The Brothers Radu

“These Radu plots are giving me a headache! Prove your faith Antonito and do as you say.” Maruc backed off allowing the man access to Zweis, still not fully trusting him he stood behind him in the assault in order to keep an eye on him. At the least Zweis might turn his attentions to Antonito from Saeth and Feldard long enough for them to make a decisive blow.

That this man could fend of all three of their attacks was something quite impressive. Obviously a skilled warrior deserving of respect. Had he not been fighting for his life, Feldard might have gotten to like the man. As it was he was barely holding his own. He needed to end this quick before his strength gave out on him. He needed something unexpected. He dropped to the ground and rolled. Hoping to trip up his foe. Or if nothing else come up behind him with Nicolai and take him from the back.

Out of the corner of her eye, Saeth saw the Dwarf fall. That was a pity, both because it left her fighting the man without his aid, and because Feldard wasn’t really such a bad sort. For a Dwarf, of course, her mind quickly corrected. Still, she was left with little choice but to continue exchanging blows with the man, trying merely to match his ever-increasing fury.

Of course, the Dwarf hadn’t fallen at all, but rather was dropping into a position for a roll. The stout fighter was actually rather agile for his race, and succeeded in tripping up the larger Zweis. Saeth and Nicolai seized the opportunity and wounded the man despite his heavy armor.

This maneuver had the added advantage of taking the wounded dwarf out of Zweis’s range, at least for the moment. Recovering from his freshly made wounds, Zweis regained his warrior’s stance and found himself facing the charging Antonito.

“I see my coward of a brother has joined the fight! You shall die by the same sword that killed your beloved father!”

The two brothers Radu met each other with thunderous energy. It was the younger Antonito who took the worst of it, as the elder Radu’s sword was uncannily fast.

* * * * *

He hadn’t run so fast in his life, leaving the foolish fishmonger anf the guardsman to their argument he reached the top of the lane and pounded round the corner. He rounded the body and took several secounds to find the latch for the secret door. Wedging it open with a stone, he made his way through the first secret entrance to the Veiled Society hideout.



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8 responses to “The Brothers Radu

  1. Maruc

    Quickly realising that they were indeed enemies and this was not some Radu ploy to confuse him Maruc launched himeself at the surprisingly adept fighter. “You won’t surrender will you, foolish Radu. Throw down your sword and you shall have mercy should you wish it!”

  2. Miklos (Mu 1)

    …he threaded his way though the carnal house of corpses and the unconscious he caught the sounds of combat from a doorway at the top of the stairs. Miklos swore to himself, he shouldn’t have left on that fools errand. He scrambled up the corpse strewn staircase to the tunnel where the nosies were coming from. He pulled his spell book as he reached the end hardly bothering to assess the situation in the chamber beyond. He read with urgency…

  3. To Miklos – Don’t get frustrated, but it will take some time to get back to the fight. Plus, per the rules, only one spell may be cast from the book per day.

  4. Nicolai continues to attack Zweis from the rear, if possible he will slash at the backs of his knees or shoulders, attempting to incapacitate him, but still doing damage.

  5. Miklos (Mu 1)

    Opps I forgot that bit, I was just getting ahead of myself. I’ll get there when I get there….. now where’s that Alter Reality spell?…

  6. Saeth Tegau

    Well, that was enough of a confession to clarify what happened here, Saeth thought to herself. To be honest, though, it didn’t really matter; the one that was attacking them was the enemy, that was what mattered now. (And that he was evil, softly insisted the poet in her.) The Elf threw herself back into the fight, certain that she could fell her wounded and distracted foe.

  7. @ Miklos: I think that was Terry Pratchett circa Light Fantastic 😉

    Nicolai continues to attack, he wants Zweis alive, but not at the expense of his companions.

  8. Against the Radu:
    Saeth: 10xp +10xp
    Maruc: 10xp +10xp +10xp DM choice
    Miklos: 10xp +10xp
    Nicolai: 10xp +5xp
    Feldard: 10xp +10xp

    Saeth: 2025/4000
    Maruc: 1945/3000
    Miklos: 1890/2500
    Nicolai: 1770/2400
    Feldard: 1870/2200

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