Strong Dwarven Workmanship

As the others had focused their attention on the stone vault, the youthful rogue Nicolai had been examining the ladder. It appeared to be a normal, finely carved, but old, elven ladder leaning against the wall.
“Brilliant, Feldard,” said Hasan, as he eagerly stepped forward to see what had been so carefully safeguarded in the vault.
Maruc lent against his shield as he waited for Nicolai to finish his investigation of the ladder. “It seems Feldard has found access. I guess they are waiting for you.”

Nicolai’s eyes narrowed in swiftly concealed annoyance. He feared he was too late to stop Feldard from making a foolish mistake. “There may be some gas trap or…”

“Strong dwarven workmanship,” the dwarf commented as he reached for the door to the vault and hauled it open. As Feldard opened the door, Miklos withdrew to the stairwell outside the vault, bracing his staff in the doorway in, in case some clever dwarf-trap might seal off the vault.

Leather-clad skeletal remains lie on the floor directly in front of the dwarf. Based on its total decomposition, the corpse had to be decades, if not centuries old. The rest of the cube-shaped vault appeared to be virtually empty. Only a few ancient gold coins remained scattered about the floor of the enclosure.

Very interesting…the body appeared to be…decapitated?



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7 responses to “Strong Dwarven Workmanship

  1. Sinthija is correct, it is more like a very large safe.

  2. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    “.. or a decapitated body.” The dwarf finished off for Nicolai. But the rogue did have a point it could be a trap – something or someone killed that poor fellow- and surely a vault this large held had been intended for much more than the few coins present. He stepped back out of the way and motioned the rogue to take the lead in further investigating the vault. While Nicolai did that he ambled over around the room, checking for further concealed exits – the ladder was interesting but without Nicolai’s light to shine upwards there was little he could see of the roof except for by his infravision which annoyingly was disturbed by the ambient light of the torchs and lantern.

  3. Hasan

    “Do not disturb the dead, Nicolai,” warned Hasan. “This may be the remains on a long-dead ancestor of mine, and it pains me to see these remains defiled as they have been already. What could have motivated such brutality?” Hasan moved close, hoping to identify whether the remains are elvish and glean some hint of the origin of the coins.

  4. Saeth Tegau

    “Do those coins seem like the remnants of a larger cache?” Saeth asked of those up front inspecting. “Who’d have left it behind?” After a moment, she added, “And any sign of what it was that decapitated that fellow? Odd to have a headless body in a safe…”

  5. Nicolai (T4)

    “May I see?” Nicolai bent down and studied the corpse. “Human, or possibly a stout Elf. Judging by the gear, not a warrior or not a rich one. No clerical insignia and,” he turned to Miklos in his finery. “probably no mage. So my guess is he was a brigand. Losing his head was a bit harsh, still I guess this is what you get stealing from Teriaks’ Tower. Lets just hope the trap, if it was a trap hasn’t reactivated itself. Not much of a deterant being locked in here though. This place is offering no way on, and no clues.”

    Using his knife Nicolai will flip open the flaps of the leather to see if there are any other clues as to who or what he was.

  6. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos avoided the crowded entrance to the vault and when over to the ladder that Nicolai had been investigating.

    Miklos looks to see if it was used to access some hatch in the ceiling. If it is not possible to view the top of the vault-block (which I assume does not reach the ceiling) he will lift the ladder, test the rungs for structural integraty and if possible (and safe) will use it to see if there is anything of interest up there.

  7. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Looking and the corpse Maruc guessed that it was simply that, a corpse. Not some unholy revenant, at least not an effective one without a head. “Hasan, I doubt if he was a decendant of yours. Especially if Nicolai’s assessment is correct. Although this has the markings of a political err… ‘removal’ apart from the clothing. Were I more in favour with mightly Halav I might have been able to beseach Him to draw this soul from the void and question him. But it is distastful, not possible and wasting time. I don’t think there is anything down here to surprise us in the upper halls. If there are no further hidden panels within the vault I suggest we return to the main circular entrance chamber and seek what is behind the double doors in the northern wall.”

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