Dusk Falls on Gray Mountain


Feldard was still somewhat stunned that the construction of an elven temple was done in part by dwarven hands. Surprising, very surprising. Unbeknownst to him, the elves had commissioned dwarves from Highforge to assist in the creation of the structure. Though dwarves and elves generally do not mix, in the aftermath of the tragedy of the mountain collapse on the elves’ leader, the dwarves felt some degree of empathy and assisted the Elyan, for a fair market price, of course.

“Saeth, we need a means of announcing yourself arrival without going to the gate itself,” declared Feldard. “The veil and cloak only hide so much. If you get within talking range they will see you aren’t Rahasia. No offense but you are poor imitation of her beauty.”

The dwarf ignored the one-eyed glare his words illicited. “We need to draw them out. Perhaps if it seemed as if you were bound they might come out and retrieve you. As if the other villagers were sacrificing you to appease him. That might do it! Nicolai and Miklos might pass for elves at a great distance. They can drag you to the Shrine, maybe bang a few pots to raise a ruckus then pretend to high tail it when the gates open, and sneak on back through the woods to arrive in time for the ambush. Seems better a better plan than you walking alone up to the courtyard. What think you of this?”

“I see what direction you are heading Feldard,” the mage hedged, “And it gets everyone nice and close but I have a reservation. The villagers would never ’sacrifice’ each other—they would sacrifice themselves. They are selfless pacifist villagers. The Rahib would know something is up. If Saeth is to be collected from the shrine this could work to our advantage. “Miklos thought a moment. ” ‘Rahasia’ could suffer a last minute panic and withdraw into our own ambush, we subdue the assailants, get into their gear and gain access to the temple?”

The priest remained uncharacteristicly silent. A strong sense of foreboding descended had decended on him. Not even the comfort of being in the hands of Halav seemed to raise his spirits. The Rahib would need to be identified, he might be in disguise. He was canny and devious and powerful. Maruc’s left hand went to his Holy Symbol his right encircled his flail. Maruc did not see the fine craftsmanship of the building…he saw a tomb.

“I don’t see the point in more than one of us being in there with their knowledge,” said Nicolai. “Perhaps if I were to sneak in over the wall whilst Saeth distracts them at the gate, this might prove to be a better plan. Once they discover that Saeth is not who she claims to be, they will suspect a rescue or other external threat. They may not be ready if there is another of already in there hiding.”

“True Nicolai, but you are putting yourself at great risk and beyond our immediate aid, and we still dont know if ‘Rahasia’ will be collected or expected to enter by herself. We won’t know until the last minute. But I agree having you behind the walls gives us a serious advantage, at the least you can open the doors for us if necessary.”

All this trickery and sneaking really went against the dwarf’s straightforward nature, but he could see the reason for it and so nodded at Nicolai’s suggestion. “If you think you can approach and get in without being seen, do so.” He theed turns his attention back to Saeth. “This was your plan. You have the most at stake being the bait. How do you want to do this?”

“Using the distraction to get Nicolai inside would seem to be exactly what I was hoping for. If I am taken inside, it’ll be up to him to get the doors open with alarcity.” She turned her attention to the thief, momentarily wondering how far she could trust the newest member of the party. In any case, her plan had come too far now to back out now. “Any chance you’ll be able to climb with this?” She proferred her sword Nicolai’s way. By strapping it to his back, the rogue freed the front of his body for fast climbing.

With dusk approaching, Saeth made her way toward the large double-doored gate to the temple courtyard, and Nicolai moved into position. Feldard, Miklos and Maruc had moved in behind some trees that were about 50 feet from the southeast corner of the courtyard. When the sun began to set, the doors to the temple opened. Six elves in elegant robes emerge from the temple entrance. Shutting the doors behind them, they started to walk down the stairs into the courtyard.



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11 responses to “Dusk Falls on Gray Mountain

  1. What is Nicolai’s position prior to the elves coming out of the temple?

    You know what, you guys could hide behind that tree that’s about 50 feet from the southeast corner of the courtyard, on the right side of the trail. I’ll adjust my post to reflect that.

  2. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    (LOL I had been thinking that the temple had lookout windows and such so that getting to those clumps of trees without being seen would be nigh impossible. Seems I was wrong)

    With his back leaning against a tree with brightly coloured fall foliage, Feldard waited in anticipation of battle. In his hands he held his newest weapon – his crossbow. He’d had some practice with it since its purchase and more oft than not he could hit somewhere on his target, but he was still a little uncertain of firing into a melee but it might give Saeth the time she needed to avoid capture, so he had it cocked and loaded ready to fire at the first sign of trouble.
    His axe, Feldard had resting beside him ready for use as well. One shot with the crossbow and then the axe – it was a fair enough battle tactic. The dwarf had to remind himself that he was not trying to kill any of the elves, only this Rahib.
    ‘Aim for their feet and legs. They can’t fight if they can’t stand’ Feldard told himself silently. He waited…

  3. You guys are getting good at sneaking around, I figure. haha

  4. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth glanced at the Elves as they exited the gate, then quickly looked down, tugging her cowl tighter around her face. Struggling to recall Rahasia’s voice, she called out, “Where is the Rahib? I am told he was to meet me here.”

    I hope the Elves lost their memory when ensorcelled! Like, what Rahasia looks like!

  5. Maruc (Clr 4)

    The priest leant against a wide tree with his back to the action so that he was fully obscured. To relieve his tension he slowly exhaled. in a llow voice he said, “We must see the reality of the situation. Yes it would be ideal not the slay the guards, but the greater good would not be served if we allowed ourselves to perish or be captured through some misplaced sense of honour. Their blood will lie on the hands of the Rahib, Halav will ensure the worthy have a safe path to the light.”

  6. Miklos (Mu 3)

    “Let us hope that Halav’s day will not be too busy then.” said the mage. He glanced around the bough of his tree at the situation. “Six guards are descending into the courtyard from the temple. They are armed, they must be expecting resistance from one elf maid? I doubt it, the villagers may have had a spy amongst them.” Not comforting thought.

  7. Miklos (Mu 3)

    I’m assuming that the guards have not yet exited the courtyard?

  8. Miklos (Mu 3)

    “Mind you,” he added, “if he was aware of us he would know our reputation. I for one was not silent of our previous adventures. Six guards would easily fall to us I think.”

  9. Mark stated in the OOC thread that he would be posting less frequently for Nicolai this month, and he gave permission for someone else to post for him. If one of you wants to take that on, I’m waiting to see what the sneaky rogue is up to before I post the next move.

  10. Nicolai (by Sinthija)

    From his position at the base of the wall in the northeast corner, Nicolai began his climb. Being without grapple or crampons, the rogue was left to use only sheer skill to ascend the wall. Being in the corner helped, braced himself with legs splayed as his agile fingers sought out the tiniest of nooks with which to pull himself up.
    As he climbed he kept alert for sounds of alarm from within.
    Gaining the top of the wall, Nicolai lay flat across it as he viewed down below into the courtyard, looking for where the gate mechanism was located, as well determining where and what the guards were doing and what means of cover were available to him once within.

  11. Saeth: 10xp +10xp
    Nicolai:10xp +10xp
    Feldard: 10xp +10xp

    Saeth: 6810/8000
    Maruc: 6900/12000
    Miklos: 6905/10000
    Nicolai: 6375/9600
    Feldard: 6870/8800

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