The Unmistakable Sounds of Battle

As Miklos’s focus returned and took stock of where he was he said, “What a waste of magic, a magic portal to nowhere, lets just hope it’s also to nowhen eh?” he then noticed the missing party members. “Ah, perhaps not so useless. Its an intruder filter, very clever. I have not overlooked the irony of your words before you entered Saeth. Now the question remains, do we attempt to re-enter? Assuming that the mirror lets two through at a time or do we assume that someone intelligent designed it and it will only let pass certain individuals who meet a set of criteria?”

Maruc grinned, “Knowing at least that Nicolai does not lack common sense, I’ve yet to make up my mind about the Siswa, I suspect they will attempt to draw the creature to us. Especially if my theory that it may only be harmed buy enchanted weapons or magic. Interesting that only those without magic items where allowed to pass. The sword, the axe and the wand were barred. Mighty Halav may have intervened in my case, or it may be that I am a spell-user. But then why did Hasan pass? The ring of Elyas perhaps?”

The dwarf, obviously not as swift as the others when it came to things magical, was still a bit confused. “So where are we exactly? It seems we went no where.. ” He looked to the still burning edges of the curtain and frowned. “Where are Hasan and Nicolai? What are you saying about the mirror? You think my axe is keeping me from passing through?” Feldard grimaced as he considered such. He’d felt the tingle going through and his beard was still itching because of it. He didn’t particularly relish the notion of trying to go through that again WITHOUT his trusted axe.

“If you think the issue is our magic blades, what if we were to reach something unensorcelled through, something we could tow Hasan and Nicolai back with?” Saeth was confused enough about the portal’s result that she was quite prepared to listen to the others. “Does anyone have a rope?”

Miklos continued pontificating, “All this conjecture does rather lean on the fact that the Guardian is actually beyond the mirror, it could…” warned Miklos.

From behind the strange shimmering mirrored surface of the portal, the group now heard the unmistakable sounds of battle.

* * * * *

Hasan’s eyes widened in surprise. The ancient laboratory could well have been from Elyas himself. But where were his companions? Still, there was no time to mull over such issues. The fallen elf construct clearly had malevolent intent.

Readying himself for a battle he felt woefully unprepared for, Hasan looking down at his Siswa blade. Doubt grew. Recognizing that it was a weapon with more ceremonial importance than offensive power, he backed away from the construct. Panicking now, he’s eyes flickered across the room, looking for something that could even the odds in this fight.

That was when he saw the Pendant of the Elyan. The match to his ring and something Elrond had promised from beyond death would bring power when it was needed most. That pendant must be his goal.

Hasan’s instincts took control. Easing himself away from the construct, he recalled in an instant the time when he stumbled as a young elf into a cave still occupied by brown bears. Panicking and totally weaponless then, he had survived when scrabbled dirt clouded the vision of his pursuers and give him time to flee. He would do the same now.

Slowing down, Hasan let the construct approach closer and closer, while he tried to get a table and a large cluster of laboratory equipment between them. Brandishing as fiercely as he could the sword he feared was worthless, he challenged the soulless elf-thing to melee. But when the moment was ripe to attack, Hasan swung not at the construct, but used his sword to broom the equipment at his opponent. Hoping an arc of debris would slow his opponent, Hasan turned and sprinted to the pendant.

The gargoyle swiped at Hasan with his claws, managing to inflict a shallow wound upon the elf as he sped toward the Elyan treasure.

Seeing what Hasan was aiming for, Nicolai fired an arrow the stone Elf in an attempt to distract it. The rogue’s arrow ricocheted ineffectively off of the stoneskin of the construct.

The Siswa reached the pendant and spun around. The creature paid no attention to the human—it only had concern for what the elf now held in his hand.



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5 responses to “The Unmistakable Sounds of Battle

  1. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    Hearing the unmistakable sound of battle beyond the dwarf didn’t hesitate – he moved into the shimmering mirror.

  2. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos counted the seconds to see how long the dwarf would take to re-emerge….

  3. Maruc (Clr 4)

    “Let us hope that they return swiftly, and safely.” the priest murmered. he waited poised for action.

    if Maruc hears the dwarf in battle he will drive through the portal assuming that Miklos is wrong in his theory.

  4. Hasan

    If he can see immediately how to activate the power of the pendant and the ring, Hasan will do so. His theory is that they should be joined somehow.

    Otherwise, his fears confirmed about their weapons, he shout – ‘run Nicolai. we cannot fight this creature’ and attempt to flee through the portal.

  5. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Then he realised what he was doing and started to prepare his Magic Missile incantation from his book fully expecting the guardian to burst from the Mirror after the others.

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