Back to Sisak and then to Specularum

As the others arrived at the lift chamber, they found the Elf on her way back down. She stepped out of their way, and murmured in her singsong voice, “He was restive, then?” After a moment, she finished the thought. “No matter. I assume he can stay here in his current condition, until we finish things up down here? His father is in the kitchen with Ashira.”

“I think its time to move on.” said the mage, “We need to get to Sisak, perhaps there we can get a cart and driver to take us to Specularum quickly. I would like to discuss the cult of Darker Magi with my tutors at the guild and discover a method of opening this case. I might also be able to purchase more incantations to aid us. Also we need to advise Cadwell that his castle has been cleared and we can collect our reward.”

“We can then return more prepared to tackle the ruins of the Darker Temple.”

“I agree.” the priest put in. “Although it galls me to delay tackling the Temple and its secrets, I see the wisdom of researching the area first. We also need to get Dieter to the Halavist church in Specularum. They have access to institutions that can aid him. If it is not too late.”

Maruc considered the problem of moving Dieter about. “I will start constructing a stretcher for him out of the materials upstairs in the barracks. Then we can get going. I am happy to be a bearer but I’ll need some help though.”

He left the others discussing the their next move and went upstairs to the main hall. Using the curtains and spear poles he built a rudimentary stretcher. He lifted the bar of the main door and checked the weather and time of day.

While Maruc and the others went upstairs and prepared some form of pallet for moving Dieter, Feldard did one last check about to ensure there were no rooms left unchecked and no orcs running about. Something bothered him but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. There were too many questions when it came to this whole Sons of Night prophecy. There was the giant lodestone at the top of the tunnel. The blood-letting alter in the workroom.. OH and that discoloured patch down in the dungeon area. He’d almost forgotten about that! He pulled Nicolai aside informing him of his intent to trigger it. Then alone went down to the spot and using the pole Saeth was so kind to provide pushed the coloured patch in attempts to trigger whatever it was intended for.

They triggered the discoloured stone, and heard the sound of metal sliding into place over in the area of the cells. When they went to investigate, they saw that metal grating had slid across the ceiling above them. Apparently, the grating was there to block the vile, black rubbery creature from dropping down into the room.

That mystery solved, it was time to leave in order to get back to Sisak before nightfall. En route, the group quized Grigor about his experiences, but he had no useful information. The man was nothing more to Dentiata than a sacrifice to gain more power.

* * * * *

With the rescued Mavrov’s in tow, the adventurer’s returned to the safety of Sisak. The village rejoiced at the return of Dieter and Grigore. The adventurers were given a heroes’ welcome, complete with a hastily arranged, plentiful feast, and put up for the night at the Bountiful Tappe. In the morning, the group left in haste to get back to Specularum and attend to their business there.

In a few days, the effects of the vile experimental magic potions Dieter had been forced to consume wore off and he regained his sanity. Eventually, he would return to blacksmithing for the village. Ashira, Dentiata’s former slave, was granted a job as maid at the Bountiful Tappe, where she happily worked, free of the fear and intimidation that had haunted her for so much of her life.

Eventually, months later, the tower would be granted to a lawful mage that had won favor with the duke’s court, and he would dispel the dark magiks of Thaddigren Dentiata.



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14 responses to “Back to Sisak and then to Specularum

  1. Post your comments about what the characters are doing in Specularum (i.e. collecting Caldwell’s money, what spells are being memorized, what equipment is being purchased, etc.) and what preparations they make for travelling to the elven village.

  2. Maruc (Clr 4)

    After collecting Cadwells money Maruc will look into purchasing some platemail and have an enameled Halavist symbol emblasoned on it. After supplying himself with rations and water for the next journey he will buy some finer clothes more suited to a priest of his growing station.

    Any money he has left he will tithe to his church. If the party spend time in Specularum he will devote his energies in raising the profile of the Halavist church. Maruc will start up fund gathering schemes such as sponsorship by the more powerful merchant families of Specularum for a food hall for the poor.

    He will also spend the appropriate time on his religious rites training and praying, if he has access to some lay clergy he instruct one to investigate the distruction of Maruc’s old cloister. He will report his exploits so far to the Abbot and seek his guidance. Time premitting he will visit the others to find out what they have discovered and prepare himslef for facing the Darker Temple.

  3. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos will also attend the collection of Cadwells money.

    He will go and but some new clothes.

    He will then go to one of his fathers more trusted overseers and organise the transport of the glassware and library to a secure warehouse in Specularum. He will then go to his guild and do the following:

    Seek aid in opening Dentiata’s spell book and copy the spells across into his own book. He study and practise their casting.

    He will try to deterimin who many charges are left in the paralysis wand and how to recharge it.

    He will perform a detailed study of the Book of the Sons of Night.

    He will study the black parchment and its making.

    He will study what the Mage’s Guild Library has to offer on Taymora, Nyx, Nithia, Undeath, Sacrifice, Black Opal Eye, Darker Temples and the Sons of Night themselves. He will try to determin if location is an important factor in Temple sites.

    He will test his theory on whether Dentiata tried to recruit students from the guild.

    Once he knows as much as he can about the background of what they might find he will then purchase appropriate spells.

    He will then purchase a pack horse and load it with:

    Good quality tack
    A tent
    Rations for 2 weeks
    Feed for 2 weeks
    Water for 2 weeks
    A case of wine
    Rope and pegs
    5 Flasks of Oil
    A lantern (Miklos will return the old one)
    Spare spell components
    4 spare saddle bags
    Soft packing material for fragile finds
    Spare fine clothes.

