the frame handle and lock to test it was free of anything treacherous.

    if all is clear Nicolai will wave Feldard back over to the door before he draws his own sword and opens it.

  2. Maruc (Clr 4)

    The priest stalked over to Saeth and checked her over. “No harm done!” he said brushing the remaining rubble from her. He helped her over the rest of the loose flooring and stepped through himself. “You think this place will hold up much longer Feldard?” he asked trying to keep the concern from his voice.

    He ghosted the Dwarf as he approached the crossed passages.

    assuming all is clear He will return with Feldard to he unopened door.

  3. Miklos

    Miklos scanned the ceiling with visible unease. He waited a good few seconds to see if the roof would collapse. Satisfied he finally passed the entrance and moved away from the rubble strewn walls. He was well out of the way as Feldard and Nicolai tried the door.

  4. Hasan

    Hasan stepped carefully through the rubble into the chamber ahead, all the while thinking that the time had come for him be above ground again. Sppelunking, he thought, was a business was for worms, moles and the occasional dear, deluded dwarf.

  5. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    Feldard nodded at the rogues silent suggestion and made his way to the intersection to the left. He peered down each passageway for a moment listening carefully. Determining that the area was clear for the moment he returned to stand with the others ready to enter the next room.

    (yay I’m back I’ve missed everyone!)

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