The Fleeing Gargoyle


Hasan watched with surprise as the monstrous creature retreated. He blinked down at the Talisman of Elyas and wondered what more adventures this find would lead to. Then, pulled from his momentary reverie by the sight of Nicolai scrambling away from the gargoyle, he sprinted toward his companion, ready to provide whatever aid he could and hoping that whatever barrier prevented the gargoyle from striking him—be it raw intimidation or something magical—would safeguard Nicolai as well.

Nicolai scrambled out of the way of the creature’s path. The fleeing guardian disappeared through the portal.

* * * * *

Once more, the dwarf found himself in the unenviable state of disorientation due to whatever magicks controlled the mirror’d portal. He blinked rapidly and squinted, but little seemed to help at making his surroundings any less blurry. There was little else he could do other than continue on through—his companions on the other side had need of him. Resolute, he strode forward, and once again emerged back into the room with Saeth and the others.

Directly behind him, the malignant guardian materialized back once again into the room.



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10 responses to “The Fleeing Gargoyle

  1. hasan

    Hasan will explore the room, especially the alcoves.

  2. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    Finding himself back in the hallway, Feldard grimaced and turned about intent on trying the mirror again; instead he found himself facing the stone gargoyle. His yell of alarm, quickly changed to one of battle as he swung out with his axe at the creature.

  3. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Maruc relaxed as he recognised the dwarf emerging from the mirror and was about to say something when the stone-creature burst from the portal behind him. Still labouring under the belief that only Saeth and the Feldard could actually harm the creature, Maruc hastily started chanting his cure light wounds spell for Feldard as he spun to engage it.

  4. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos looked up from his book barked the last command word of his evocation and sent a bolt of mage-power into the twisted guardian.

  5. For mages, I think the rules were that they couldn’t read spells from a spellbook in battle (too much distraction). Now that Miklos will be getting more powerful, I don’t want to tip the scales. Does he still cast the spell from memory, or no?

  6. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    (I wouldn’t have thought Miklos to be IN battle.. or are you referring to the fact that others were on the other side of the mirror battlin? – If that causes distraction then mages would NEVER be able to study while on the road – morning routine camp tear down or people practicing their fighting would constantly be a distraction. I would agree that if there’s a threat to him then yeah he couldn’t concentrate such as if the battle was in sight of him.. but this *shrug*.. just me – I’d allow it)

  7. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth was still mystified by how the portal seemed to be working, but the reappearance of the stone beast made her choice obvious. Gripping her blade in both hands, Saeth stepped forward towards the Dwarf, standing shoulder to… helm with Feldard as they assailed the creature.

    Saeth resolved that, once she put this battle to song, that she’d give Feldard a few extra inches. For the sake of the poem.

  8. The battle is between the dwarf and gargoyle going on right in front of him. Also, the rule isn’t that mages can read every word of the spell and then stop on the last word and wait.

    This is probably confusing because I may have allowed this in the past, mainly because at 1st/2nd level, the odds are really stacked against the characters.

    As far as concentration, Miklos would have to concentrate on the portal and not the spell for when Feldard comes through. Then, concentrate further to see if the gargoyle comes through. And then, go back to concentrating on the spell while there is combat going on.

    Keep in mind, casting the spells straight from the book is an extra bonus we’re using since mages start out fairly weak in the mix and its good to be able to cast things like detect magic, etc. without having to go through the whole memorization process.

    So, to clarify, the way I envisioned the rule working is that it frees up the spell slots for the mage to have combat-ready spells at hand, and have the other spells in the back pocket. Otherwise, the mage could just stay on the outskirts of the battle and cast infinite spells, which makes the game too unbalanced. I think the mage needs a calm environment to be able to concentrate on reading spells.

  9. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Then he realised what he was doing and started to prepare his Magic Missile incantation from his book fully expecting the guardian to burst from the Mirror after the others.
    – “Unmistakable sounds of Battle”

    I understand your thoughts DM, true you have been generous enough to allow ‘holding’ of spells and this is what I was envisioning in this case thus being ‘prepared’. I naturally will bow to your judgement on this. My only comment would be that a clarification on this at the time of my previous post may have altered my actions. (unlikely but possible!) I agree that the initial idea behind this (allowing the mage more spells effectively) should be used as a privelage, not a right. I have taken pains to avoid such abuse.

    I would argue that there have been only 2 (or 3?) occasions were I have used this rule before combat and I don’t think it has been unbalencing (I don’t think there would be any other way to clear a room full of Radu conspiritors with just the 5 of us!)

    I totally agree that casting off infinite spells at the edge of battle is not ‘playing the game’. You made this point when we confronted the Bone Guardian (I think??)

    Also a thing to consider is that Miklos has (somewhat unwisely!) memorised only sleep spells. These I doubt would affect a gargoyle so using the ‘rule’ I felt that as the fight was happening in potentially a different ‘plane’ and he believed that the creatures arrival was imenent it wouldn’t be a game unbalencing action to cast a 1d6 damage spell. Bar the Dwarf’s axe and the Elf’s sword Magic Missile the only effective attack the party possesses. Also the only use Miklos can be in this encounter.

    But that in itself is not a defense, I chose Miklos’s spells and you can be effective in every situation!

  10. Miklos (Mu 3)

    … can’t be effective in every situation I meant!

    One other thought though. Miklos still only as good as his spellbook. He has one evocation spell that can do 1d6 poits of damage, he can only cast this twice a day (when memoriesd). Feldard, on the other hand can hand out 1d8+str+magic bonus every round. D&D is like that though and I’m not complaining! There are lots of things Magic Users can do that none of the others can do (except elves of course!)

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