The Book of Years

Glad of the extra light Nicolai approached the first unopened coffin to see if he could wedge it shut.
Maruc kept a steely eye on the coffins not slackening his grip on his Halavist symbol.

Feldard paused his approach as the book on the stand rose and he stared at it warily from a distance, suspecting a trap. “Nicolai, Miklos.. what say you of this? Magical or mechanical?”

Panic began to subside in Hasan. He tried to study the woodworking of the coffin, but the short time he was able to devote to this task. From what he could surmise, the defiled coffin did indeed seem as thought it could have belonged to his clan’s founder.

Like a moth to a flame, Miklos glided over to the revealed plinth. “Aha! The dead speak at last. Let us see what troubles them…”

The strange blue luminescence drew Hasan’s attention away from the coffin. Following behind Miklos as he approached the book, the elf shivered at its antiquity and watched warily as the human opened the book. As the page was turned a wizened elven voice emanated from the tome, speaking simultaneously to each of the group in their native tongue.

Receive the tale of years!

The light in the room dimmed as Hasan and Miklos looked at the open page of the book, which was blank.

Come woodland folk and gather near,
The tale of the black wizard’s keep to hear.
Whence long ago, in a younger age,
The Dark One was defeated by Elyas the sage.

The Black Opal found increased his magical might,
But led the clan of Elyan away from the light.
The Sisters Three wished to heighten their power,
Rained flame and stone upon the tower.

Elyas trapped each witch in a dragon’s eye,
But the Opal ensured they did not die.
As Elyan raced to destroy the Stone,
A granite mountain crushed the mage in his home.

The spell ne’er completed, the three sisters wait,
In eternal suspension until by some fate
Their souls are released upon innocence sweet,
The revenge they will reap upon all they meet.



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7 responses to “The Book of Years

  1. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth smiled delightedly at the poem, it’s words echoing in the back of her brain, though its meaning confused her a bit. Her musing on that meaning took a similar form.

    “So must we find this mystical rock,
    thereby the witch-prison eternally lock?
    Or is it youth’s virtue that seals the cell,
    and by bringing one such we renew the spell?”

    Glancing around, she chuckled darkly. It certainly wasn’t likely that the latter condition would be fulfilled by this group!

  2. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    “Elf, are you really that daft? The stone it speaks of is the Black Opal Eye… the cursed stone that led us to the elven village in the first place. It’s what’s is keeping the Three Sisters alive. The ‘innocence sweet’ are the elven maids that were taken in order to release the three witches.”
    Feldard threw up his hands in annoyance. “We already knew all this.” The dwarf, in his little tirade, approached the book and flipped another few pages. “Tell us something we don’t know, ye stupid book!”

  3. haha, classic Feldard! Stupid book!!

  4. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    : )

  5. Miklos (Mu3)

    “Fasinating.” said the mage after a few moments thought. “Elyas trapped each witch in a dragon’s eye, but the Opal ensured they did not die.
    As Elyan raced to destroy the Stone…” He paused again rolling the words through his thought. “I have read about soul gems in my studies, and mirrors for that matter. But what concerns me is the sentience implicit in the line about the Black Opal Eye. You see, I would assume the the Opal is a thing to be used. Such is the evidence we have seen so far. So unless the Sisters have power to command it whilst entrapped within their gem-prison (again assuming the the dragons eye is a ‘soul gem’ of some type) another force or intelligence has used the power of the Opal to ensure the Sisters did not deminish. Or the Opal performed this function by itself either passively or actively. I have never heard of any creatures captured within such devices having ever influenced things beyond their confinment. That leaves three possible answers. One; my experience and knowledge is insufficient, two; the Opal is intelligent, or three; there is another ‘player in the game’ (that player might have been the Rahib). There are many clues that indicate the Sisters have considerable influence beyong their confinment, namely the conversion of the Siswa, the subversion
    of the Stone Guardian and the creation and maintenance of some impressive illusions.”

    Miklos chewed over the words somemore. “Why, if he had managed to capture the Sisters did he not ‘destroy the stone’ there and then? This leads me to the conclusion that poets obfiscate in an irritable manner!”

  6. Maruc (Clr4)

    “My concern is are we the ‘some fate’ that releases the Sisters into the world?” Maruc said thumbing the egdes of the Halavist symbol. “Wouldn’t that be an irony.” he grinned.

    “It seems that we must complete the binding spell to ensure their influence seeps out no longer.”

  7. Nicolai (T4)

    Under his breath Nicolai added, “Or we could just make sure that the elfmaids are not so innocent…”

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