Vault Inspection

Nicolai waved the dwarf to silence and listened for a few seconds. Hearing nothing he turned to the dwarf. “Its a wonder you lot haven’t designed armour that doesn’t make so much noise.” He winked, just to ensure he would take it the wrong way. He flashed his light around the new vault once more. Seeing no movement he turned to his companion. “Fortune favours the foolish,” he intoned the old sea merchants adage. As lithe as a cat he spun and feet first he tested the first rung of the ladder. In this way with expert flicks of his feet he gauged the strength of each rung as he descended. He waited for Feldard at the bottom, then knowing the lack of imagination shown by temple designers since the dawn of architecture he went to the doors that would lead to the twisting stairs upwards…. just the check that they were alone.

As the thief complained the dwarfs’ lack of inventiveness, Hasan trashed in his sleep and his chain mail jingled, whilst the others remained in the other room concentrating on their spellgathering efforts.

Feldard peered down into the darkened vault room with a scowl. No doubt Nicolai expected him to clamber down the ladder—a ladder built sized for human. Ignoring the rogue’s request for quiet, the dwarf sat heavily at the top of the ladder, his heavy armor clanking loudly. Then he rolled to his stomach and the armour scraped audibly as he slid over the edge until he could reach the first rung of the ladder. From that point, Feldard took hold of the side poles of the ladder and let himself slide down. It was awkward but he managed it. Once on the floor of the vaultroom. He moved to inspect the vault itself to see if this one had been robbed like the other.

Opening the door, and taking care not to set foot inside, the dwarf found that this vault too had been breached, however unlike the other, some riches remained. Various gemstones along with gold and platinum coinage of an ancient vintage that the dwarf did not recognize littered the floor. It seemed that any larger relics or jewelry the room had once contained were now missing. Nothing that could be identified as Elyan treasury or specifically elven in origin was to be found.



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8 responses to “Vault Inspection

  1. Feldard

    Feldard eyed the gems a moment, wondering if it were worth the risk. “Nicolai, anything heard beyond the door? If not, any chance of you disabling the trap we both know is present?” There may not be a decapitated body in this vault but the dwarf was rather certain the same sort of security measure were active.

    Feldard stood back and let the rogue do his thing. While he waited, he moved back to the ladder, stifling a yawn and listened to the distant snores of the Siswa elf. “Pah! and humans say dwarves are loud..”

  2. Hasan

    Hasan’s snore was so loud, he woke himself. Staggering to his feet, the elf heard the sounds of the dwarf’s grousing as clearly as he would a bear’s roar at 15 paces. “I fear our thief’s role in the van may be a bit compromised by his travelling companion,” the elf observed as he passed the studious and devout humans. “Come on, Saeth. There’ll swordplay yet for you this day.”

  3. Hasan

    (Clarifying the previous post, when I said he passed the humans, I meant to convey that I envision Hasan heading down the ladder to join Feldard and Nicolai.)

  4. Nicolai (T4)

    Ignoring the dwarf for the moment Nicolai lightly ran his hand over the lock mechanism of the door to the presumed stairwell. His questing fingers expertly searching for tell-tale signs of traps. Satisfied he opened the door a fraction to look at the room beyond.

    If the door is locked he will leave it for the moment as they are unlikely to be surprised by people bursting through a locked door.

    If the door is unlocked he will open the door a fraction to check that is no one in the immediate area, he will not enter the room. He will shut the door unless the room is occupied. If it is occupied he will silently gesture Feldard over.

    Assuming the room is empty:

    He pulled the door closed and circled around the block to look at the vault entrance. His eyes scanned the opening. Nothing obvious, could be magical….no bodies. Disintegration trap? He pulled a coin from his pocket and tossed it onto the pile. No blinding flashes there so… something more mundane. Pressure pads? Dart trap? Blades seem to be a favourate. Nicolai checked a range of possible methods in his attempts to find out how the vault was defended.

  5. Miklos (Mu 3)

    …drawing the torus into the ethereal planar node, the element is charged with possitive magical flux within the negatively charged moulding channel. This can be suspended for a few moments to allow the recipent pattern to be embedded within the flux. Adept users can master ‘flux pumping’ or multiple yield, see appendix 24…..

  6. Maruc (Clr 4)

    “..piet Halav un dominee. Omo domus et santu persil. Ajax Halav. Sanctus.” Entoned Maruc to his god.

  7. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Halav rubbed his god-beard… ‘I don’t know what you said, mate. Whatever it was, it wasn’t Latin. And anyway do I look Italian?’

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