Turning The Key

The dwarf, seeing the keyhole, searched his somewhat fallible memory, his stubby fingers burying deep into his beard as scratched his chin. “Anybody find any keys recently?”

“A key, you say?” Hasan withdrew the key he had collected from the vault below and passed it forward to the dwarf. “I found this downstairs.”

Nicolai spent a few more seconds seeing if the door was trapped in some way then backed out of the way. “I couldn’t find any triggers but be careful nonetheless. I’d back off a few yards.”

“Halav protects those who protect themselves.” said Maruc as he stepped back a few paces.

As he moved past Hasan, Miklos placed a friendly hand on his shoulder. “Good luck, keyfinder. I’m sure we are just being over cautious!”

Feldard accepted the key from Hasan, looking about at the others who suddenly decided that caution was the better part of valor. With slight chuckle, he inserted the key into the keyhole and turned, attempting to push/pull/slide/lift the concealed door.

At this point, Hasan’s ambivalence over the destruction of the great fresco had disappeared completely. Intrigued by what could have been so carefully concealed, no doubt by Elyan ages ago, he stepped past the retreating humans and eagerly watched over the dwarf’s shoulders. “Hurry up,” he told the dwarf. In Dwarvish, of course; such words barely existed in his Elvish vocabulary.

Saeth didn’t feel the need to take a step back at Nicolai’s advice, given her now-typical position in the rear. Suppressing her tears for the now-destroyed fresco, she watched carefully as the key turned.

Sweat glistened on Feldard’s brow as he rotated the key into position. He heard the faint sound of a latch being released and tumbler falling. The nearly invisible crack running down the middle of the fresco widened ever so slightly.

Peaking through the crack, the dwarf’s infravision was able to make out that the room that lay beyond was a large one. He could see that at the back of the room were some large rectangular shapes. He couldn’t quite make out what they were. Large pieces of furniture? Big chests full of riches? He couldn’t tell…



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3 responses to “Turning The Key

  1. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    “The room beyond is large. I see something at the far end but can’t make it out,” the dwarf informed the others. “I don’t see any living thing in my range. It should be safe enough.”
    He pushed open door and stepped into the room, giving space for others to follow. The large shapes at the far end were intriguing and he headed towards them first.

  2. Hasan

    Hasan followed close, hoping the dwarf’s infravision told a true tale of room’s emptiness.

  3. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth squinted through the doorway, the humans’ torches spoiling her infravision. She waited for them to enter before following, glancing at the doors as she did to confirm they’d open from the inside if closed.

    This does assume that everyone goes in, but I think that it’s a fair bet.

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