The Tomb


Maruc habitually rubbed his eyes with the palms of his calloused hands in an atempt to clear his head. He swallowed some water out of his canteen and yawned. He got shakerly to his feet and wandered over to the cooling fire and stoked it up a bit. The others were stiring whilst Maruc finished his morning rites. “Morning Feldard, thanks for looking out for us. Want some breafast?” Maruc started to prepare some food from his rations. He gathered his gear together and waited for the others to get ready to try the new portal.

Miklos wished he hadn’t awoken, no one else seemed to mind sleeping on the floor but his back hurt everywhere. He picked himself up and stretched then walked over to see what Maruc was cooking. He gratefully accepted the proffered food as anything was better than cheese and bread right now.

The dwarf readily accepted a meal cooked by someone else. Cooking was one skill he never had really been good at. So his rations when travelling tended to be naught but dried and salted meats. As he broke fast with the cleric, Feldard wondered whether his reluctant bride-to-be would know her way around a cooking hearth or whether he would be made to suffer meals that would make a troll cry. The thought was worrisome.

Nicolai woke and has a bite to eat, then gathers his kit and says “Right, off we go then, I don’t want to spend another night in here, one was quite enough for me”

When the others finished eating, he gathered up his pack and axe, and then pulled out the door key ready to continue on. The thought of purposely going through another magical portal disturbed him, but he’d seen no evidence of any other passage despite the good Mage’s ramblings on how it wasn’t good to be teleporting into solid rock. The fact was there seemed to be no other means out.

Saeth stretched, though she didn’t think she’d slept a wink. Why did everyone else seem so cheery, especially that thief who’d somehow joined their company? Nevertheless, work never ended for a mercenary. She got to her feet, checking her gear for defects or looming problems, then followed the dwarf out towards the magical gate.

Miklos pulled on his cloak and fipped open his spellbook and memorised a new Magic Missile incantation before joining the others by the portal.

Everyone was assembled, so Feldard quickly inserted the key into the skulldoor’s keyhole and scowled at the magic that was to come.

Once again, the room went dark, and the group found themselves being transported somewhere else. If they were hoping to be back up to the main level of the castle, they were very disappointed.

Instead, they found themselves in a dark, underground crypt. A large stone sarcophogus rested before them. A circle decorated with runes and sigils is inscribed upon the stone floor around the coffin. On the wall behind it was another metal door with a skull-faced keyhole.

The coffin’s ornately carved lid slid off on its own. An thin, bone-white undead creature with hollow, lifeless eyes arose from within. It wore dark tattered robes of the same design as the ones discovered in the necromancer’s laboratory.

“Invadersssss! You shalll returnnnn what issss mmmmine!!!”



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6 responses to “The Tomb

  1. Rest and Recuperation:
    Saeth: 10xp +10xp
    Maruc: 10xp +10xp
    Miklos: 10xp +10xp
    Nicolai: 10xp +10xp
    Feldard: 10xp +10xp +10xp

    Saeth: 3780/4000
    Maruc: 3725/6000
    Miklos: 3680/5000
    Nicolai: 3465/4800
    Feldard: 3600/4400

  2. Feldard (Dwf 2)

    Feldard took one look at the creature before him and wished he’d spoken up way back in the inn when Cadwell first inquired of their group to clear out his castle. He should have said hell no… Too late now. This would be Sebastien, no doubt. Undead like the zombies and skeletons, before but the talking… it gave him pause for a moment. Then gripping the battle axe more firmly, he prepared to attack not at all expecting the priests words to have much effect on the likes of this one – but hoping nonetheless. “You can have it back alright.. buried in your skull!” And with that he didn’t think more of talking with the creature he focused his energy into his attack – axe coming about in an arc aimed high for the undead mages head.

  3. Saeth Tegau

    That was a Dwarf. Never stopping to think, distract, or try to talk. That’s why they should be in the back–by the time the Dwarf reached the front, all the subtleties would have finished.
    Saeth didn’t notice that this would have removed Feldard from her favoured position, and put him back were she had been left.

    Neverless, you play with the numbers you are rolled. releasing one hand from her blade, she sidestepped and threw a dagger, trying to circle around and close with their newfound opponent.

  4. Whilst Feldard and Saeth attack from the front, Nicolai attempts to circle round behind and attack from the rear.

  5. Miklos (Mu 2)

    “Necromancer Sevastian I presume? So this is the result of years of research?” Miklos glanced over to Maruc with a strange envy then returned his gaze to the rising dead. “It is a shame you were not born with wisdom to match your intelect. Suffer now and lament in the hell you have devised for yourself with such cunning.”

    With these words Miklos summoned a bolt of magical energy and cast it at the aged necromancer.

  6. Maruc (Clr 3)

    “Now I understand.” Maruc gazed steadily at the twisting form clawing out, “Sevastian, you are evil incarnate. What little of you that is left that was human I wish to save and redeem. The rest Halav will cast into the abyss. See Sevastian the embodiment of Holy Halav within this blessed symbol. He is your light and your death. Submit to his mercy and you will be judged in the light of your submission.” Maruc felt evil eminate from the dread lich like a sea of fear. Maruc stood wavering in the flow. Ice of terror formed in his veins as the creature devoted it hatred upon him. ‘Yes’, thought Maruc ‘Look at me! Concentrate your energies on me!’. The eldritch form loomed up crackling with negative power. It sapped light from the room threatening to overwhelm him. But the power of Halav bouy’d him up warmth entered his frozen limbs and the deity’s presence reassured him and honed his symbiotic relationship with Halav into a new an imovable rock. Maruc found his voice within the psykic maelstrom.

    Stepping forward brandishing his symbol like a firebrand at his foe. “Return to unending sleep Sevastian! You shall not build Taymora here, the Dread Nightshall not come to pass!”

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