Isn’t This a Bit Macabre?

Nicolai peered into the gloom of the coffin and grunted. “All bottle and no spirit,” he quoted from the old Spectularum proverb. “I don’t think she’ll cause us much of a problem. If they’re all like this, I think we can leave this place,” offered the young rogue. Although he did pause to cast a professional eye out for trinkets.

“I don’t like the idea of leaving possible foes behind us to entrap us.” said Maruc in a worried tone. “Our experiences so far have led me to believe that isn’t necessarily the end. Nicolai, if you could give me a hand. I’d like to check the last two. The corpses may hold clues as to how the Sisters where defeated in the first place.”

Feldard was a bit surprised when his tour of the room came up with no further hidden passages or doorways. Seemed the room was the end of that route. The dwarf looked towards the trio of humans and noted their attention to the now open coffin. With the humans still not willing to give up on the coffins, Feldard called back Hasan and remained at the doorway keeping watch.

Like the Dwarf, Saeth was a bit surprised that the room stopped where it had, and wondered to herself if he’d missed something. Still, it wasn’t like she thought she’d find any leads he’d missed, so she eased her corner of the coffin down and prepared herself to check the other hallway alongside the others.

Hasan was already in the muraled-room outside when he heard the dwarf’s gruff advice to proceed to the main hall. He did so.

Miklos hovered in the entrance way awaiting the result of the last searches, conscious of the passing time. “I hope you don’t unearth anything unpleasant.”

Nicolai sighed. “Isn’t this a bit, ahh…” he paused thinking of the word. “macabre?”

“It would be a greater evil to leave behind the taint of evil than to expose it it an unsavory manner. Come, are you squeamish?” Maruc grinned as he walked around the central coffin and gripped the lid. “On three? One..two…three…”

Inside were the skeletal remains of another woman, much like the previous coffin. After giving it a visual inspection, they moved to the last, and once again combined their strength to lift the lid. Nicolai shone his lightstone into the darkness within.

Another skeleton lay inside, but this one wore rusting decorative chain mail armor. One hand held a sword across its ribcage, and the other held a scroll across the sword.



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10 responses to “Isn’t This a Bit Macabre?

  1. Nicolai (T4)

    “Aha! I think you may have stumbled across something Maruc.” said Nicolai with uncharacteristic zeal as he shone the lightstone into the recesses of the coffin. “Lets see what we have found.”

  2. Maruc (Clr 4)

    The priest lent his weight into lifting of the rest of the lid and gazed into the coffin. “Hasan, Saeth come here. We need your council.” he called. He turned back to Nicolai “Not a female elf? What with the armour and weapons.” Marucs thoughts turned to Saeth. “Well I may be mistaken. It could be one of the Sisters, a warrior Sister. I am not versed in elven skeletology normally in humans the hips would be wider….”

  3. Nicolai (T4)

    “Foget it Maruc.” Nicolai snapped noticing the others drawing near. “Miklos, a scroll for you to drool over.” he reached in the coffin to retrieve it.

  4. Miklos (Mu 3)

    “Wait, wait, wait!” Miklos muttered as he closed in on the coffin, “Have you not heard that much can be learnt from the position of a corpse and which hand clasps which object? It may be of significance!”

  5. N

    “No.” said Nicolai handing him the scroll.

  6. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Mikos sighed, “Lets see what it says” he said gently unfurling the scroll and reading it.

  7. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Maruc lent into the coffin and brushed his hand over the rusted chainmail. “Feldard is the Dwarfmake?”

  8. Nic

    The rogue turned his attention back into the coffin and lifted out the sword and checked it for rust and tested it against his own weapon then looked up into Hasans disapproving glare. He shrugged “Better to cleave the undead that resting here eh?”

  9. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    At the priests question, Feldard once more strode across the room, this time to peer inside a coffin at some rusting chainmail (DM if I’m wrong..)
    “Bah! That rusted piece of shoddy workmanship? No. More than likely of elven make.” He glanced to the sword that Nicolai held. “The sword too.”

  10. Maruc (Clr 4)

    “I’m surprised thats its either.” replied the priest, “Isn’t it said that ‘the mail of man lasts a lifetime the mail of dwarf lasts for generations and mage-mail of elves lasts forever?’ “

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