Trap Inspection

Hasan quickly exited the vault as the blade continued to swing in a swinging/stabbing motion. Once he made it away, the blade withdrew back into the secret panel.

Nicolai gingerly rose and gently patted the top of his head pleased to note that blade hadn’t given him an unstylish haircut. “Well that explains that. Nobody move, I need to see what Hasan did that activated the blades and try to deactivate it.”

The cleric picked himself up. He didn’t remember quite how he had managed to avoid the blade then saw Hasan clutching at a deep wound in his side. “Come Hasan let me have a look at that scratch. Glad to see you didn’t lose you head!” he grinned as he cast his healing spell on the stricken elf.

Miklos, too busy to turn and see what the cries of shock were all about produced one of his lightstones and shone it up the ladder to get a better look, but didn’t see anything unusual from his vantage point at the bottom of the ladder.

Feldard, standing ahead of Miklos and hearing the comments from the others, half-turned only to be near-blinded by the sudden unveiling of the lightstone by Miklos. He stepped back, almost bumping the ladder, shielding his eyes. “Some warning next time,” the dwarf grumbled.
A glance towards Maruc and the others at the entrance to the vault, confirmed that the vault had indeed been trapped, but it looked like the elf Hasan had fared better than the corpse. With the vault and the corpse mystery being somewhat solved, Feldard hoped that the others would ignore the ladder and follow Maruc’s suggestion to head back to the main circular entrance chamber and try to find the maidens along another route. But his hopes of such were dashed as Nicolai tried disabling the trap and Miklos shone his light up and along the ladder obviously intent on finding its purpose down here. Feldard shook his head and moved back towards the stairway to keep watch while yet more time was wasted.

“Aiii! That was a harsh knock,” said Hasan, who submitted to the cleric’s healing hands willingly. “I can’t imagine such a trap would be set as a diversion, or to safeguard nothing. What do you see, Nicolai?”

Nicolai finished his search for the trap activation switch. It appeared the floor had a pressure-sensitive plate. It seemed as though someone else had previously attempted to disarm the trap, but failed to properly do so, damaging the tripswitch to the point where it could no longer be de-activated.



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3 responses to “Trap Inspection

  1. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    From his position near the foot of the stairs, Feldard kept watch both up along the stairway and back within the room. The ladder was a bit of a mystery, he had to admit. Did it lead up to a hidden alcove within the wall it rested on? Or was it merely set there while not in use someplace else?
    The dwarf leaned against the corner of the hall glancing back into the room. If the ladder did lead up to a hidden route or alcove, it was rather dim-witted to hint to its hidden presence by leaving the ladder out. Feldard scratched at his beard. Maybe the ladder itself was a trap? The dwarf took a few steps back towards the room. Should he suggest that to the others? Bah, the rogue was a cautious one and Miklos well-learned, surely they’ve both thought of that possibility themselves. Still, he moved to the doorway and kept closer watch.

  2. Hasan

    Injured though he was, Hasan didn’t want to ignore the inscription that room contained the treasures of the Elyan. Yes, that writing could be bait. But the frescos showed that the possibilities for the rebirth of his tribe were great, and that was something that he couldn’t ignore. Surely, the trapped vault must contain something of value.

    Hasan approached the vault again. However, before entering the vault, he winked at Nicolai and said, “While your skills with the mechanical are amazing, let me try something a bit more direct.” With that, he drew he hands back and smote them firmly together – the heart of an incantation he had learned that locked doors. After casting the spell to hold the portal that contained the trap, Hasan cautiously stepped again into the vault and around the unfortunate skeleton.

    (If his spell is successful, he’ll search for secret doors in the vault.)

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