Missing Maps


Miklos’s eyes lit up as he scanned the room beyond, evidently some sort of cartographers study. “My friends, if you might indulge my curiosity for a few minutes. These maps may prove important as to the designs of the Darker order.” Without waiting for a reply or permission he swiftly made his way over to the central table to see if the last occupant had left anything of interest on it. He also checked to see if it had a lifting lid (as map tables often do) or draws. Indeed it did, but it was empty.

“All maps are of vital importance and take scholars months and years to produce.” He looked up at the impatient faces of the milling party. “I would like to take as many of these as we can with us. I would be a disaster if these were lost, they may hold some clue to further our knowledge of the Darker order’s intentions.” Miklos cut through the the first words coming predictably from the surly dwarf, “If you help, the less time we’ll take. Do not bother with the unreadable ones.”

Miklos hurriedly marched to the map archive and opened a scroll case. Empty. So was the next.

The cleric turned to the dwarf as he wandered over to the archive. “Can you determine if there are any concealed exits from here?” he asked whilest idly opening a scroll case and observing the contents.

At Miklos’ words the dwarf snorted, so much for haste. Feldard brusquely nodded at the cleric’s question and circled the room, and seeing little of interest, moved to the door to the north. The charred remains and missing maps had not evoked any amount of sympathy or sadness from the dwarf. Books and maps were for scholars, those like Miklos and Maruc and elves evidently; not for warriors such as himself. The prison cells had renewed the vigor and pace at which he and his companions worked through the rooms. He intended to keep up the pace until either he dropped from exhaustion or found the Sisters and the elfmaids.

At the sight of his companions stopping to investigate the maps, Hasan returned to the library to search there. “Tell me if you find anything, but we don’t need six here, and I cannot bear to leave the library less searched than here. Come, Saeth, you surely cannot pass by this chance to see the lore of my ancestors. I would love to discuss what differences you see in our story and yours.”

As Miklos continued examining scroll cases, he finally found one that wasn’t empty. Very heavy for a map case though. Odd. Opening the case he saw that it did not contain a map at all, but rather held 2 very old bottles of elven wine, elegantly labeled with faded elven script.

As the mage pondered his find, Feldard looked over the stonemanship on the north wall, and discovered a hidded door in the northeast corner of the room.



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6 responses to “Missing Maps

  1. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth looked up, having been distracted by the very first of the old Elven maps, and scarcely hearing any of the discussion. But Hassan was right–the stories of the Elves had to be even more inspiring than the maps. Setting it aside, she trailed after him.

  2. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    “Maruc, you have a keen sense. There is hidden door here. Nicolai mind taking a look?” Feldard motioned Nicolai over and stood back watching as the rogue did his thing.

  3. Maruc (Clr 4)

    “Halav guides me my friend.” Maruc grinned at his friend. “He also guides all of us when we listen. I can take no credit for your success.”

    He turned to the mage. “I don’t think there are any maps remaining here Miklos. Feldard has found a way on though.”

  4. Miklos (Mu 3)

    With growing frustration Miklos cast away the empty cases as he methodically worked his way along the shelves. “All gone.” he whispered to himself. “All gone…where? Damn!” he thumped the wall with burst of uncharateristic anger. Rubbing his knuckles he darkly swung to the exit Feldard had discovered. “Enough! Time to press on.”

  5. Maruc (Clr 4)

    The priest wandered of the the Library door, “Come on chaps and chapettes, Feldard has found a way on and Miklos has found a fine Elven vintage for you to try.” He then returned to see how Nicolai was doing.

  6. Hasan

    Hasan had looked up from a yellowed ledger sheet. “Carrots, parsnips and beets,” he told Saeth. “Not really my favorite. They should have planted an orchard.” Returning the book, Hasan returned to the map room, prepared to follow the others through the secret door.

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