Into The Hole

Saeth ran her fingers down the charred stone, marveling at the forces wrecked upon it. “What might’ve done this?” She glanced to Feldard. “Know you if this came from within or without?”

Feldard looked over the rubble and the scorch marks. “The blast originated from this side.” The dwarf also ran his hand along the scorched wall, trying to judge how long ago the hole was made. It wasn’t recent considering the amount of dust that had accumulated.

As his answer came, the Elf peered with her good eye down the hole, straining to see anything that might lie within. The hole opened into a room that was crowded with more fallen stone from the tower’s collapse.

Nicolai scanned the hole and whispered. “I wouldn’t want to have been next to the person making that hole. It looks as if whoever was being chased this way was running out of options.” Nicolai shone his narrow beam of light into the hole, and saw the same view of the room that his one-eyed elven companion.

With no indication of danger, Nicolai started to go in, but the dwarf held him back “I’ll go first.” The dwarf clambered over the debris to enter the blown out hole in the wall.

There was a narrow path that had been cleared—perhaps whoever had done so was the source of all the rubble that covered the lower parts stairwell. The route through the rubble ended at a heavily damaged door that was slightly ajar.



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11 responses to “Into The Hole

  1. Maruc and Miklos have finished their preparations.

  2. Feldard

    Feldard approached the door and peered through the slight opening, using the partially closed door as a shield against the rogues lantern light, to see into the room. He only paused a moment, just long enough to determine if there were others within or not, then opened the door wide heading in.

  3. Maruc (Clr 4)

    “Halav is bountiful, his will be done.” the priest finished his litergy and tucked the symbol back beneath is tunic.

    He stood up and stretched, yawned in fact. Retrieving his water flask he drank a little and splashed some on his face. He glanced over to Miklos. The young mage looked pale and tired. He probably would take the same view of Maruc himself. He looked at his shield and flail with a sinking feeling.

    “Come Miklos, let us follow our impatient friends.” he said picking his combat gear up at last, he grunted with the effort and waited for the Mage to ready himself.

  4. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos jolted himself awake. Truth to tell he had nodded off waiting for the priest to finish. He had already got his gear together and was leaning against the wall went sleep overcame him. “What? Yes the others… where?”

  5. Maruc (Clr 4)

    “Down here.” Maruc indicated the panel that was wedged ajar. He produced one of the lightstones that Miklos had given him and shone it down into the eastern vault. “No bodies. Thats encouraging.” He discended into the vault and waited for Miklos at the bottom.

  6. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos also splashed water on his face and ate a small lump of cheese and bread before picking himself up and crossing to the vault entrance. He peered down and waved at Maruc and climbed down the ladder. “Quite.” he said. “No Bodies. Well there’s only one way on, after you old chap.”

  7. Hasan

    Hasan followed Saeth and Nicolai down the makeshift tunnel. (At least, I assume they are following the dwarf. If not, Hasan will.)

  8. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Maruc lead the way through the stairwell doorway and cautiously climbed the stairs. He glanced back to see Miklos bobbing up and down impatient to get on. He paused to listen. Muffled voices. Familiar voices, Maruc relaxed and climbed to the blast hole. “Interesting.” he said.

  9. Miklos (Mu 3)

    “Hmm.” Miklos elbowed past to get some room. He scanned the hole. “Too precise for alchemical explosion. Magical discharge in my opinion although there are neater methods and magic. Not important though. Onward!” Miklos crwaled through the hole.

  10. Maruc (Clr 4)

    “After you old boy.” mimiced Maruc as he followed him through.

    I am assuming that the other would have investigated the door and beyond before the spellusers get through the blast hole so they would be able to interact with the others. Unless they wait.

  11. Nicolai (T4)

    Nicolai crossed to one side of the door. He drew is shortsword. He wasn’t about to argue about who opens the doors around here. Although it might have been an idea to wait for Miklos & Maruc to return before banging about, he thought.

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