Rebuking Radu

The dwarf snorted at the offer and turned his attention to binding his wounds as best he could. The last thing he wanted to do at the moment was get more embroiled into the political workings of this city. He’d come here looking for his bride and instead found battle and mayhem. Put that way it wasn’t that bad a trade. But he still had no intention of throwing with secretive group that dealt in murder and slavery and whose goal it seemed was to hold power over a Duke – that was just madness. “Not interested.”

Miklos couldn’t help the smile creeping across his face, “I doubt, Antonito, that we would be welcome considering the recent events. Not only that but our experiences of your society members have been less than cordial to date. You have been the first member to share with us more than a gutteral scream before attacking.” Miklos shook his head. “Why do you not openly seek to further your aims? Surely you would gain more trust and honour if you placed your arguments before the Duke with guile and wit rather that the cloak and the dagger?”

“All we would see is peace reign over the city and that honest artisans can live in safety. We are pleased that we could deliver you from your brother, but I cannot help but question the motives of your father. One who held a lynching before our very eyes. You hold him in deep honour so would your governership be any different from his?”

“For many months have the ‘Veiled used slaves in their tunnellings, would you turn your back on this? Or would your membership allow you to? If you would have me as your ally then you would need to radically change your society’s methods and place yourself before the judgement and mercy of the Duke. He is a fair and noble man, if you were forced into evil through your bother and father I would gladly stand by you and vouch for your honour. If this is too far for you then we cannot help you.”

Antonito looked at the young man as he spoke. Who was he to barge in and interfere with such a long and sanctimonious speech? The statements were that of a naive youth, unfamiliar with the way in which the world worked! He bit his tongue for now, hoping the others might disagree.

While it might not be the first time that Saeth had switched employers, she didn’t feel comfortable enough with the internal politics of the city to try it now. Cleaning her blade, she asked, “What will change under your charge, as opposed to that of your elders?” She glanced at the man on the ground. Like Feldard, she was thinking of the incident in the tunnels, but she couldn’t help but imagine that there were other schemes that should be changed.

After hearing his answer, she replied, “Not that we’re here at their behest now, but neverless, how could you trust us, were we to repudiate our present dealings and employers? Certainly a strong blade is of great value, but only so long as it is faithful.”

“As the leader of the Veiled, I shall act with discretion. We shall work in the shadows and the dark corners where the real politicking of the city takes place. We shall use wile and cunning to overcome our enemies and take what is ours.”

Miklos seemed to ignore Saeth and Antonito’s conversation as his eye was caught by Zweis’ blade, it screamed arcania. The wonder of it bypassed any sence of decency as he bent down and prized it out of the dead mans hand. “Look! Look at this.” Miklos stared at the blade. “I must see if my suspicions are true! Tomorrow yes. Yes tomorrow we shall see. I have never seen its like before. Wonderful!” Miklos clapped his hands with glee. Ignoring any protestations he wrapped it in a cloak with a glassy eyed expressions.

Obviously the young mage was unhinged by the days events, “Miklos I don’t think thats a very wise thing to do.” But his words seemed to wash over him. He shrugged, oh yes what had the Dwarf said? The papers and a box.

“Nicolai, would you check that out please.” Maruc indicated the box as he turned his attention to the pile of papers on the desk. He scanned a few of them to determine their nature. He wasn’t too concerned about the Radu boy as he was already badly wounded and in no fit state to stop them ransacking the place should they choose to do so. He didn’t feel any guilt doing this because even if this Radu was innocent he hadn’t offered any apology for the way the Society had been run so by proxy he must have agreed, this at the least deserved a trial in front of the Duke.

Antonito held his hands out, motioning for them to stop.  The elf seemed to have some sense, perhaps they could yet be swayed. “Do not be so quick to dismiss my offer. Inside that desk, is a box full of fine jewels. It is yours if you pledge your allegiance to me now.”



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10 responses to “Rebuking Radu

  1. An Offer To Join The Family:
    Saeth: 10xp +10xp
    Maruc: 10xp +10xp
    Miklos: 10xp +10xp +10xp DM choice
    Feldard: 10xp +10xp

    Saeth: 2190/4000
    Maruc: 2100/3000
    Miklos: 2055/2500
    Nicolai: 1910/2400
    Feldard: 2010/2200

  2. Saeth Tegau

    Ouch! Two minutes late! Is it too late to get that one slipped in? The dialogue Saeth starts (or not) could colour her next comment, at least a bit…

  3. Nicolai checks for traps etc on the box. He is also against joining the Veiled Society, although joining and gaining info which could then be passed on to the Tribune or Duke would not be against his morals. He is for now keeping silent.

  4. I’ve incorporated Saeth’s post and updated the above. It fits in quite nicely actually. It’s funny how the whole game that hasn’t happened, and now it’s happened twice in the same week.

  5. Nicolai finds no traps on the box, and it has no lock.

  6. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    Feldard glanced towards the desk and then gripped his axe and glowered at the young Radu. The boy thought a dwarfs allegiance could be bought! “Priest, muzzle the boy lest I answer him with my axe next!”
    He’ll stride over towards the desk and pull open drawers and such until he finds said box and he dumps it out on the desk. “This ought to make fine compensation to those wretched slaves we freed earlier. As for Lucia’s death, I doubt that it would be deemed even a start.”

  7. Maruc (Clr 2)

    Maruc raised his eyebrow. “Gems? Jewels? How one can barter ones loyalty for such transient trinkets.” He grinned.

    “If we were the type of people to fall for such bribery, what pray in your opinion would stop us from rendering you unconscious, or worse, and just taking it? I don’t know what reality you are living in but its certainly not ours.” Maruc started to get angry. “We have just waded through over forty of your Veild bretheren in less than a week. Even your assassins have failed to even mark us! You would slay us as soon as look at us! Work in the shadows and take what is yours? Oh very ethical! No my Radu friend. Even where you try to buy your freedom from us before the Tribune comes with the guard I would never follow a man such as you even if you barter your very soul to Halav Himself.”

    “You need brave warriors you say? I wonder why? Perhaps your lust for power has beguiled you. You can wind up the peasants, but I can assure you if you think you can play their game they have been playing it alot longer than you. They have your society inflitrated with spies. They know your every move and lead you along as a man would lead his dog. You can’t even trust your own family!”

  8. Miklos (Mu 1)

    “Calm yourself Maruc, the young chap was only trying his best to stay alive. He knows well who we are and what we are capable of.” Miklos turned to Antonito. “Sorry about my priestly commrade he is the master of the sermon. If would put down your sword and surrender to us we can put aside some impending uglyness.”

  9. Saeth Tegau

    “Well, I’ve already noted that I’m employed for a time,” Saeth hoped that the Radu scion had forgotten the name, but didn’t have much hope of it, “and knowing dwarves, neither of us are going to see even one of your family jewels again.
    “On the other hand, should situations change a bit–should you gain another set, or I terminate my obligations, for example–would you still want our aid? Where might I find you?”
    Saeth thought the chances were low that she’d want to, but it never hurt to have a backup employer, particularly one who knew how good she was…

  10. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    At the Elf’s reply to Antonito, the dwarf nearly went red with rage. It wasn’t so much that she insulted all dwarves by her insinuation that he was ‘stealing’ the gems for himself. But that she would consider the mans offer! “Oh his situation will change, alright. A hangmans noose can make quite the difference!”

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