NO! Fool Dwarf!

Miklos looked quizzically at the dwarf as he mouthed something at him in the blanket of silence that surrounded the three combatants. It took him him a few valuable seconds and a violent (and somewhat rude in Miklos’s opinion) gesture for the young mage to get the message—follow the others.Miklos nodded and bounded up to the dais only to trip in to top step. “Halav’s teeth!” he groaned as he picked himself up on his bruised elbows and knees. Two things he noticed as he picked himself up, firstly he could hear secondly he was staring at an open concealed entrance. His mind raced, this might explain the sudden disappearance on the Rahib at their first meeting, which means the man might not be a powerful as he’d at first feared. Even a complete charlatan? No time to wonder he fumbled in his cloak for the wand and limped over to the entrance. A fight was happening! He allowed his eyes to become accustomed to the gloom. For a moment he watched the fertive swordplay of Nicolai and the more graceful repostes of the elven warrioress. She jumped back and she flung a bolt of magefire at the figure at the back. The Rahib! And he was wearing chainmail. His masters he’d said—immortals! They were dealing with a cleric, not a mage! The light illuminated a Siswa guard behind him. Curses, no clear shot for the wand. A bluff to buy time for them to get out of my way.

And then, the Rahib fell.

Saeth glanced from the falling corpse, to the newcomer Siswa, and back to the corpse again. Wearily, she murmured in the same elven tongue he had used. “You want his head?”

Hasan looked at Saeth and replied in Elvish, “You are not Siswa, but you wear our clothes. Who are you? And who are these humans you travel with?”

Miklos took a deep breath as he heard the terrible sound of bone on stone. He slowly turned to watched the guardian unfolding again. Bounding up the stairs Nicolai pushed passed him stattering the mage to the floor again. “Hey!”

Nicolai runs out to the the main room shouting, “Everyone out of the room! The Rahib is dead! His enchantment on the Siswa should be broken! Regroup for later!”

“They can’t hear you! They are surrounded by a silence enchantment!” Milkos wildly called at his back as he picked himself up.Upon hearing the rumbling footsteps above, Hasan leapt up the stairs, quickly following Nicolai in pushing past the exasperated mage. “The Guardian awakes!” he exclaimed. “Come, elf, danger is near. You must aid me. We cannot let more humans despoil the temple!”

Maruc was feeling a touch light-headed at the loss of blood, but it wasn’t debilitating. With the dead cats at his feet, he watched Feldard mouth something at him, and take off toward the statue. The priest was still recovering from the first fight to realize the the dwarf was about to make the same mistake again.

“NO! Fool Dwarf!” He screamed ineffectually as the magic sucked the sound from his vocal chords before they had left his lips. He scrambled over the bodies of the panthers and made a grab for the the back of his armour. He missed only to watch the guardian loom back up its eyes ablaze.

He fumbled for the enchanted coin an cast it to one side of the room. Free of the spell’s effect, Maruc commanded the Dwarf with the steel summoned the the finest righteous sermons. “RUN! Back Felard! I have no magic to save you a second time!”

Feldard cussed inventively in dwarvish as the golem animated at his approach. Because of the silence spell, he had not been able to hear the shouts of Nicolai and the Siswa, and so his intent was still to aid Saeth and Nicolai with the Rahib.

The dwarf’s short stature served him well, as he was able to roll between the giant skeleton’s legs, barely out-of-reach of the automaton’s slashing scimitars. He didn’t even see Nicolai and the Siswa emerge from the trap door, even as he rolled and bounced haphazardly toward the area behind the altar. Bounding past them in a whirl of dwarven energy, he dove recklessly into the opening and down to wear Saeth still stood triumphantly over the Rahib’s freshly dead body (the elf was taking a moment to ponder the next stanza in the hymn-tune she was composing in her mind about their temple adventure).

Above them, the golem guardian turned and followed the dwarf, but once he disappeared beneath the floor it stopped in its tracks. It briefly scanned the other presences in the room, and then, once again plodded heavily back to its dormant position behind the altar.

Why did the statue not see the others as a threat and only attack the dwarf? If there was one in the room who would know the answer to this conundrum, it would be the lone Siswa who had come to their aid in their climactic battle against the Rahib.



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9 responses to “NO! Fool Dwarf!

  1. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Maruc dropped to his knees, clasped his hands together and fervently thanked Halav for guiding the dwarf to safety. Pehaps it was a test of faith? To watch a friend risk death to help his friends and be powerless to stop him?

    Maruc shook his head and grinned. No. Feldard, he decided, was blessed with luck. Which was no bad thing. You could probably toss him into a live volcano and he would climb out with just a singed beard.

    The priest picked himself up and when over to see what Nicolai was getting so excited about.
    “Now what have you found and what is going on…”
    He paused as he gazed into the concealed entrance taking in the body and the two elves. “Well, well that explains alot. Is that armour he’s wearing?”

