Frustrating Fabric

Hasan strained to watch the brightly lit action up front, a bit flummoxed, but thinking that this seems more a situation where brawn may be worth more than wit.

“The curtain is secured firmly. I’ll need help to bring it down.” Then after a moment Feldard paused and in a sour tone added. “Mage, there’s a opening in the fabric here in the middle and more layers of fabric behind. It seems like it could be walked through. Could this be another type of magical portal?” Inwardly, he was kicking himself for speaking of it. Now of course, everyone would be wanting to traipsy on through… a stupid notion to him. But… it might just lead to the Sisters and the abducted maidens.

“I’ll cut it if you like,” Saeth suggested, raising her blade slightly. “I mean, I wouldn’t think that cutting the curtain down would destroy a portal, merely reveal it if it’s hidden behind.”

She stepped forward to see about trimming the curtain a bit.

Frowning, Feldard lifted its hem at a point not at the gap and checked beneath for what was behind. He didn’t dare open his eyes, for the light would blind him. The dwarf grumped a bit as all he finds are yet more fabric going further in. “Cut it down if you wish, there’s plenty more behind.” He stands straight once more. “So what say you, Mage? Do we take the time to take them all down or simply go through to see where it leads?”



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5 responses to “Frustrating Fabric

  1. Miklos (Mu 3)

    “If there are no ill effects I would tie it out of the way, Feldard. Its pointless to wantonly destroy something. I can’t say what ward spells protect the fabric so tieing may circumvent disaster.” replied the mage.

  2. Maruc (Clr 4)

    The cleric stepped in, “Here, if you roush the fabric like this,” he said wrapping the material around itself, “Then it will hold back by itself. See?”

    Maruc help Feldard pullt he rest of the material out of the way to see what lay beyond.

  3. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    The dwarf grumbles a bit. “We’re gonna be at this all day” but ties back the curtains as Maruc suggests.

  4. “if that doesn’t work, just burn it,” suggested Hasan. “It’s just like underbrush in the forest, fire will clear it faster than any machete.”

  5. Saeth: 10xp+10xp
    Maruc: 10xp+5xp
    Miklos: 10xp+5xp
    Feldard: 10xp+5xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp

    Saeth: 8705/16000
    Maruc: 9070/12000
    Miklos: 9140/10000
    Nicolai: 8290/9600
    Feldard: 9195/17000
    Hasan: 8515/16000

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