Onward to the Next

Feldard, who had since retrieved his axe after having failed a third time to go through the portal, regarded the two returning companions somewhat sourly. “Now that you’ve graced us with knowledge of your well-being.. MAYBE we can actually continue on? Where does the portal lead? Did you see sign of the maidens? What of the three sisters?”

Hasan turned to his companions and relayed what he found in Elyas’ laboratory. He showed them the pendant and described how it appeared to frighten away the Guardian, but had no other effects that he could identify. He then also showed them the hat, which appeared to be enchanted, but which led to nothing when he put it on. He then separated the ring from the pendant and wore them as ordinary jewelry in their separate forms.

Disturbed by the sudden appearance of his friends, the mage stopped his studying. Gathering his wits again, Mikos’s eyes alighted on the pendant-ring. “What a wondrous piece! Might I examine it?”

The dwarf’s scowl only seemed to deepen when he learned that the portal did not lead to their goal but was, in fact, a dead end. They would have to backtrack now and continue on from the hall… he pointed out as much to the party. “Unless someone else has a better idea..”

“Feldard, we will have to search all the dead ends here before we leave. If we are to leave no trace of this evil behind.” replied Nicolai.

“I’m as lost as you are, Feldard,” Saeth chirped with more cheer than the Dwarf displayed. To her–in moments of safety–each dead end was the seed of a new stanza. She was quite ready to continue onward to the next.

Feldards’ grumpy gaze fell to Nicolai and then Saeth. “I am not lost,” he asserted forcefully as he turned back toward the illusion room containing the dragon.

“Would you stay your advance and indulge me?” asked the mage. “This pendant-fusion may have other purposes. Some of which may aid us in the near future against the Sisters. I shall only be a few minutes, I promise!”

“Hold your beard Master Feldard!” Maruc called to the retreating dwarf, but the determined demihuman was already on his way. He strode forcefully through the small hallway into the main hallway and across to listen at the door directly to the north.

The wooden door was still scorched. Though he now knew the dragon in the other room was mere trickery, the burn marks on the door did not seem to be illusory. He strained to hear anything, but could not, save for the sound of his companions behind him.



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8 responses to “Onward to the Next

  1. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Maruc shrugged. Oh well, if Feldard finds anything interesting he’ll come and get us, he thought. He returned his attention to the mage and the Pendant.

    “What do you make of it Miklos?” he pressed.

  2. Miklos (Mu 3)

    “”Patience!” the mage snapped. “How is one supposed to think and study with all this racket?” He continued his study of the spell book and cast a analyze spell on the pendant.

  3. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth shrugged slightly, cleaning her blade. She supposed a few minutes made no more difference at this point–who knew what time it was now, anyway? Besides, it wouldn’t feel horribly to sit down, just for a bit.

  4. Hasan

    Hasan shared interest in the study Miklos was undertaking, and listened closely as well to the incantation the human used to better divine the amulet’s powers. “Such a useful skill for one so young to have aquired,” he thought. Warming to the familiar tingling of magic being summoned, he thoughts continued, “The ingenuity of these humans is impressive. And both Miklos and Maruc appear well grounded in causes beyond narrow self-interest. There is much even an Elyan could learn from people like these.” In silence, Hasan passed Miklos his ring and showed him how the two pieces fused together.

  5. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    The dwarf meanwhile had, come to the realisation that the others hadn’t followed him out from the mirror’d hall. He glared sullenly at the closed door before him. The wiser part of him knew he should return to the others.. or at the very least wait for them here WITHOUT opening the door, but the dwarf was growing impatient and slightly on edge with all the magicks. He was warrior.. what need did he have for rings and amulets? He put his trust well made steel. His thumb tested the edge of his axe for a moment and he nodded. Let them wait. He’d clear out the rest of the chambers alone if need be! He tested the handle of the door and (if unlocked) strode through.

  6. Question: Is Miklos doing his Analyze spell on the pendant alone, or after the pendant and ring are fused into the talisman?

  7. Miklos (Mu 3)

    One assumes that in order for the pendant to work against the guardian it had to be ‘fused’. I took this ‘fusing’ to be permanent therefore Miklos would analyzing its ‘fused’ state.

  8. Ok, in Hasan’s post he described separating the two pieces, so then I will assume that Miklos is putting them together again so that it will be in its active state.

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