The End of the Veiled Society


Nicolai turned to the guard, with his sword firmly in it’s bindings, and said, “Ah, we’ve been expecting you. We seem to have stumbled upon a nest of the Veiled society, and although we tried to reason with them, their leaders would not come quietly. We have collected their papers together, and are now on our way to deliver them to Tribune Alexandros. I think he would be very interested in what they have to say.”

Lining up the last of the recumbrant figures in the chamber Maruc looked up. “We are commrades of Miklos, who I believe summoned you.” Maruc paused awaiting the rest of the guard. No this was it, three. More to himself, he mumbled, “Its nice to see the guard taking the situation seriously.” Louder, he continued, “As you can see we have had to subdue some twenty members of the Veiled Society. We are of no threat, some of these individuals are not slain but are in a deep magical slumber. Your assistance in securing them would be helpful. If you would rather see to this yourselves, I’d understand.”

“The papers we speak of are important. For our peace of mind we would see them deliviered to the Tribune. Also we need explain to him our continued involvement, against our will I hasten to add, in the recient events.”

The guardsmen looked relieved. Though they had seen many awful things patrolling the city, this was carnage on a larger scale than that which they were accustomed.

“Please, remain here while we notify our superiors.” One of the men was promptly dispatched to fetch Tribune Alexandros or another of his rank.

The Elf opened her eyes from where she sat, a bit startled both by how tired she was and by the suddenness of the guard’s appearance. She unfolded herself from the floor and, caressing it gently, wrapped the armour, neatly set by her side, in the cloak before the guardsmen saw it. Perhaps she shouldn’t return it just yet. Yes, best to put it straight in the hands of the Tribune, or even return it to the Elfguard herself.

Miklos, lost in the details of the journal in the inner chamber continued to read. A journal entry confirmed that Lucia was killed upon the orders of Zweis Radu, who sought to frame the Torenescu and raise turmoil throughout the city. The killing was botched when Akarios was stabbed by the girl. Seriously wounded, he fled the scene along with the other killer, Skevlos. Zweis had to send other men back through the tunnels to fix the mess. When they were captured, that’s when all hell started to break loose. At every turn, their plans were foiled, and tensions ran high. This resulted in a power struggle within the Radu family.

Then something of more importance occurs to Maruc. “Do any of you have healing supplies or means of assisting me to take a fallen friend to my church swiftly? I have staunched his wounds but I’m such he would appreciate haste in this respect.”

“I’m sorry, but we do not have any clerics with us. If he has need of immediate aid, the Church of Traladara is not that far.”

Alas, there seemed to be little they could do for their fallen dwarven comrade for the moment. Thankfully, he seemed to be in a stable condition, though he was unconscious.

After a short time, additional guardsmen appeared, and they began to search about the hideout. A little while later, Tribune Alexandros showed up.

Maruc explained on behalf of the group their involvement in the ambush and the assassination attempt. Without Miklos’s magic arts, Feldard’s steadfast axe, Saeth’s subtle wits and Nicolai’s inside knowledge they would surely by enslaved by now. Also the part played by the Traladanian Church and the free service of Maruc’s own Halavist Church in the exposing of the Veiled Society.

When the tribune saw the secret records, he rejoiced. There was enough information there to bring virtually all of those involved with the Veiled Society to justice. With the Radu leadership wiped out, Specularum would be rid of one of its most notorious criminal elements.

Investigating the rest of the complex, they found the rightful owner of the elven chain that had been found in Radu’s hidden office. A member of the Elvenguard was shackled inside a cell. They quickly freed the thankful elf, and continued their exploration of the complex.

A passage forked and led to some stairs. Up the stairs was a robing chamber, which held numerous robes, hoods and masks of the veiled. A curtain hung covering an exit to a tavern, the name of which was familiar. It was the Salty Sea Dog, the very spot where the group had been heading to seek out the redheaded killer of Lucia Vorloi when they were set upon by the veiled crossbowmen.



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32 responses to “The End of the Veiled Society

  1. Ok, so were wrapping this one up! It’s been a lot of fun. Soon, I’ll be posting an entry where we can talk about the game so far. In the meantime, we’ll tie up the loose ends (are you keeping the jewels?, getting Feldard healed, etc.) and then get started on our next one.

