Time to Rid the Tower Of Evil


With his prayers completed, Maruc rose and stretched, he was still amazed at the doughty dwarf and his ability to rest in armour. He looked at his own armour with something akin to loathing, he was sore in a dozen places. With a telling sigh he started to rebuckle the plates into place.

Miklos lent over to Nicolai as he watched the cleric buckling himself up.

“So I’m guessing what lies beyond is not dangerous? What did you see?”

Nicolai described the tunnel that descended downward toward tower ruins. After about 200 feet, the tunnel opened into a dark, dry cavern. The structure of an ancient tower was there, buried under the mountain. Only the lowest story of the tower appeared to be intact. Nicolai investigated the doors, which appeared to be the only entrance. He did not detect any traps or any movement within the cavern, or hear anything beyond the doors. After completing this investigation, he returned to the group.

Miklos nodded and snapped his book shut. “Mistress Saeth, would you care to join me at the rear of the party?”

Saeth rose as the others stirred from their meditations, sheathing her just-polished blade. By this time, she was quite ready to keep moving, as soon as the others were.

Finally looping the shield strap around his back and rehooking his flail, Maruc grinned, “Time to rid the last chambers of the tower of its evil.

Despite the dwarf’s initial protest that he was fine and didn’t need further godly aid, the cleric had sermoned enough that Feldard had allowed the healing. Now, once more hale and hearty, the dwarf resumed the lead and ventured further following the route Nicolai had described. He was watchful and alert for trouble as he strode onward, with Maruc following directly behind.

Hasan stirred from his meditations on the events of the last few days—an escape from prison, his revenge against his captor (if that was really him and not just an illusion), a vision of his erstwhile father-in-law speaking from beyond the grave, and an emerging companionship with people—even humans—from well beyond the shadow of Grey Mountain. These were eye-opening times, and yet it seemed like the adventure under the mountain had only just begun. With one last swig of the water he was carefully husbanding, and one last thought of his betrothed and the threat facing her and all the Elyan, he fell into line as the party passed through the secret door.

The route was just as Nicolai had described. When they reached the cavern it was completely still and silent. Gray stone walls rose up 60 feet to the cavern’s rock and earth ceiling. Cut stones from walls and battlements lie scattered about the cavern floor. The cavern had caved in around the sides of the tower so that only the front was visible. Darkly stained metal doors stood in the tower’s front wall. Unrecognizable engravings covered them, their workmanship destroyed in the mountain collapse.



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7 responses to “Time to Rid the Tower Of Evil

  1. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth craned her neck, looking forward from where she stood watch by Miklos. “Anything up there?” she called. Lowering her voice, she spoke to the mage. “What sort of cataclysm could have caused this tower to be buried? The construction does appear a bit different than above, doesn’t it?”

  2. Miklos (Mu 3)

    “Ahh, now these must be the remains of the Darker Tower,” said Miklos. “The Temple of course, being built upon the ruins the the previous structure. Now what we have here is naturally the remains of an older structure which lead me to my conclusion. Its a shame that the carvings are ruined I could have compared them to the engravings in the Book of the Sons of Night which I have here. Hmm, six lives of the Elyan. That would be what, roughly ten thousand years ago perhaps?”

    Miklos called to the front party members. “Does the chamber seem to have been used recently? Tracks and what-not?”

  3. Maruc (Clr 4)

    At the Mages words Maruc scanned the floor, he had know idea what he was looking for and shrugged. “Tracking is beyond my knowledge, Miklos. But I see little value in remaining here overlong determining who had been here. Nicolai is the door unlocked?”

    As Nicolai tested the door Maruc to up a position to the left the the portal unhooked his flail and raised his shield awaiting Feldards actions.

  4. Hasan

    Hasan used his tracking skills to examine the chamber. As he scrutinized the the area, Hasan began to argue history with Miklos: “Nay, Miklos, would this not be the Tower of Elyas himself, which fell below the mountain? These Darkers, I do not think they ever established themselves so firmly on this ground. I hope not.”

  5. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    Feldard moved to the right of the doorway, axe as usually ready in his grip. For all the use he gave his crossbow, he likely forgot that it hung at his side.
    While the dwarf stood waiting for the rogue to see to the door, his eyes scanned the ceiling of the cavern, seeking the route by which the Rahib had gained access.

    (assuming it is either unlocked or easy to unlock)
    When Nicolai had indicated the all clear, the dwarf nodded the party’s readiness and had the rogue open the door.

    He led the way into the Tower; dwarven eyes peered through the darkness seeking the telltale auras of heat that his infravision provided before the light from the human’s torches hampered his innate ability.

  6. Miklos (Mu 3)

    “Ahh noble Hasan, if my memory serves me correctly we are standing before the very doors of the Tower of Landryn Teriak. The Necromancer that Elyas cast down all those years ago.” Miklos replied

  7. Saeth: 10xp+10xp
    Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp+10xp
    Nicolai: 10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp

    Saeth: 8565/16000
    Maruc: 8815/12000
    Miklos: 8865/10000
    Nicolai: 8135/9600
    Feldard: 8855/17000
    Hasan: 8250/16000

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