Siswa Lost, Siswa Found

The dwarf pushed himself away from the wall and scowled as he noted the lack of Siswa. “They were right here! Confound those damned long-eared, willow-limbed… ” the rest of his cussing he cut off as he realized he was in poor company with Hasan and Saeth. “Seems they’ve been retrieved…whether for good or ill—who knows. I assume, we will find out soon enough as we continue our search for this Elrond.”

Hasan replied, “I fear that is the best we can do at this point. Let’s head back to see the others. But before we go, would your gentle nature allow me to suggest that just once you walk through the temple chamber with a robe on?”

“Might be an idea Feldard, I’m getting all too familiar with the colour of Dwarven blood,” says Nicolai.

Feldard eyed the door to the Guardians chamber with a scowl. He knew he couldn’t fend of another barrage of attacks from the temple golem, but giving in to donning a Siswa robe was just not in the dwarf’s nature. Not now after, so much.

I need to rest some before I go anywhere. I’ll remain here. You lead the others on. Find this Elrond. I’ll be here waiting.”

* * * * *

Bored of watching the priest in his meditations, Miklos picked himself up and stretched. He spent a few moments studying the room then he went over to the open door, peered through the gloom and listened intently for further signs of movement.

After ensuring there was no immediate danger from the way on Miklos checked each door to see if it was locked and listened for any signs of movement. As the cleric continued to pray, the mage opened each unlocked door a fraction to see what lay beyond as, he reasoned, anyone beyond the doors would have already arrived due to the sounds of combat so it must be relatively safe.

To the east, there was a short hallway. At the east end was a double doorway, and against each the north and south walls were single doorways. The doors were all closed. Miklos moved to the south door. Behind it was a small room. A few crates were scattered here and there in the room. On the ground was a lone Siswa guard. He was groggily starting to come to consciousness as Miklos peered in.



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4 responses to “Siswa Lost, Siswa Found

  1. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    “Go on! The longer you folks dally, the less patience I’ll have and less likely you’ll find me here waiting. ” That said the dwarf let himself slide down the wall once more. “But for now I’m good to just rest here and await your return.”

  2. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos looked at the guard and back to the priest. Well, he thought, I can at least see if this chap is all right. But just in case I’ll remove his sword. Miklos slowly pushed the door wider to get a clearer view of the room half ready to yank the door shut at the least unexpected noise or movement. When he was sure he entered the room clasping his staff to him and with a quick glance behind the door he went over to the rebumbrant guard. Swiftly he removed his scimitar and cast it to the other side of the room then said in Elvish. “Rest easy Siswa, I have a friend who can see to your wounds next door. Can you walk?” Miklos wanted to help the guard up but thought better of it until he was sure that the charm was not affecting him. “Others of my companions are aiding the Siswa guard Hassan in his search for Elrond and guards who are free of the Rahibs charm.” he said trying to keep the concern out of his voice.

  3. Maruc (Clr 4)

    …and the Priest prayed.

  4. Saeth:
    Maruc: 10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp

    Saeth: 8115/16000
    Maruc: 8340/12000
    Miklos: 8340/10000
    Nicolai: 7730/9600
    Feldard: 8315/8800
    Hasan: 7690/8000

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