    The Guard Arrive
    Saeth: 10xp +5xp +500xp(defeating V.S.)
    Maruc: 10xp +10xp +500xp(defeating V.S.)
    Miklos: 10xp +10xp +500xp(defeating V.S.)
    Nicolai: 10xp +10xp +10xp +500xp(defeating V.S.)
    Feldard: +500xp(defeating V.S.)

    Saeth: 2835/4000
    Maruc: 2770/3000
    Miklos: 2725/2500 +1 level +4hp
    Nicolai: 2580/2400 +1 level +3hp
    Feldard: 2590/2200 +1 level +8hp (after healing)

  2. Nicolai (T2)

    Nicolai is inclined to keep the gems, although he feels that maybe paying the cart owner off with enough to buy a new cart might be a good idea (keeps people on side and smoothes ruffled feathers etc.).

    First up though is to get Feldard to the nearest sympathetic temple to be healed. And possibly a well earned meal and rest.

  3. Nicolai (T3)

    Are there any jewels of significant value which might be recognised (and hence returned to their rightful owners)? I’m assuming most of these would have been obtained via non-legitmate means.

  4. Maruc (Clr 2)

    To the Tribune:

    Maruc explains on behalf of the group our involvement in the ambush and the assassination atempt and that without Miklos’s magic arts, Feldards steadfast axe, Saeths subtle wits and Nicolai’s inside knowledge they would surely by enslaved by now. Also the part played by the Traladanian Church and the free service of Maruc’s own Halavist Church in the exposing of the Veiled Society.

    To the group:

    Maruc rubbed his caloused hands into into his tired eyes, they were sore, much like the tightening angry scars he had picked up these last few days. He had learnt alot reciently about trust, friendship and other cultures his church would benefit greatly from this knowledge. He knew he was at the start and there were many more dangerous trials Halav would set before him. However, Halav was not a cruel god and one day he would reveal himself in the person of the Duke and his churches position would be vindicated. Until that end Maruc would strive to raise his churches profile and a better start he could not have hoped for.

    “Mighty Halav has lead me to you and we have achieved great deeds together. I now go you my church with Feldard to heal his wounds and pay my tithe. You are of course invited to join me, you would be most welcome. Should you prefer we can meet back and the Toothless Gargoyle for an ale?” Maruc grinned. “You never know who might turn up!”

  5. Miklos (Mu 1)

    When eventually after all the questioning and discoveries were over and they were left in peace Miklos beckoned Saeth over to him. “I would like your opinion on this sword. On the morrow I would like to test it and apply some searches. Also I would, if I might be permitted, like to share our knowledge of the arcane to see if they are compatable?” Miklos had that glassy eye’d expression on his face. Wow, the chance to learn fron the ancient race of the eldar. Even Master Nerissa had to wait a long time for such an opportunity and lo! Miklos had befriended one with days of seeking his own knowledge. “Come, come at the least you can make trail of this weapon, I feel that it would not be Master Feldard’s liking which is why I am asking you. But firstly I would like to determine what dweomer, if any, it carries.”

    Miklos turned to Maruc. “Indeed we shall meet in the ‘Gargoyle, but surely it would take Master Feldard serveral days to recover from such injuries?”

  6. Maruc (Clr 2)

    “Have no fear Miklos, Halave willing I will have Feldard dowing ale by lunchtime!”

  7. Miklos (Mu 2)

    “I will see you then, then Maruc. Saeth, another thought. I would like to introduce to to Nerissa if you are willing there I wish to see if I have achieved sufficient practice that my Master would offer to show me additional castings for my spell book, this may be of value to you.”

  8. Miklos (Mu 2)

    DM: Miklos would like to purchase himself a finely carved stout seasoned oak staff. Ostensibly for his own protection. Also what is your view on Saeth and Miklos sharing spells? (Should she wish to?)

  9. Are you guys splitting up the gems then? You can take them to the merchant district and trade them for gold.

  10. Maruc (Clr 2)

    That would be fairest in my opinion.

  11. Miklos (Mu 2)

    I’m good with that.

  12. By ancient tradition, magic-users do not trade spells among themselves.

  13. Miklos (Mu 2)

    only by theft then 🙂

  14. You guys each have about 500 gp to throw around after you trade the gems for gold. This is in addition to the money you had from Theosius and before the campaign started.

