Retreat From The Temple

Maruc guessed at what was causing the problem, the magic weapons. “Run to the west door and bar it Nicolai! It can detect magic somehow. It’s after the sword. I must save Feldard if I can.”

“Maruc, that sounds like a plan! Exit via the south door, and I’ll meet up with you later!” Nicolai quickly rans for the west door.

Forgetting trying to slow the creature, the priest ran over to the fallen warrior. With a great heave of effort, he hoisted the dwarf to his shoulders and ran to the south door. Yanking it ajar, he dumped the body unceremoniously into the corridor and shouted for Miklos and Saeth.

Miklos followed shouted command of the priest and understood what he meant. Then he saw Feldard’s enchanted axe on the floor and had an idea of how he might distract the bone creature enough for Nicolai to escape.

He waited until Maruc had hauled his burden out of the chamber then ran over scooped up the axe. He tried to think of some great battle cry that he had read in a book somewhere, “Oi! Um Excuse me….”, He waved it about in a poor imitation of Feldard and effected a ‘Dwarf-like’ grimace. His intention was to attract its attention and flee the moment it turned to chase through the door Maruc was holding open.

Saeth continued wrestling with the demon’s legs. The foolish boy, she thought to herself. An axe may be an awkward, ungainly weapon, but dancing around with it like that was certainly not going to work any better than usual!

“Bring that thing back here, Miklos! If you’re not going to use it properly, let me!” Under her breath, she continued, “as properly as an axe is ever used in battle, anyway.”

The skeletal menace paid no attention whatsoever to the dancing spellcaster clad in Siswa robes. It only concerned itself with chasing after Nicolai. The youth was fast and managed to reach the door before getting cut to shreds.

Suddenly, the only souls remaining in the chamber were Saeth and Miklos. But the creature did not come after them. Instead, the thing paused, turned around and marched back to its original position behind the altar.

Outside the chamber, Maruc knelt down next to his dieing friend, and shook his head sadly. Maruc calmed himself to call forth Halav’s healing powers to call him back from the dark path. His most critical wounds started to mend themselves, and the dwarf slowly started to stir back to consciousness.



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13 responses to “Retreat From The Temple

  1. Nicolai loses 3 more hp, and is now at 6/14 hp

  2. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth looked across at the spellcaster, a sardonic laugh in her good eye. “So, what makes the two of them worth fighting, and the two of us not?” Her gaze flicked to the creature standing on the other side of the altar. “And what can we do to stop it, as needbe? You think it’s merely that the Dwarf attacked it, and we’ll be fine if we just smile politely?” She waved slightly towards it, an exaggerated wave one might give to a child. “I hate just ignoring it, however. It could come alive at any time, couldn’t it?”

  3. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    Feldard groaned as consciousness returned to him. The ache of his remaining wounds reminding him that at least he was alive. “Did I finish it off?”
    He slowly opened his eyes to see the priest kneeling next to him obviously having just prayed for a healing. He forced himself to sit up and looked back to the priest. “Before I forget, Maruc – thank you.”
    The dwarf glanced around noting that they weren’t in the worship room anymore but rather out in the hall once again. “Are the others okay?”

  4. Maruc (Clr 4)

    “I’m not sure about Nicolai, Feldard. I was too busy with you my brave friend.” Maruc smiled kindly, then he turned to Miklos and Saeth, “What do you two make of it? A creature that chooses its foes with a singularity of purpose? I though it might have been the magic weapons looking at who attacked it.”

  5. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos caught his breath after a few moments. “You dropped this Master Feldard.” He handed the Dwarf his axe back.

    The mage concidered the priests words for a long moment. A smile crept across his face as he formulated a theory that seem to fit all the current evidence. “What you make of this idea? Do you remember the creature who guarded the key in Sevastians Castle? I theorisd at the time that it might have been a construct, a ‘Golem’ as they are refered to in the mages guild. A mindless ceature with a series to basic instructions to follow.”

    Miklos continued, “Now consider that before we entered the castle we were warned of a ‘guardian’. I believe this construct is he. Keep in your mind that the term indicates defence rather than attack. Next consider we are in an elven temple consecrated to Ilsundal the Protector and the only person powerful enough to create the Guardian that we know of is the elf lord Elyas.”

    “Now look through the eyes of an elf lord.” Miklos glanced at Feldard, “A somewhat bigoted elf lord and see who the guardian attacked. Dwarves and Thieves.”

    “He obviously felt no threat from the clergy or fellow magi, but when all things are considered is not the wisest course of action.” He effected a Maruc-like grin. “Fore whom is he guarding the Black Opal Eye from if it was not from his fellow Magi? Yet both I and the Rahib were allowed to approach. A somewhat foolish lapse in thought in my opinion.”

  6. Nicolai (T4)

    “Guys, I need that Siswa guy dead, like now, or we’re all in big trouble.”

  7. Saeth Tegau

    Miklos, I’m a bit confused by your most recent post… I thought the two of us were the only ones left in the chamber, and everyone else was outside, but you write like we’ve all fled. Is my reading comprehension roughly zero? Where did I lose the story?

  8. Miklos (Mu 3)

    …His intention was to attract its attention and flee the moment it turned to chase through the door Maruc was holding open.

    This passage was in the previous post, its just that the DM hasn’t yet completed Miklos’s action as per his comment. I assumed that as nothing else intercepted him he would have made it back into the passageway along with yourself. Miklos would not take the chance to stay in the chamber without knowing a good deal more about the instructions that the creature is driven by.

  9. Maruc (Clr 4)

    DM: I’m assuming that Nicolai managed to ellude the Bone Giant sufficiently to join us at the South door? Naturally this would be preferable 🙂

    Maruc listened carefully to the Mage and replied, “But as you can see it ceased its attack. Surely it would not stop as it did not against Feldard?”

  10. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos paused in thought for a moment, “Perhaps so great a summoning needs a tight leash? I know not the full instructions it was given. However, for Nicolai’s sake I am glad it has some restictions.”

  11. Maruc (Clr 4)

    The priest turned to Nicolai. “I’m glad you are alive, I’m assuming you mean the Rahib? He is not Siswa, he controls them, but that is no matter. Indeed we are determined to foil his plans and destroy him if possible. Have you discovered anything about him or his plans that might give us an edge?”

  12. Maruc (Clr 4)

    “Actually your story must wait, we have to find somewhere the rest up. The Rahib may well escape but facing him injured as we are, we would surely be slain. Miklos himself would agree we are facing a man armed with mighty magics?”

  13. Saeth: 10xp +10xp
    Maruc: 10xp +5xp +10xp
    Miklos: 10xp +5xp
    Nicolai: 10xp
    Feldard: 10xp +10xp

    Saeth: 7310/8000
    Maruc: 7430/12000
    Miklos: 7440/10000
    Nicolai: 7020/9600
    Feldard: 7450/8800

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