Vault of the Elyan

Nicolai shook his head slightly as the elves slid passed him into the dark room beyond. This place had long since been ransacked and any traps would mostly likely have been circumvented or activated. Still, with an edge of caution borne from inate self preservation, he slipped across the room ingnoring the frescos and shone a narrow beam of light at the top of the ladder so see where it lead to.

The priest made his way down the remaineder of the stairs and into the chamber . He scanned the room quickly and retuned to the stairwell and called up the stairs. “Feldard, there’s a way on by the looks of it, but this place hasn’t be touched for centuries. There’s a huge stone block that seems out of place though. It could be nothing but your opinion on it might help. My guess is its a falling stone trap thats landed on someone.” It was a macarbre joke but Maruc grinned anyway.

Miklos stalked around the room . His lightstone illuminating the intricate frescos. “Wonderful! Wonderful…”, he said as he studied the subject matter. Time hadn’t been kind to them but it ws impressive none the less. Then he turned his attention to the block. He tapped it with the base of his staff to see if it was hollow.

Hasan wondered at the grandeur revealed in the images of times long past. The contrast with the humble village of his childhood was stark. The Elyan had fallen far. Was this the cost of the Quiet Way? Wouldn’t his people serve Illsundal even better if they had the strength they had long ago?

Feldard grumbled and made his way to join the rest of the group in the room. His glance about took in the fresco but as Maruc had comment it was the centre block that caught his attention. He kept back mindful of the last errant block of stone they ran across—a lodestone it was. The dwarf circled the stone carefully studying it.

Here, the dwarf saw further evidence of his brethren’s role in constructing the temple. This stone vault was not unlike those of his native Rockhome. He searched for the hidden latch in the stone work. There should be a gap underneath…yes, there it was. He pushed it, and thus released the latch. They could all now see the faint edge of the hinged door to the vault.



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7 responses to “Vault of the Elyan

  1. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    “Strong dwarven workmanship,” the dwarf commented as he reached for the door to the vault and hauled it open. Figuring the elves and humans would be keen to see what was stored within he stepped back and out of the way.

  2. Hasan

    “Brilliant, Feldard,” said Hasan, as he eagerly stepped forward to see what had been so carefully safeguarded in the vault.

  3. Maruc (Clr4)

    Maruc lent against his shield as he waited for Nicolai to finish his investigation of the ladder. “It seems Feldard has found access to space below. I guess they are waiting for you.”

  4. Nicolai (T4)

    Nicolai’s eyes narrowed in swiftly concealed annoyance. He better stop one of the others making some foolish mistake. Gripping his pouch he illuminated the newly revealled hatch. He knelt besided it again running his hand over the surface. Age hardened oak, iron bindings, oil blacked to safeguard against rust, professional. Dwarven. He grunted and slipped on a close fitting soft leather glove and tested the hinges and latch. Surprising, there was still movement.

    He waved the others back as they craned over to see what he was doing. His eyes roamed the room looking for telltale slits or holes hat bespoke of some trap or other. He studdied the hatch and satisfied that it was not trapped he tested the latch to see if it was locked somehow.

    (assuming it isn’t)

    “I’m going to open the hatch. There may be some gas trap or other poisonous air inside the vault. It would be wise for few to be exposed. If Feldard wouldn’t mind I’d like him to stay if he wants, he has proven his resistance to all sorts of things. The rest of you can stay or go. Its up to you.”

    He allowed those who wished to leave the area to leave. He dampened a cloth from his bag with his water and tied it over his face in the style of a bandit. Then opened the hatch away from him. (if possible).

  5. Miklos (Mu3)

    The mage nodded as Feldard discovered the true vault. “As I suspected.” He said with a knowing smile creeping across his lips. He stooped over the dwarf and Nicolai investigated the hatch. “It goes down. Thats what the ladder is for. Although I’d be tempted to affix a rope too just in case the ladder breaks.”

    At Nicolai’s warning about posion Miklos agreed with him and withdrew to the stairwell outside the vault. In a fit of paranoia he braced his staff in the doorway in, in case some clever dwarf-trap might seal off the vault. He stood nervously back as he watched the young man mask his face with a damp cloth. Miklos saw the wisdom of this and scrabbled around in his pack to do the same. The he waited to see what the vault revealled.

  6. Maruc (Clr4)

    Maruc nodded his assent at Nicolais suggestion and joined the mage in the hallway and watched with interest the mage dress up like a bandit. “It’ll never catch on you know. Although truth to tell I wonder at the inventiveness of fashion. Halav is with us and will protect us. Have no fear my friend. He turned and watched Nicolai attempt to open the vault.

  7. Sinthija

    (Are you folks getting info from the DM that I’m not? My understanding of the stone vault was that it was like a safe… not an underground room. The stone is one a ten by ten cube or did I miss some key point that noted the vault lead to something larger underground?)

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