The Guardian’s End


Finding himself back in the hallway, Feldard grimaced and turned about intent on trying the mirror again; instead he found himself facing his friends once again. The mage stood there with a crackling bolt of energy. Suddenly, Miklos pointed at him and barked a command word in that accursed tongue of the spellcasters. The bolt of mage-power then flew directly toward him!

Feldard froze, stunned momentarily as he tried to comprehend why his friend would suddenly turn on him. Then, at the last moment, the energy missile arced upward and shot past the dwarf. Spinning around, he now found himself facing the twisted guardian, who was sporting a fresh burn mark on its chest courtesy of Miklos.

Raising his patented dwarven battle call, he quickly swung out with his axe at the creature.

Maruc had relaxed as he recognized the dwarf emerging from the mirror, and had been about to say something when the stone-creature burst from the portal behind him. Still labouring under the belief that only Saeth and the Feldard could actually harm the creature, Maruc hastily started chanting his cure light wounds spell for Feldard as he spun to engage it.

Saeth was still mystified by how the portal seemed to be working, but the reappearance of the stone beast made her choice obvious. Gripping her blade in both hands, Saeth stepped forward towards the Dwarf, standing shoulder to… helm with Feldard as they assailed the creature.Saeth resolved that, once she put this battle to song, that she’d give Feldard a few extra inches. For the sake of the poem.

Outnumbered two to one, wounded, and facing opponents armed with enchanted blades, the guardian stood little chance and quickly met its demise.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, on the other side of the portal, Hasan and Nicolai heard the sounds of battle on the other side of the portal. From what they could tell, their allies were successful in defeating the guardian, and so they began to explore Elyas’s ancient laboratory.

Nicolai set about examining the room. He did not find any books or writings of any sort. Nor any wands, jewelry or valuables of any sort. What he did find was broken and useless lab equipment and dusty, dried up jars and bottles.

While the rogue continued his search, Hasan was exploring the alcoves. There didn’t seem to be anything that remarkable about either, except for an old wizard’s hat which hung on a peg next to the southern alcove



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9 responses to “The Guardian’s End

  1. Saeth Tegau

    “So,” Saeth queried, poking the creature’s corpse with her sword, “with that done, how do we find the others?” She raised her blade, and once more waved it through the shimmering portal, trying to divine a hint of the far side in the ripples it left.

  2. Hasan

    DM: I’m trying to figure out how Hasan should respond to this find. I have a hard time imagining that wizard hats are part of his pool of experiences to date. I guess I sort of think of them as a human practice, but not elven. So I’m happy to play along with this as something that is unrecognized, but still interesting. However, if it is something that he recognizes as magical and elven, he would pop it on right away, as in my mind he definately styles himself a bit more of a magi elf than a fighter. thanks for the guidance!

  3. The hat could be elven. But very old and out of fashion.

  4. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    Feldard stood back from the fallen gargoyle and did a quick check around to be sure nothing else was about to attack. Finally his gaze rested upon the mirrored portal. The fact that the gargoyle returned, but Nicolai and Hasan hadn’t, concerned the dwarf. Perhaps they were badly injured… with a scowl the dwarf set aside his fine dwarven axe beside the portal “Maruc, be ready with your heals. I’ll try to bring them back. Miklos, it may be that they are stuck on the other side. It will be to you to figure a way to get us back.” Then he tried to go through a third time.

  5. Hasan

    Hasan looked again at the hat. “How unusual,” he thought, “for a textile like this to not have decayed. It’s rather weathered, but I can’t imagine anything like this surviving for the millenium (or his latest theory is on the time that has passed since the fall of the temple) since this temple fell underground. Could this too be magical? Could this be from Elyas as well?”

    He took it off the hook and judged it about elven size. He was torn between the tempation to take on still more Elyrian magic and the uncertainty of this unexpected find. Prudence, he strongly felt, suggested he should bring the hat to Miklos and Saeth for discussion.

    Still, the thrill of using magic to deter the gargoyle was acute. And after all, wasn’t he the leader now of the Elyria?

    Hasan put on the hat.

    (If nothing unusual happens, and I certainly hope that’s not the case, Hasan will check for Nicolai, tell him that he thinks they have found what they can in the room, and exit the room through the portal.)

  6. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos snapped his book shut and allowed himself a few moments to recover from the pain behind his eyes. Holding too much magic was certainly not a pleasant experience. He stalked over to the creature and studied it. The Elven Guardian was reputedly its twin, but the twisted broken statue (as it now looked more like to Miklos) betrayed none on its origins. Indeed, he wondered, what would cause such a transformation? A Darker bend on destroying any traces of elven beauty from it?

    He chuckled to himself. You are, he thought, rather assuming that when Ular-Taman said ‘twin’ it meant ‘identical’. Miklos stepped over the remains returned his attention to the Mirror. Then on a whim he turned to the others.

    “Thank you most kindly for so swiftly dispatching the construct. We were somewhat fortunate I feel. Not though your warrior prowess is nothing less than worthy of ancient legends! Let us hope that our luck will hold…”

    He stood to one side of the mirror studying its workmanship. “Fansinating! look see how the interplanar surface is bound to the frame with he use of umbilicating strands that…….. (etc.)”, Miklos carried on until he finished with, “I should like to take this back to the Guild and study it most closely! I might be able to discover a way of recalling our friends from within.” He paused, “If they still live.”

  7. Maruc (Clr 4)

    On hearing Feldards comment the priest stopped the rite of healing. Although he was concerned about the immediate danger and the safety of his dwaven companion the fact that the others were not the first to emerge troubled him greatly. He offered a prayer of thanks to Halav as moments later the creature fell. He turned to the Mage, “Believe what you wish Miklos my friend.” he grined, “But Halav Incarnate watches over us, not blind and fickle fortune. Is there no way to open the portal?”

  8. Miklos (Mu 3)

    “Aye.” replied Miklos. “Give me a few moments to recover and I will try to ascertain the nature of the command word. Your quiet would be appreciated, thank you.” With that he opened his backpack produced a wineskin and took a long draught, he offered it around the others before recorking it and stowing it away. He reopened his spellbook and flicked through to the Analyse incantation and started to study…

  9. Nicolai (T4)

    “Hasan, are you sure that’s wise? I wouldn’t try on anything from here except in daylight”, says Nicolai as Hasan places the hat on his head.

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