The Story of Elyas


Saeth had just opened her mouth to speak her plan, when the discussion of the situation turned to the former guardian of the temple. She looked on, rapt, waiting for Rahasia’s explanation.

Feldard who had been silently scowling throughout the priests musing aloud, now looked to Rahasia. “Guardian, you say. What manner of guardian? It is possible that the Rahib has some how managed to ensorcel it as well. What can you tell us of it?”

“Years ago, Elyas, the founder of the Quiet Way and leader of the Siswa, created the guardian to protect the treasures of his people.” answered the elven beauty. “I cannot tell you the nature of the guardian, for only the leader of the clan, my father, may speak with it. And, in keeping with custom, he does not reveal its nature to anyone, even myself.”

“To save us some time in our dealings here, I will be frank with you. To our knowledge the Rahib is here to retrieve the Black Opal Eye that is rumoured to be somewhere within the village. Possibly the temple. What do you know of it?”

“Black Opal? After all these years, could that be the cause of our tragedy once again?” she asked rhetorically. She collected her thoughts and then continued. “Generations ago, Elyas, a great elven wizard led our clan to confront an evil wizard who had built a tower in the vicinity of their home. This wizard, named Landryn Teriak, was a necromancer of great power, and an enemy to the elves. He was master to a small cult of evil mages. In the end, it took all the elves of our clan to overcome them. All the necromancers were killed save for Teriak, who used his magicks to teleport away. He was never heard from again.”

“The elves of our clan took over Teriak’s tower and cleansed it and the surrounding forest of the dark enchantments and settled here to protect against evil’s return. However, one artifact of the vile cabal remained. The Black Opal Eye. The eye enhanced Elyas’s power, and he was inclined to keep it for its powers of seduction were great. Among Elyas’ apprentices were three sisters. Among the clan, they were the most gifted in the arcane. Over time, The Black Opal Eye warped their minds to evil. Eventually, they turned on Elyas and attacked him. Elyas’ last act was to bind their spirits. He was determined to destroy the eye, but the tower collapsed before he could do so, burying him and the eye in Grey Mountain.”

“The guardian’s task is twofold. To protect the treasure of the Elyan buried in the ruins, and to prevent any from obtaining the Eye. The temple was built on top of the tower ruins to honor Elyas. In the ages since, we have returned to Elyas’ original teachings of the Quiet Way, and have vowed not to seek power, but to live in peace and harmony with the forest.”

Finally, as Rahasia finished, Saeth spoke, outlining the thoughts that bubbled within her. “It would, perhaps, not be impossible that I could pass for a hooded Rahasia at dusk.” Her mouth twisted in sly amusement at the comparison between her own shattered visage and the elfling’s innocent beauty. “I imagine some sort of an ambush could be made, particularly,” her voice suddenly changed to match the villager’s, “if this Rahib knows her personally.” She paused, thinking about how to finish the plan. “Do you suppose I could lure him out? Or would it be better to distract him long enough for you to sneak inside unseen?” Before anyone had a chance to respond, Saeth had a final thought, and turned to Nicolai. “I won’t have my blade, of course. Any chance you have something lethal to coat my daggers?” The swordswoman glanced around, her eye seeking opinions on her scheme in the faces of her companions.



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7 responses to “The Story of Elyas

  1. Note to Miklos: In the Book of the Sons of Night, there are many references to the group’s strong opposition against the elven race.

  2. Miklos (Mu 3)

    “Interesting. I have aquired a book that details a particular resentment and defensive posturing against elves in particular. Well it gives me at least one provable fact that my source isn’t some madmans fiction.”

    Miklos’s worry crossed his face during Rahasia’s story. “I fear that even if we defeat the Rahib, his guardian and all his twisted elven army we too shall be powerless to resist the lure of the eye. As in the case of the great Elyas himself even if he did not wholy succumb to the power of the jewel, others did to his undoing.”

    “Rahasia, you say that no one can speak of the guardian and this is wise. For if the nature of the beast goes forth an means of defeating it can be devised and prepared for. However this secrecy is now a nonscense if as you say the Rahib is the master of the beast and the tower then you are only aiding them by remaining quiet. You say the guardian was created?”

    “It is common knowledge that guardians may take many forms. It might even be a trap rather than a creature and non necesarily magical despite being devised by a wizard.” Miklos tried to recall his lectures of conjuration, animation and summoning, he tried to explain it in simple terms. “In my studies guardian creatures are more commonly summoned and bound into service. These can be the most powerful but also the least trustworth as they are placed under duress. They can take any form from a man to a foul demon of the nether worlds. Animations are simple compared to conjured constructs, commonly corpses are used as they are easier to work with. Constructs are devilishly difficult, time consuming and expensive to make. They last forever are absolutely loyal, magically resistant, extremely strong and powerful. Some are possesed of strange powers. If we face one of these I would suggest the use of ranged weapons! But knowing our luck so far whatever we face Seaths Sword and Feldards Axe will be our only defense.”
    Miklos sighed, “All this is wild conjecture. Rahasia, if we have any chance to defeat the Rahib we must know the nature of the guardian. Take me to your father that I might prevail upon him to give up his secret.”

  3. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Maruc listened intently to the mage his own mnd turning over the fact that they had, “This new name ‘Teriak’ fills me with foreboding. What a cruel twist of Fate it would be that this Rahib was the self same man, and that in defeating the guardian we inadvertantly deliver the Opal into his hands? Miklos you said yourself if the guardian was a powerful construct it would be impossible to subvert. Perhaps it has not been then?”

    “If Teriak is indeed the Rahib it would explain many things, including his ability to apparently charm elves.”

    The priest turned to Saeth. “Do not put yourself in unnecesary danger, this man has a proven ability to defeat wills as strong as yours. You night get close enough to plunge a dagger into him but will you want to when the time comes?”

    “Its a shame we could not dress Feldard up as an elf maid! He I think would make short work of any enchanter.” He grinned.

  4. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    Feldard listened with only half attention to the ramblings of the mage. Then chuckled at Miklos’ question to Rahasia. “Obviously you were too lost in your own musings when reading the messagers letter. Her father is captured by Rahib.”

    The dwarf balked at the mere mention of being dressed up as a elfmaid. “I’ll face the Guardian barehanded before that is even an option! But you are right in your concern about Saeths plan. I don’t envy having her skills against us should the Rahib ensorcel her, but there are few other options unless one of the kids know of a secret way into the temple?”

    The dwarfs grumpy gaze looked over the crowd of young elves still about. He knew that if there was ever any tunnel or cavern that was deemed off limits, that was where dwarven youth would sneak off to when the elders weren’t looking. Perhaps elven children were the same?

  5. Miklos (Mu 3)

    The mage reddened at being caught out by the dwarf, but decided to let it drop added, “I’m sorry Rahasia I shall be more attentive in future.”

  6. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth scanned the crowd, waiting for any of the villagers to declare that they knew their way about the temple. She had to admit, she rather preferred the idea of going in completely unseen. “Anyone? Any of you at least able to sketch a map of the temple interior?” Saeth picked up a twig and offered it to the group of villagers.

  7. Saeth: 10xp +10xp
    Feldard: 10xp

    Saeth: 6735/8000
    Maruc: 6830/12000
    Miklos: 6835/10000
    Nicolai: 6325/9600
    Feldard: 6780/8800

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