    Please let me know any new equipment you’d like to buy.

    Here are some other expenses:
    Miklos – Spell components and teacher fees 150gp
    Feldard – Healing Tithe 100 gp
    Maruc – Tithe (? gp)

  15. Miklos (Mu 2)

    Is there any chance of being gifted/purchasing more spells from Nerissa? If so, what cost (if required) Miklos will spend all money’s necessary to aquire appropriate unusal and costly spell components. Spell components that are cheap/free (feathers, spiders webs, etc) he will attempt to get on him own.

  16. If he spends all his gold, Miklos can get 2 more spells, which will make a total of 3 new spells. Choose 2 from the following:

    Charm Person
    Floating Disc
    Hold Portal
    Magic Missile
    Protection from Evil
    Read Languages

  17. As a freelancer, Saeth can get spells from the Karameikan School of Magecraft. Her cost for a new spell is 250 gp. 450 for 2.

  18. Maruc (Clr 2)

    Hefting the unconscious but surprisingly heavy dwarf off the wagon he’d hitched a lift off he banged on the Halavist church door and waited for the door to be answered. The hatched opened.

    “Who seeks the wisdom of Halav?” the muffled voice quieried throught the small opening.

    “It is I, Maruc of the vales beyond the city limits. I seek aid, peace and teachings.”

    “Maruc? Come in brother we have heard somewhat of your exploits. Enter, what aid do you seek?”

    “My loyal brother Feldard, an honest and noble warrior of good heart seeks healing and I vouch for him and his honour.”

    “Then you are welcome bother Maruc. Enter”

    Maruc, with the help of the door priest helped Feldard to the small table in the centre of the tiny chapel.

    Maruc leaned over to his brother priest. “I also seek to speak to the Abbot, I have urgent news.”

    Maruc was in front of the Abbot with a speed he was unused to. “Thank you for seeing me with such short notice my Abbot.”

    “Be seated my son and tell me your tale.”

    Maruc recounted his dealing with the Veiled Society, the aid he gave the the Dukes men and finally offered all of his moneys to the church. “Here is five hundred and forty one (plus all the cash Maruc aquired off the corpses/ asleep ‘veiled members) gold pieces for the advancement of the church within Specularum. All I ask in return is your support as you have shown before and permission to wear this ceremonial armour and shield. I would only beg your continued support and teachings in the future.”

    Maruc will retain 10gp for personal expenses in the short term. Maruc understands this is by far above what is expected of him but he wishes to advance as far as possible the church within the city.

  19. Miklos (Mu 2)

    DM: Miklos will choose Charm Person and Read Languages – you mentioned 3 – I assume you are selecting the third?

  20. Miklos (Mu 2)

    DM: Miklos is casting Detect Magic on the sword (if it wasn’t clear in his previous posts)

  21. Miklos (Mu 2)

    and Analyse if it is appropriate

  22. You can choose the 3rd too.

  23. Miklos (Mu 2)

    Ventriloquism please (but I’m really after Find Familiar or Unseen Servant) you never know!

  24. Actually, you don’t have the detect magic spell, so I’ll substitute that rather than ventriloquism, unless you’d rather not.

  25. Miklos (Mu 2)

    OK thanks 🙂

  26. Vilaad

    Nice.Congratulations, players for successfully ridding
    the Veiled. Congrats also, DM, for a well run game.
    I have been following this from the beginning- it’s
    very good.


  27. Nicolai would like some Leather armour, half a dozen throwing daggers, rope, and a short bow with 40 arrows. And some form of backpack as well.

  28. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    (I’m back) When Feldard comes to and learns of the money from the gems he makes no qualms about paying the tithe to the church for being healed. He’ll keep 50 for himself (payment for his services), the rest he will drop off at the Tribune’s office to be distributed to the slaves they’d freed.

  29. Miklos (Mu 2)

    I only have a copy of AD&D I’m assuming that Analyse is a version of Indentify – is this right?

  30. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth, surprised by the open-handedness of the Karameikos School, will take full advantage–if they’ll teach her Magic Missile and Charm person, she’d be delighted. (She doesn’t have Detect Magic either, so if you are inclined to sub that in, I have no problem.)

    She’ll also need to replace at least one dagger, and anything left over goes into her emergency stockpile. Times can get lean in a hurry.

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