  4. Nicolai (T4)

    Nicolai will also attend the distribution of Caldwell’s coins.

    He will also purchase another quiver of arrows, another set of warmer clothing, a tent, some iron spikes and a hammer, a normal dagger.

    Nicolai will try to find out from any contacts in the back alleys and underworld of Specularum as to whether Dentatia had been trying to hire individuals for odd jobs.

    He’s likely to spend much of his time wandering the back streets, trying to look inconspicuous (he’s had plenty of practice) and will live quietly in a small room above an inn. Until required by the rest of the group.

  5. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    Feldard would have gone with his companions to receive payment from Caldwell. With money in pouch the dwarf sets off to do a number of tasks.

    First off he takes his armour to an armorer to have it mended.

    Then he’ll check in at the Blue Water Inn and ask if any messages were left by Theosius.

    Feldard would locate himself a scribe and dictate a letter home to his father. In it he will mention that he has yet to locate Hernane but will continue searching until he hears word of her return home. He will let his father know that he can be left a message at the Blue Water Inn in Specularum. Before closing the missive, he informs that he has committed himself to a task that is yet unfinished and may yet be some time before he returns home even if Hernane is found.

    Feldard will inquire with the inn’s keeper if there is a ‘dwarven quarter’ within Specularum and if so will continue his search of his bride to be there. His method of searching is rather straightforward. It consists of approaching merchants and shop owners and inquiring if they know of a Hernane.

    Amidst searching for his bride, Feldard will inquire of any sell swords and adventurers he meets, knowledge about the ‘Sons of Night’ or the names ‘Taymora, Nyx or Nithia’. He is cautious enough not to make mention of the Black Opal Eye. No need to draw extra attention to that particular object.

    In preparation to travel to this elven village that is apparently home to the Eye, Feldard makes some purchases. He buys rations and water for a week of travel. If it talks longer than that he’ll have to do some hunting. He buys 60ft of the best quality rope he can. Something strong and light. He buys tinder, flint & steel, its not smart to have only one party member able to start fires. And lastly a long-distance weapon, a crossbow and 20 bolts. Sure it is a weapon he knows nothing about at present but he has the suspicion that by the end of this all, he’ll be quite proficient with it.

    For however long it takes for the others to prepare, Feldard takes room at the Blue Water Inn.

  6. Maruc (Clr 4)

    If Maruc and Feldard are both seeking an armourer perhaps there is a discount to be made?Also I would, from a tactical point of view recommend part exchanging Marucs Splint mail and Feldards Chain mail and buying 2 suits of platemail.

    The DM before mentioned that Dwarven sized platemail was available in Specularum.

  7. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    (while I realise the benefits of platemail AC wise. I can’t picture Feldard constantly wearing it. Perhaps he might purchase some later if he knows he’s going into pitched battle and not some minor skirmish but there is no way he’s wearing platemail all the time not for traveling on the road. Way too cumbersome)

  8. Maruc (Clr 4)

    s someone who has personally worn run and fort in full metal chainmail hauberk (around 30 000 links made by myself!) and worn a friends 15th century breastplate, full face helm, armbraces and vambraces let me tell you it isn’t the armour that gets you – its melting in the padded underjacket.

    Both are very heavy (my chain is about 20% heavier than the plate armour I wore) As for wandering around all the time in any armour would be extremely unlikely unless you are into self harming or something!

    Plate armour is a modern invention in comparrison to chain (by about 1200 years I think) although was in use right up to the late 17th century (I think) possibly later. As a modern invention plate still allows excellent freedom of movement. I don’t know if Gary Gygax actually went out a personally studied combat and I’m not saying that modern re enactment in any way reflects true life-or-death combat but I think that his stats on weight and encumbrance reflect an idealised interpretation.

    So in my opinion travelling anywhere in armour would be unlikely. But we are heros so wear what you like!

    …and platemail is technically lighter anyway…..

  9. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth, of course, will collect her fee, restock her gear, and whatnot. I don’t see many tasks that she concerns herself with–perhaps she’d hijack spells from Miklos, but that might be a bit unorthodox. Most of her time would be spent drinking and writing poetry.

  10. Miklos (Mu 3)

    DM: would you have any objection to both Saeth & Miklos copying the spells out of Dentiata’s spell book?

  11. Saeth: 10xp + 10xp +200xp(rescuing prisoners)
    Maruc: 10xp +200xp(rescuing prisoners)
    Miklos: 10xp +10xp +200xp(rescuing prisoners)
    Nicolai: +200xp(rescuing prisoners)
    Feldard: 10xp +200xp(rescuing prisoners)

    Saeth: 6580/8000
    Maruc: 6630/12000
    Miklos: 6615/10000
    Nicolai: 6190/9600
    Feldard: 6635/8800

  12. Again This is way late in coming by two years, But there were animals in the barn. a riding horse, a mule, eight large ponies, And While Miklos stated that”He will then go to one of his fathers more trusted overseers and organise the transport of the glassware and library to a secure warehouse in Specularum.”

    Sometimes you guys get a head of yer selves. Just saying.

  13. then again the whole story started towords the end of Feb and ended may 16th Quite a bit of time passed and since I just read it all in one night I can point out the little things like this.

  14. Sinthija

    Yeah.. trying to keep all the details of the story is quite difficult over such an expanse of time. At times I have to review much of the storyline by reading like you are.. so I can remember the bigger picture. : )

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