Tomb Of Souls

“The room beyond is large. I see something at the far end but can’t make it out,” the dwarf informed the others. “I don’t see any living thing in my range. It should be safe enough.”

He pushed open door and stepped into the room, giving space for others to follow. The large shapes at the far end were intriguing and he headed towards them first.

Hasan followed close, while Saeth squinted through the doorway, the humans’ torches spoiling her infravision.

Midway through the room, three curved steps led down to an area with three stone coffins surrounding a cast-iron throne which stood in front of a fourth coffin. The coffins were covered with more elaborate elven carvings. The throne was covered with soot, as was the coffin behind it. That fourth coffin was open, its lid lay in pieces on the floor.



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7 responses to “Tomb Of Souls

  1. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    At seeing the three closed and intact coffins and then the fourth opened, the dwarf paused a moment, subconsciously scanning the corners of the room for a figure hidden in the dark shadows where the lamp and torch light did not yet reach. “The Three Sisters and your founder, I presume.”
    Feldard looked to Nicolai, “Any way to tell how long that coffin has been opened and more importantly how? From outside or from within?” Sure it was an odd question but given that they we’re dealing with those that could control the undead it wasn’t unreasonable.
    Feldard continued closer, to investigate the throne and opened coffin.

  2. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    (add to post) “… I presume” the dwarf commented to Hasan.

  3. Hasan

    Hasan swallowed hard. It seemed they were getting to close to the heart of the matter. The dwarf was probably right, although he had never dreamed that the Three Sisters had entombed Elyas after overthrowing him. “If your right, Feldard, and it certainly sounds reasonable, it would seem one of the four, living or dead, manged to burst from his bonds. I don’t think it was Elyas, or my clan would have known his presence since he was free. We must be wary.”

    And yet, Hasan could not heed his own advice, as he began to imagine a horrible scenario. What if the risen one was a depraved Elyas, seeking to reconstitute the Sisters Three, using the living girls from the village to do so? Fear and revulsion throbbed in the elf. He began to scrabble at the closed coffins, hoping to open them and dispel such an awful fate for his neighbors.

  4. Miklos (Mu3)

    Miklos brought his lightstone to bear on the shadows beyond. “I agree with Master Feldards’ assessment. From here Karalena, Solorena and Trilena seem to have forced the fourth tomb in their attempts to win the Black Opal Eye. We must reply on the trusty power of mage-wrought weapons and Halav. And the last charge of Denetiata’s wand of course.” he said waving the artifact.

  5. Maruc (Clr4)

    The priest needed no magic to divine the wreek of evil from this place. He could practically taste it. He looped the handle of his flail behind his shield for quick access and drew forth his Halavist symbol. Summoning the litergies of banshiment once more in preparation for a fight with the undead. He approached the open tomb alongside Feldard and peered in…

  6. Nicolai (T4)

    ‘Mage-wrought weapons and religion eh?’ thought Nicolai as he slipped into the room after the others. He fished around in his back pack until his hand closed on his hammer and steel wedges. Normally these where used for overhangs whilest climbing but he was pretty sure they could wedge a coffin lid shut, providing they were that kind of lid…

    He began to make his way over to the first coffin.

  7. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth stood back as the others crowded around the open tomb. She was curious, certainly, but she was also a bit concerned at having everyone clustered about the sarcophagus, lest a trap or flailing corpse have them all within reach. Keeping what she imagined as a safe distance from the open coffin, she approached the throne, her eyes searching for a verse or inscription to make clear its original use.

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