The Talisman of Elyas


Hearing the unmistakable sound of battle beyond the dwarf didn’t hesitate—he moved into the shimmering mirror.

Miklos counted the seconds to see how long the dwarf would take to re-emerge.

“Let us hope that they return swiftly, and safely.” the priest murmered. He waited poised for action. Following his companion’s lead, the mage prepared his Magic Missile incantation from his book fully expecting the guardian to burst from the Mirror after the others.

* * * * *

Hasan immediately set the fit jade stone of his ring into the golden pendant. The jade gemstone was released from the ring and attached itself to the newly formed talisman. There was a quick flash of energy as engraved writing seemingly etched itself into the back of the talisman. There was no time to read the inscription as the gargoyle was descending upon him, claws and fangs, poised to strike.

Suddenly, the creature halted. It slowly withdrew, hissing as it reluctantly backed away from Hasan.

Its stony skin contorted with rage and the malignant construct spun and charged toward the portal and Nicolai with great haste.



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3 responses to “The Talisman of Elyas

  1. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    (it’s difficult for me to post an action if I don’t know what is happening to the dwarf – whether he makes it through or returns to Miklos and the others. So I’ll just add fluff..)

    Once more the dwarf found himself in the unenviable state of disorientation due to whatever magicks controlled the mirror’d portal. He blinked rapidly and squinted, but little seemed to help at making his surroundings any less blurry. There was little else he could do other than continue on through – his companions on the other side had need of him. Resolute, he strode forward rather hoping he made it through rather than back to Saeth and the others.

    ( I am assuming he can’t hear anything from either side while in the portal)

  2. Hasan

    Hasan watched with surprise as the monstrous creature retreated. He blinked down at the Talisman of Elyas and wondered what more adventures this find would lead to. Then, pulled from his momentary reverie by the sight of Nicolai scrambling away from the gargoyle, he sprinted toward his companion, ready to provide whatever aid he could and hoping that whatever barrier prevented the gargoyle from striking him – be it raw intimidation or something magical – would safeguard Niolai as well.

  3. Nicolai (T4)

    Nicolai attempts to scramble out of the way, but in doing so looks for someway of tripping the fleeing guardian.

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