The Impatient Dwarf Waits For No Spellcaster

With his wounds tended the dwarf was impatient to move on, as much so as the Siswa who was already waiting at the door to leave. “Everyone ready to go?” But a last glance about showed the rogue peering intently into the skeleton’s coffin with interest. What now?!

“You find something Nicolai?”

Nicolai’s eyes swiveled to the dwarf then back again to the plate. He carefully examined it looking for subtle hinges, then for etchings on the worn surface. “Oh patient one,” he said to Feldard mimicking Maruc’s voice, quiet successfully he thought, “If you can bear to stand still long enough I could use your advice. Take a look at this.” He waved the dwarf over and showed him the plate.

“Well I didn’t mean straight away.” grumbled Miklos at the dwarf’s back, making sure he couldn’t hear him. His head ached at the lack of blood but the ministrations of the cleric had made him feel much better. ‘Well while they are climbing into coffins, I can do something constructive’ he thought. He cleared his mind and opened his book and started to read.

Maruc ignored the frustrations of the dwarf. He was just as keen to move on, but Miklos was right. They couldn’t face the Sisters unprepared. He knelt and began his ‘rites to the Incarnate’ preparation meditations that allowed the priest to commune with the trusted servants of his deity….

Hasan took the blade from Miklos. “Enchanted or not, this blade is hardly common, and one I should like very much to take, if for memory’s sake only.” He took the blade and turned back toward the door, idly testing the weapon’s balance. Seeing the humans collapse into meditation brought his own feelings of fatigue to the fore. But he walked on anyway. ” A rest at this time seems a luxury we can hardly afford, but if rest we must, I shall not do so here in this accursed burial chamber. Not when there is art of such importance to my people in the room next door.” He passed through the door and slid against the opposite wall (or is there a door – if there’s a door he’ll close it and rest against that). He stared at the display of his clan’s ancient days, pondering the events of then and now. He tried fitfully to remember the words and gestures necessary to summon a magic missile again. Soon, against his intent, the elf’s head nodded, and his eyes shut.

With a look of annoyance at the rogue’s wit, the dwarf tromped his way over to peer inside the coffin. The metal plate however, took the edge off his sourness. That it was a trigger mechanism for something was obvious…but for what? Secret compartment, another passageway or a trap. The dwarf stroked his beard as he studied the plate. “I’ll trigger it, if you’re too afraid to. It might open up a missed passageway.”

If the dwarf wanted to trigger the plate Nicolai wasn’t about to stop him. He stood back a way’s.

Saeth, though impressed with Feldard’s daring, was not similarly impressed with his plan, and stepped back alongside Nicolai.

With everyone backed out of the immediate vicinity, the dwarf gave himself a mental pep-talk, hand reaching out to apply pressure to the metal plate. Even if it were a trap—poison, magic or such; the past has proven that his dwarven constitution was more than a match for it. With a nod towards the others, he applied force to the metal plate.. first pushing, then twisting if nothing came of that, and finally both hands in there to pull if need be to trigger whatever the plate was meant to trigger.

Those in the room possessing sensitive ears noticed a faint clicking noise that emanated from behind them, against the eastern wall. When the dwarf eased back on the plate, they heard it again. Feldard immediately intuited that the pressure plate was held in the off position by the skeleton’s weight, and when it arose to attack it released the plate. They had been too distracted to notice the clicking noise the first time it was triggered as the skeleton attacked Miklos.

The group quickly moved to examine the area of the wall from which the noise sounded, and were able to find a very well hidden secret door that they had missed in their first search of the room.



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6 responses to “The Impatient Dwarf Waits For No Spellcaster

  1. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    “Aha. A secret door.” With the others still in the midst of meditations, spell studying or just plain sleeping, the dwarf joined the rogue in his assessment of the secret door, trying to find its release and listening carefully to hear what lay beyond.

    If the truth be told, the dwarf was more than a little adventure-weary himself. He glanced towards the sleeping Hasan somewhat wistfully. Battle with the skeleton had taken it’s toll on him, more than in just flesh; but if he were to stop now, it would take a natural disaster to wake him from his slumber. Better to just keep active.

  2. Hasan

    Hasan snored.

  3. Maruc (Clr 4)

    DM: I’m not sure if Maruc has a heal in hand. If he does he will use it on Feldard before re-newing his spells.

  4. Nicolai (T4)

    Nicolai crouched by the panelling. Intuitively he lent against it and it swung open. He allowed a narrow beam from his lightstone to pierce the gloom beyond…

  5. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Mentally shutting out the babble the conversation and snoring Maruc continued to pray.

  6. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos’s eyes flickered from his book momentarily at the new opening. Time to worry about that later. Aha! Here he was, line 24…. ‘first the the conjuration of elemental forces which binds to the thought-line focus. This energises the flow through the toral foci….’

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