Fire Beetles

Saeth, directly behind the Feldard, took a step back and brandished her blade, seeking room to swing it. Swinging over the Dwarf’s head could hurt the company as a whole, whatever benefits it risked bringing to the stout axeman.

Beetles… Giant Beetles… Only in a Mage’s castle.. Spurred on by the Elfs presence right behind him, Feldard charged forward and swung for the first of the insects aiming for the head where possible.

“Oh joy! Bugs! I wonder if these go squish if you tread on them,” remarked Nicolai as he attempted to circle around behind the beetles to avoid their mandibles.

Between the rush of brave friends Miklos glanced at what they were charging at. Fascinating, Miklos wondered what experiments had created such beasts. Recalling his study of entemology beetles’ main defense were their hardened exoskeletons. Now if this creatures where directly in proportion to their common inch long cousins their shells would be practicaly impenetrable.

“I’d suggest stabbing at the eyes or underbelly!” Miklos offered. He always had his sleep spell at the ready just in case these creatures proved too tough. But he felt that he may need it later so he held off. He couldn’t really see quite what was going on in the room. However, in the background he noted the bookshelves with a grunt of satifaction. The Dining Room should be the next room they come to if the building followed classic design, or perhaps a large reception room depending on the size. The sounds of steel and chittering noises disturbed his train of thought. Miklos doubted he’d be much help but he might distract one if it came in range of his staff.

Maruc released his flail and raised his shield. He strode in after to aid his friends. He was wondering what manner of Necromancer would employ his dark arts to the twisting of nature, as well as the dead. Maruc started to glimpse into the mind of Sevastian he didn’t like it one bit. Assuming that Sevastian created these creatures and they hadn’t just creapt here from some subterrainean tunneling.

Feldard’s axe chopped through the outer shell of the first charging beetle, but the other was flying right behind, and stuck its dagger-sized mandibles into the stout warrior, who again paid a price for his recklessness. With blazing speed, Saeth’s sword stabbed deep into the glowing insect before it could do much damage.

Though dead, the bugs continued to glow as they laid upon the ground.

“Have any of you seen the like of this before?” Maruc said shoving his shield in the way of a questing mandible.

Being of the forest, Saeth was familiar with this breed of bug, referred to as the fire beetle. Despite their unusual size, they were not magically created, and were more commonly found underground, though it was not too unusual to encounter them above ground as well. Their glowing glands could prove valuable, as they continued giving off light for days after being removed, and this light could allow the humans to see, without interfering significantly with the demihuman infravision.



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8 responses to “Fire Beetles

  1. Feldard lost another 3 hp – 10/17 hp

    The Library:
    Saeth: 10xp +10xp +10xp +5xp combat
    Maruc: 10xp +10xp +5xp combat
    Miklos: 10xp +10xp +5xp combat
    Nicolai: 10xp +10xp +5xp combat
    Feldard: 10xp +10xp +5xp combat

    Saeth: 3245/4000
    Maruc: 3135/6000
    Miklos: 3095/5000
    Nicolai: 2905/4800
    Feldard: 3040/4400

  2. Maruc (Clr 3)

    “So you say that these glowing elements don’t cause your specialsit sight much interference? Thats handy to know. If I remve them perhaps we could use them to all our advantage?” Maruc suggested.

    Maruc did his best to remove the glands in one peice.

    Aferwards he took advantage of the relaxation of the momentum of the investigation to discover what he could about thr room.

  3. Miklos (Mu 2)

    “Interesting. Allow me to aid you in the harvesting of the glands, fellow Maruc. See they glow still. You are right, they could be very useful.”

  4. “This is free lighting, a touch of red glow, but we can still see to kill undead by. Or bugs.”

  5. Saeth Tegau

    “Well, if these creatures of the forest have retaken the castle, I imagine there won’t be too many rats left,” Saeth mused. She was impatient to keep moving–what benefit could be gained by dismembering the bugs, even for the humans, who had torches? Nor did she imagine much was to be gained from abandoning the quest to read books, as the youth seemed wont to do. She leaned against the wall and examined her sword as she waited for the others to content themselves.

  6. Saeth Tegau

    Oh, dear, I seem to have missed the last paragraph about the benefits of the bugs. Oops! I’ll content myself with the fact that she didn’t actually SAY anything to that effect…

  7. Feldard (Dwf 2)

    While the human busied themselves with popping out light orbs, Feldard tended to his wounds yet again. When he got back to town he might need to consider upgrading his armour. It seemed that ever damned critter and bug could get through it now. Perhaps later tonight when they camped he’d see about some repairs. That should help.
    The fact that his wounds might be caused due to recklessness didn’t even dawn on the dwarf.

  8. haha, I imagine it’s pretty easy to miss those dm interjection spots sometimes. Anyway, if you ever want to repost a new version of your action, that’s fine. Otherwise, I just adjust posts to fit together better as the case may be.

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