Nothing Stirs

Feldard watched the elf a tad impatiently. “Have we exhausted our search of the place yet? Maybe you like me to try and move the vault to check underneath it for some manner of secret passage?” His tone of course, was surly. “Now. If we are quite done, I’d like to find the elf maids before my beard whitens anymore.”

Once more the dwarf made for the steps, this time, he didn’t wait at there base but continued on up.

Maruc lent against the wall of the adjoining passageway and adjusted his straps while he waited for the others to finish their investigation. “I fear we have exhausted the value of coming down here. I agree with Feldard, we need to press on. As I suggested earlier let us we what lies beyond the northern doors back up in the main circular chamber.”

The mage nodded and circled round the vault and joined Nicolai and the priest. With one more wistfull look at the ancient murals he knew they didn’t have time to research their meaning. “Come Hasan, let us rescue your kinsfolk and put an end to the Sisters, and their designs. The entrance hall then?” He followed the others.

Hasan agreed, it was right to press on. As he climbed the stairway out of the room, he turned nonetheless. After a long last glance at the visions of times past and perhaps to come again, Hasan jogged ahead to rejoin his companions.

Nicolai crept back up the stairs and glanced about the maproom to see if anyone had been attracted to the noise of their searches of the vault. Satisfied that the room was empty he glided quietly over to the doorway to the blackened library. He darted his head round and swiftly withdrew. Empty. He skirted the wall to the main entranceway and peered around into the gloom of the wide corridor beyond that led to the circular chamber. Away from the party he took a few moments to listen intently while his eyes grew accustomed to the dark. Again he drew forth his pouch containing the lightstone and illumated the way as mush as he dared. It seemed the way back was clear. Swiftly he returned to the party.

“Nothing stirs.” he said simply.

The group returned to the large chamber filled with rumble, and approached the northern doors. As Nicolai had informed them, all was quiet.



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5 responses to “Nothing Stirs

  1. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    Feldard all but stomped his way through the halls, heedless of the looks Nicolai and the others gave him, in their attempts to move through the halls quietly. He was tired of tiptoeing around.
    As they arrived in front of the northern doors, Feldard strode forward to open the door but was stalled by a cautioning hand from the priest. Feldard scowled and looked the rogue. “Make it quick.”

  2. Nicolai (T4)

    Dismissing the others with a wave of his hand and bringing his finger to his lips, Nicolai waited for silence. He listened for a few moments then tried the lock and to push the door. You never knew, certain people have locked unlocked doors with lock picks, and Nicolai wasn’t about to join their number. Then he tried pulling, he wasn’t about to lose face on that one either.

    assuming the door doesn’t move…

    He tried the wood. Age can weaken wood, or turn it into stone. I seems the latter was true in this case. He idley wondered if it was barred in the otherside as with one hand he located his brail coded picking steels and the other traced for the lock…

  3. Maruc (Clr4)

    Maruc released his restraining hand from Feldard’s shoulder. “Patience, Master dwarf. We must all trust in each other and the skills we can bring to bear. Give him some room. We shall pass if Halav wills it.”

  4. Miklos (Mu3)

    All this running about wasn’t taking so much of a toll on the mage now. He was tired but still feeling relatively fit. What he wouldn’t do right now for a cooked meal, warm bath and a soft bed though. He leaned his back against the wall next to the door. Ignoring the sudden cold of the stone he allowed himself to slide down the wall untill he was crouching. He gazed ruefully at the priest and the dwarf in their armour wondering if thye sat down that would be it for the next eight hours. Well it was high time for some meal or other and he fished out and apple and took a mouthful of water from his canteen as he waited for Nicolai to open the door.

  5. Hasan

    Hasan looked over at Saeth, whose stony silence in recent times was worrisome. Had she lost interest in their quest? Hoping not, he winked at her, and muttered about how her fisherfolk ancestors never dreamed their children would see adventures like these.

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