  2. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos picked himself up again, dusted off his robes and gave Nicolai a look of indignation. He turned on his heal and stalked down the stairs. He was on the bottom step when he heard the dwarf cannoning down the stairs toward him. In alarm Miklos cast himself into the room took two steps and when down straight over the body of the Rahib.
    “Halav’s rotting toenails!” he cursed somewhat randomly as he picked himself up again right into the icy cool gaze of the Siswa guard. “Err, hellow?” he tried. “I’m Miklos, at your service. I do hope you are nice I’ve had such a bad time of things recently.” Miklos’s elvish had a somewhat southern accent but he prided himself on his mastery at the musical quality of the language. He’d got the best mark from the Elven Studies Master in three years, well for a human.

    Interject any introduction between Miklos and Hasan


    Siswa Hasan, I have many questions if you are able to answer them, but perhaps not right away as I do not know what the Rahibs Masters are contemplating for us in the form of revenge. I shall search the body here. This may seem macabre so please turn your gaze if you are easliy offended. I seek the Black Opal Eye to ensure he does not possess it.”

    If no one objects Miklos will search the body for any clues that point to the Sons of Night or the Dread Night, Taymora, Nyx or Nithia.

    * He will then turn to Maruc as he arrives.*.

    “Ahh Priest I believe this is more your thing, burying evil clerics and the like, and I’d like your opinion on these.” Miklos offers up what he has found on the corpse.

  3. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Maruc clunked awkwardly down the stairs after the dwarf. Although he was getting used to the weight of the armour and some of the blisters had burst he still marveled at warriors that could wear this stuff all day.

    “Ahh Priest I believe this is more your thing, burying evil clerics and the like, and I’d like your opinion on these.” Miklos offers up what he has found on the corpse.

    “Well common practice for preists who are not, ahh, ethically aligned with the one true way is cremation.” He glanced up at Saeth and across to the Siswa guard then back at Seath. “Who’s your friend?” he grinned broadly, which was somewhat at odds with the blood spatters up his armour and face.

  4. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    Feldard from his sprawled spot on the floor beside the Rahib, gazed up somewhat suspiciously at the Siswa that was speaking in a high-voiced, airy elven tongue towards Saeth. The dwarf grunted and rolled himself over and struggled what seemed like several minutes to his feet under the weight of his platemail, he blatantly ignored any offers of help.
    Once standing he looked to the corpse of the Rahib on the ground, which by this time the mage was already looting. Hmm. Seems his help wasn’t needed after all. He listened to Miklos speak in that same sing-song language as the elves and got disgusted with the lot of them! He moved a bit further into the hidden room to see if it contained any exits other than the one that led back towards the golem.

  5. Saeth Tegau

    Finally concluding her musings on the poem, Saeth turned to the investigating Dwarf. “Find anything over there? Or will we have to add a stanza of you racing the skeleton out of the temple?” She paid no heed to how odd this might sound to anyone else, as it made perfect sense to her in light of her previous composition.

    I’m discomfitted with the idea of writing for Hassan, who’s on vacation. Elsewise, I’d write a bit for him to keep things moving. Well, that and the fact that I don’t know what Hassan knows!

  6. Nicolai (T4)

    “Hasan, what do you know of this ‘Guardian’ above, and can you remember where the Rahib kept his papers. And Maruc, once he has been cremated, shall we have his ashes scattered, say in the middle of the Sea of Dread?”

  7. Maruc (Clr 4)

    “Very apt Nicolai, but I’d suggest disovling them in holy water – you never know who might resurect him.”

  8. Hasan

    “What is this?” stumbled the Siswa, lowering his hood to show a face that gaped in astonishment. “Humans that speak my tongue and wear Siswa robes is strange enough. But a dwarf that flits past the Guardian like the graceful bat of the night is almost unseemly.”

    Turning to Miklos, “Elfriend, if that indeed be what you are, I know naught of which you speak. The Opal is a legend long gone. This Rahib came to our village, and became an enemy of us all. Only I escaped his charms, for reasons I do not understand. But this man’s power is great; he knows no master. I tell you now, though you believe the Rahib’s death has ended this, I do not. Elrond, who led my village, was a humble man, but one of great craft. Elrond would not have fallen to a man who could die my simple swordcraft. Their are forces at work in this temple that are far more dangerous than this pawn that we have now slain. We must find my master. He will know what to do.”

  9. Saeth: 10xp
    Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp
    Nicolai: 10xp
    Feldard: 10xp
    Hasan: 10xp

    Saeth: 8040/16000
    Maruc: 8230/12000
    Miklos: 8230/10000
    Nicolai: 7640/9600
    Feldard: 8190/8800
    Hasan: 7555/8000

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