Big Bones

“The incantation? Don’t think I heard one.” Saeth spun as the new creature revealed itself. “I think Feldard may need a hand!”

Gripping it in two hands, Saeth raised her scimitar and slowly stepped forward, circling to get behind the gigantic skeleton as it approached the Dwarf.

Defiled indeed! thought the cleric. “Perhaps this the guardian we were warned of! Stand side. Let the might of Halav the incarnate send this creature hence.” Maruc pulled his Symbol of Halav free of his vestments. “Woebgotten creature, a priest of divine Halav stands before you! Flee if you value your foul life!”

Maruc attempted to turn the creature, but the tangled mass of bone seemed completely indifferent to his holy efforts. Indeed, the priest did not get the same vile feeling from it as he had in his previous encounters with undead.

The mage jumped back startled out of his concentration. He backed off staff raised protectively in front of him. “Have you seen its like? It looks like a devil to me!” he blurted out in horror.

Feldard glanced behind to see the skeletal guardian and it’s 4 swords. The thing was enormous. At 15 feet high, it towered over him.

He had little chance of blocking all 4 swords, so he dodged back, moving more into the centre of the room—this ideally would give the others more room to attack from behind.

He tried to get close to the monstrosity, but its arms were huge and surprisingly fast. Two of the creature’s swords cut through the dwarf’s armor. Still, Feldard maintained his charge at the animated creature and swung his axe toward its core with the might of dwarven strength. The axeblade struck with such force that it would have felled most foes that the dwarf had fought before. Chunks of it cracked and split, but the creature did not slow its attack.

From the rear of the beast, Saeth swung her scimitar directly into the thick bones of the thing, but it bounced off, doing no damage. The massive creature had bones that were tougher than any she had ever encountered. The creature did not pay any attention to the swordswoman, and kept the focus of its attack entirely upon the dwarf.

As the combat raged on, one of the doors opened ever so slightly, as a familiar face peered in to see what the commotion was all about. It was Nicolai. His eyes opened wide at the sight of his four companions hopelessly outmatched against the gigantic four-armed skeleton creature.



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10 responses to “Big Bones

  1. Feldard is down 6 hp = 11/17p

    Also, in the OOC section, I put some images there for you guys to use as avatars on your comments. You can upload them by editing your profile I think.

  2. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Pulling his flail from his shield hand Maruc leaped forward to meet the creature and perhaps to draw some of its attention from the beleagured dwarf. As one of the wickedly bladed swords passed by him he stepped in and brought the flail round in a wide arc to clatter against bone. He pulled his shield round quickly as it reverse cut and scored a deep groove in his enamelled shield. The blow almost floored him but he managed to remain standing. The second blow that followed had jarred him badly and pain lanced from his recent wound. He glupped air down from the sudden burst of strenous fighting, “It is no hellborn creature! It is a made thing…” He words were cut of as the priest fought desperately to fend off the swords that seem to come from everywhere at once.

  3. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos was staring slackjawed at the fighting menace wondering what incantation that he knew migh gain them some advantage. He doubted if sleep or charm enchantments would affect it much as they were designed for the living. His only elemental evocation was a conjured missile and ture it would harm it. But it wouldn’t supply the party with a winning edge. As he pondered this a movement caught the corner of his eye. Automatically he spun and he was uttering the first sylables of his sleep incantation when he recognised the face of Nicolai. He swallowed the words back and reorientated his mind.

  4. Maruc (Clr 4)

    I wrote a post for Nicolai – please feel free to overwrite it or ignore it.


  5. I deleted it since Nicolai is still being played by Mark, he’s just been having his own private adventure via email while you guys have been playing on the blog. Now, he’s joined back up with everybody and can post here.

  6. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth, confused by her lack of effect, took a step back. Her one good eye focused on the creature, and she stood almost still amid the pulse of battle, trying to identify a weak point, or anything that could be a weakness of the creature.

  7. Maruc (Clr 4)

    No Problem DM… I just thought it was an opportune reintroduction as we were facing an unpleasant creature 🙂

    Its still nice timeing though.

  8. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    Still moving as deftly as possible avoiding those blades that he could Feldard swung again and again at the towering skeleton. His axe hacked at the bones of the creature like they were trees to be felled. Long sweeping strokes, first from one side then from swinging around gaining momentum to the other. With each swing the dwarf added another descriptive to the title of the animated skeleton. ” I will not be brought down by an elf-weak, sword flailing, oversized corpse with a couple too many arms!”

  9. Nicolai (T4)

    As Nicolai enters the room, he says “I see you guys can’t be left on your own for a minute.” And then, with Saeth’s sword in his hands, charges into the fray, trying to get around behind the beast.

  10. Saeth: 10xp +10xp
    Maruc: 10xp +10xp
    Miklos: 10xp +10xp
    Nicolai: 10xp
    Feldard: 10xp +10xp

    Saeth: 7250/8000
    Maruc: 7360/12000
    Miklos: 7390/10000
    Nicolai: 6975/9600
    Feldard: 7400/8800

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