Charred Library


Feldard met his companions out in the hallway. “Nothing but empty prison cells here” he commented, then waited out in the hall, while those interested peered in to verify his words.

Maruc peered into the cells the dwarf had opened. “Recent occupants.” he asserted. “The questions are who where they and where are they now? The obvious answers would be our elf maids and the Sisters have them. It is disturbing that only two were used.”

“Perhaps our delays have been an error? No matter, we must hasten. Come, let’s get moving”
the priest turned on his heels and retraced their steps back to the main hall.

Being last to enter Miklos almost bumped into the cleric as he made his way out. “Anything interesting?” he asked.

“Evidence that we have tarried overlong, Miklos.” replied the priest gravely.

Miklos backed out of the way and fished out one of his lightstones to see by. Staff and stone in hand he marched after him. Saeth too peered into a cell, but didn’t dally as the party quested onward.

Hasan followed the group. Maruc’s idea that the recently occupied cells may have held the missing Elyan maids was troubling, but even more troubling was that there were only two such cells. Something was not right. While he didn’t begrudge the time spent finding the great charm of Elyas, he too felt the need for the party to quicken the pace of its investigation of the fallen tower.

The dwarf had nodded at the clerics sudden desire for urgency. It was about time. He lead the way down to the far set of doors and listened at them carefully, his hand tested the handle checking to see if it were locked.

The rogue Nicolai watched as the dwarf once more assumed the lead and then foolishly tested the handle of the door without checking for traps first. Yeah, and that is how we end up with poisoned party members… he thought to himself as he stood back with arms folded. He’d let them realize their mistake on their own. More than likely all it would take is one mishap before they’d be calling on him for his expertise once more. It was good to be appreciated.

As Nicolai waited for the dwarf to finish making a fool of himself, the rogue subtly scanned the doorway for signs of traps.

The door opened easily, almost falling off the hinges. The burnt wood certainly did not seem to be an illusion this time. Inside were the charred remains of a long, elegant table running then length of the room north to south. Broken bookcases, also burned covered the north, west and south walls. The burned leather covers of the books were scattered in the shelves and on the floor, all of them unreadable.

There was another charred door on the north wall of the room.



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5 responses to “Charred Library

  1. Miklos (Mu 3)

    The mage shook his head in silent regret at the carnage of knowledge displayed yet again before him. Each time he came across a ruined tome his sadness was renewed afresh as if reawakening an old painful memory. Such a waste.

    Sorrowfully he sifted amongst the ruins with a vain hope that something or some clue might have survived.

    The urgency of the party to move on stopped him from making a thorough search and he joined the back of the party as they exited the room to the north.

  2. Maruc (Clr 4)

    The priests eyes swept the room, a brief moment of doubt crept over him as memories of the fire at the cloister flashed across his vision. He shook the thought out of his head and with steely determination he followed the dwarf toward the only exit from the room.

  3. Hasan

    Hasan followed the party forward, though his guts and heart longed to stay behind to search the library of Elyas. “Some other time,” he counseled himself, but having spoken aloud, in reassurance to the party. ” Some other time we shall more closely search this, the Elyan lore. But now – alas! – hasten, my friends.”

  4. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    Feldard took quick stock of the room and seeing little of interest, moved to the door to the north. The charred remains did not evoke any amount of sympathy or sadness from the dwarf. Books were for scholars, those like Miklos and Maruc and elves evidently; not for warriors such as himself. Nor was he concerned anymore about the cause of such damage. It was so old that it had no bearing on his purpose here in these underground halls. The prison cells had renewed the vigor and pace at which he and his companions worked through the rooms. He intended to keep up the pace until either he dropped from exhaustion or found the Sisters and the elfmaids.

    As he approached the burnt door to the north, he checked the ground for sign of recent disturbance in the soot, dust and wreckage. Once more, Feldard only paused long enough to listen at the door but a moment before testing the handle and then stepping through.

  5. Nicolai (T 4)

    (Posted in Nicolai’s absence)

    Nicolai drifted across the room like a ghost, despite the dust of ages none stirred at his passing. He nodded at the dwarf, who stood asside for him and indicated an inditinguishable patch of wall. Lightly he traced with his fingers the outline of the secret door that Feldard had pointed out. He struggled to hide his admiration for the dwarf, this door was cunningly concealed. Dwarf-make no doubt. Using his professional knowledge he felt for the tell tales of needles and hair triggers…

    Satisfied, he release the catch that Feldard had found and opened the door.

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