A Tiny Golden Key

Nicolai stood back as Hasan did some kind of weird elf trick. Still if Hasan trusted magic, he was welcome to it. He backed off allowing the Siswa entrance to the inner chamber. Whether Hasan commanded Nicolai’s full trust or not was yet to be tested…

“Nice trick there, Hasan. ” the dwarf commented after a moment of tense watching, half expecting the trap to trigger again.

With the vault being checked over, Feldard looked back over to the mage still peering up at the ladder. “Hey, Nicolai, how long are you going to let Miklos stare up there without offering to check it out? We do have other places to check.. so if someone is going to climb the damned ladder, get to it already.” The dwarf’s comment was rather abrupt sure, but he hoped it prompted folks to action. He’d climb it himself, but was rather leery of heights, and when given a choice avoided them.

The room was too small for Maruc to be of much use. So he stepped out of the vault chamber to glance up the stairs to ensure they were not going to be surprised by uninvited newcomers.
Nicolai, ignoring the dwarf, joined the cleric in the stairwell. As usual their eyes didn’t meet and he made no attempt to start a conversation.

Miklos had left the ladder behind and joined the others by the vault. He nodded in appreciation at Hasan’s elf magic. All too rarely had he witnessed this Saeth being rather reserved in her somatics. Hasan was the opposite, with determined sweeps of his hand deft and expert. He leant on his staff and watched as Hasan searched the vault, especially the floor and roof, reasoning that the out walls could lead nowhere, as the vault was positioned in the center of the larger room. As he was doing so, he grabbed the ancient coins and examined the skeleton a bit more closely.

Underneath the bony hand of the long-dead raider, he saw the glint of a tiny golden key that appeared to be of Elyan origin.



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4 responses to “A Tiny Golden Key

  1. Hasan

    “Well, well … this could be useful someday,” smiled Hasan, as he pocketed the key. He exited the vault, satisfied that they had exhausted the possibilities there, and turned his attention to the ladder. “Is anybody going to climb this thing?”

    (If nobody beats him to it, Hasan will start to hoist himself up.)

  2. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    The dwarf muttered into his beard as his prompting backfired with the Nicolai. Oh well he was just as content to leave it unchecked. In answer to the Siswa’s question, the dwarf shook his head “Seems not. You are welcome to climb it. ” Then he mentally kicked himself as yeah sure enough there went the elf. “Just don’t be all day about it”

  3. Are you climbing it to examine the top of the vault, or the wall it’s leaning against?

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