Bug Guts

“Well, if these creatures of the forest have retaken the castle, I imagine there won’t be too many rats left,” Saeth mused. She explained the benefits of the beetle’s glowing glands, but was impatient to keep moving. She didn’t imagine much was to be gained from abandoning the quest to read what few books remained in the dilapitated library, as the youth seemed wont to do. She leaned against the wall and examined her sword as she waited for the others to content themselves.

“So you say that these glowing elements don’t cause your specialsight much interference? Thats handy to know. If I remove them, perhaps we could use them to our advantage?” Maruc suggested.

“Interesting,” said Miklos. “Allow me to aid you in the harvesting of the glands, fellow Maruc. Saeth is right, they glow still. They could prove very useful.”

“This is free lighting, a touch of red glow, but we can still see to kill undead by. Or bugs,” remarked Nicolai.

They did their best to remove the glands in one piece. Prying the nodules from the bug carcasses was a disgusting endeavour, but if they needed to enter any dungeons beneath the castle, it would be worth it.

While the human busied themselves with popping out light orbs, Feldard tended to his wounds yet again. When he got back to town he might need to consider upgrading his armour. It seemed that ever damned critter and bug could get through it now. Perhaps later tonight when they camped he’d see about some repairs. That should help. The fact that his wounds might be caused due to recklessness didn’t even dawn on the dwarf.

Investigation of the room proved fruitless, as it appeared it had been well picked over in the years since the castle had been abandoned.



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9 responses to “Bug Guts

  1. Fire Beetles:
    Saeth: 10xp +10xp
    Maruc: 10xp +10xp +10xp
    Miklos: 10xp +10xp
    Nicolai: 10xp +10xp
    Feldard: 10xp +10xp

    Saeth: 3265/4000
    Maruc: 3165/6000
    Miklos: 3115/5000
    Nicolai: 2925/4800
    Feldard: 3060/4400

  2. Saeth Tegau

    I am under the impression that there are no other exits to this room, either.

    “All set?” Saeth stood up and set off back into the Eeiry Entrance, and, these guard stations (she assumed they must originally be guard stations, as there were no doors to the castle proper) cleared, moved to the center door, intent upon proceeding deeper into the wizard’s domicile.

  3. Miklos (Mu 2)

    Miklos wiped his hands on an old curtain an studied the titles for the remaining books. They didn’t seem to be of much interest, and they were falling apart anyway which was a shame. Books in most states are valuable things but Miklos suspected then discovered that they crumbled to dust much like the sarcophogus. What a waste, this place could have been a mine of knowledge. His heart sank, he ruefully though back to Cadwells comment about keeping anything they found…

    Miklos made a careful note on his map, next to Library he put in brakets ‘2 Fire Beetles’ then as an afterthought he noted ‘5 Zombies’ next to the Drawing room. He sighed and picked up his staff then followed the others idle wondering what more horrors awaited them in the cursed castle.

    To take his mind off this thought he entertained himself with the strange ecology of the house. These Fire Beetles must have arrived just hours (days?) before us (or they’d be dead of starvation) and were forntunate to not turn left and be attacked by the zombies and be able to open the door to the Library and close it behind them. There certainly didn’t seem to be any other apparent way of them gaining access to the room.

    This meant someone must have put them there. Yet another not very encouraging thought. He didn’t voice his concerns yet, moral is important. Miklos would wait and see what other evidence would present itself.

    He hoped that Cadwell wasn’t some clever Radu clansman intent on revenge…

  4. Maruc (Clr 3)

    Following Miklos’s example Maruc cleaned his hands on the old curtain then wiped of the icor of the glands. They cast an unnatural light about, he extinguished his lantern and pocketed it then allowed his eyes to become accustomed to the glow.

    He watched Feldard attempts at bandaging himself for a few moments, then went over to help him. “There you go Master Feldard.” Then to the group as a whole he said, “I think it best that if we meet anything more robust in its defence we should consider retreating until I have had a chance to seek more of Halav’s aid.”

    “As it is I cannot help anyone seriously injured until I have prayed. This will take at least two hours*.”

    *DM: please correct this if I am wrong about the timings. Maruc has 2 spells at 3rd level – both of these will be Cure Light Wounds unless otherwise stated.

  5. Yep, now that he’s 3rd level he can have 2 CLW.

  6. Sorry if this wasn’t clear, but there are a few small windows located high up the castle walls that let light inside (as well as other things such as beetles). There is enough light to see inside the castle, though the lantern helps with seeing behind shadows, etc.

  7. Nicolai searches for secret doors before they move on.

  8. Miklos (Mu 2)

    So the windows were broken in then, to be honest Miklos was too busy wiping his hands on the curtains to realise curtains normally covered windows…doh!

  9. Feldard (Dwf 2)

    Feldard nodded his thanks to the priest for his aid in binding the wounds.
    “Don’t think to slow our progress on my account. We came here to clear this place so let us do it!”
    Seeing the Elf take up the lead, the dwarf grumbled sourly and took rear guard – the humans needed to be coddled in the middle.

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