Halav Commands You!

Too engrossed in studying the writing, Miklos was startled almost out of his wits when the floor splintered. He stood rooted to the spot gaping like an idiot for a long moment until the shouting around him galvanised him into action. He crammed his pencil and parchment into his backpack and retreated, clasping his staff with both hands for reassurance.

Fully expecting the unexpected Maruc leaped backward out of reach. In the same movement instead of reaching for his ever present flail he grapsed the symbol from around his neck.

He’d never experienced the shock of creatures crawling their way back to the surface of the living and it turned his stomach. He was filled with a mixture of loathing and determination. Something of the irratic and fervant behaviour of his breathern clergy struck him at that moment,as it had done when he had tried to interrogate the Veiled Society member in the tunnels.

He thrust the symbol at them as he might a shield. In that moment he absolutely believed the Halav Incarnate was behind his every action.

“Back! Back into your hole! Halav Himself commands you!” Maruc spat the words out in his fervour. “Return or be damned forever! Dare not to disobey Him!”

Feldard was too stunned to move at first. He had been only joking about the waking the dead comment! Then the Priests commanding tone, shook the dwarf from his wide-eyed stare. With a battle-ready grin, Feldard moved in to hack at the corpses with his trusted battle axe.

Ughh, this looked grim. Was this what the old priests talked about when they spoke of the living dead, come back for retribution? Nicolai took his sword and started laying into anything not part of the group. He knew it was no time for subtlety.

As soon as the first five zombies emerged from out of the dirt, they recoiled at the priest’s words and shambled fearfully away. They were trapped within the room, and so were forced to cower in the corners. But there were more who crawled out from underneath.

Saeth tossed the dagger she was holding at the first hand that broke through the soft ground, to no effect. She reached back to draw her sword, but stopped in shock, as it felt… wrong, abnormal, not quite the right shape. Slowly it dawned on her that this was the new blade, the one that Miklos had given her. After a moment’s hesitation, she drew it, warding these hell-borne creations off with it, hoping it worked half as well as her normal, heavier blade.

Despite her lack of practice with the weapon, it felt more comfortable in her hands than any sword she had every wielded. Though it seemed light, the blade inflicted massive damage as it sliced through the zombies like they were made of butter.

As they emerged, Feldard and Nicolai joined Saeth in chopping down the undead. The slow moving creatures were easy to hit. Pieces of them flew off as they were hacked apart. Still, they kept coming. So again, the priest raised his holy symbol and invoked the name of Halav. The zombies joined their fellows in the corners of the room. Petrified by the power of the cleric’s faith, they could not even defend themselves. Soon, they were damaged to the point where even dark sorcery could no longer propel them.

Nine of them in all joined the skeletal remains that already rested upon the ground of the chamber.



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8 responses to “Halav Commands You!

  1. From Below:
    Saeth: 10xp +10xp +40xp combat
    Maruc: 10xp +10xp +10xp +40xp combat
    Miklos: 10xp +10xp +40xp combat
    Nicolai: 10xp +10xp +40xp combat
    Feldard: 10xp +10xp +40xp combat

    Saeth: 3150/4000
    Maruc: 3040/3000 +1LVL +3hp
    Miklos: 3005/5000
    Nicolai: 2820/4800
    Feldard: 2945/4400

  2. Feldard (Dwf 2)

    “That went easier than I would have expected. No small thanks to you Priest. Well done, Maruc!” Feldard commented as he took the time to wipe bits of rotted flesh from his axe blade. He moved back to his position in the doorway and resumed his watch. As these things seemed to be able to crawl up from the very ground he would need to be extra watchful. “So who’s gonna be the one to open that there thing?” Nodding towards the sarcophagus.

  3. Maruc (Clr 2)

    Maruc grimly thrust his symbol back under his tunic. He gazed with open revulsion at the charnal house gore that spattered the room. Poor souls! He couldn’t begin to understand the thinking behind the creation of these creatures. What kind of person would do this to another sentient being, even an evil one?

    He’d heard people call the Halavist ethos insane, but this was so graphic in its insanity all else in Maruc’s experience paled into insignificance.

    At Feldards words a light returned to his eyes. “Gadging by our recient experiences and depending on how heavy it is, I’d suggest strapping it up and dragging it outside into the daylight. We can uncover the contents under the sturn gaze of the sun.”

    “After all this isn’t a race is it?” Marucs humour started to return to him.

  4. Saeth Tegau

    After a bit, Saeth stopped studying the new blade in wonder, and looked up at the others, huddled in conversation. “You want us to haul that thing outside? Which one of us looks like a packmule? Come now, someone bring a torch over this way.” She stepped up to the dias, ready to throw the engraved lid to the floor.

    Saeth will wait a moment, because the inner details will be easier to see with a torch, but will crack the sarcophagus if nobody objects too loudly.

  5. Nicolai (T3)

    “Before we do anything with it I think I should finish checking to see if it is trapped, having been disturbed by those old bones.”

  6. Miklos (Mu 2)

    “None of us are pack mules, Saeth. What I think Maruc means is that creatures of darkness are repelled by light.” Miklos turned the the priest, “Am I correct Maruc? And if the contents of the sarcophogus is another member of the unquiet dead then surely a logical precaution would be to open it outside. Why would you want to take the risk for a few moments labour? We can all carry it you know and this is not a race as Maruc aptly put.”

    “But either way I would like to decipher the language on the casket before we open it. We might discover something important. If you can give me a moment I will research a new method I have reciently leant.”

    Miklos pulled out his spell book an opens it to his Read Languages incantation.

    If there is no objection Miklos will cast the spell to read the text.

  7. Just to let you guys know, I might not be able to have an update today.

  8. Maruc (Clr 2)

    Maruc smiled openly and patted Seath in a commradely fashion, “Mistress Saeth, for one who is essentially immortal you are quiet impatient!”

    “Well while we are awaiting Miklos’s intelligence on the writing I’d suggest we confirm that these unlucky souls in the centre of the room suffered from ‘death by zombie’ rather than something more insidious.” Maruc began to investigate the skeletal remains on the floor.

    “Come Seath, you can vent your frustration on these if you like. See, this these poor fellow has been partially eaten…”

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