A Dangerous Foe

Feldard’s axe came up to block his attackers blow. The man was strong!

With barely a moment to think his actions through, he followed through with an attack of his own.. using the flat of his axe. This man easily blocked the dwarf’s maneuver. It was quickly becoming clear this man was no stranger to combat.

The man apparently killed the Veiled leader, which meant he wasn’t likely of a Veil himself, which should put him on their side…Feldard thought. If only he would stop a moment to listen. “We’re not with the Veiled. So cease a moment!”

At the dwarf’s remarks, the man does not stop for even a moment. He sought to strike the dwarf without mercy.

Hoping that the companions had the matter very much in hand–Feldard and Nicholai with the elder man, and Maruc with the man’s victim–Saeth stayed out of their way. She scanned the room for other exits, and measured how far each of the two men were from it. Neither would leave the room on her watch!

Meanwhile, Nicolai had followed behind Feldard, and trying to circle round behind the swordsman.

* * * * *

Miklos had no time to deal with the ramblings of the fishmonger, nor to explain to the guardsmen the intricacies of the events that had transpired. He immediately left to return to his friends. If the guardsman gave chase,then he would soon see the truth of Miklos’s point of view when he sees the huge pile of corpses.

* * * * *

The cleric entered the room last and took in the situation. Feldard and Nicolai were all over the armoured man and so Maruc hoped he would soon be overpowered or convinced that we were not the enemy.

Leaving the subduing of the armoured man. Maruc went over to the younger man, who appeared to be in his late twenties. On closer inspection, he was wearing leather armor. He was bent over picking something up. It was a sword! “Zweis! You shall pay for what you have done to father!”

Nicolai attacked from behind, catching the brawny main in chain off guard. He tried to knock him out with the hilt of his sword. Feldard used this opportunity to launch an attack of his own, again with the flat of his axe.

Smiling, the man brushed off both attacks with apparent ease, and brought his sword down mightily upon the dwarf, severely wounding him.



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8 responses to “A Dangerous Foe

  1. The man attacking Feldard is a brawny middle-aged man (40ish). The dead man is old and does appears to be the same man that lead the execution. The younger man is in his late 20’s, but not puny. On closer inspection, the younger man is wearing leather armor. He does not wear robes. Only the dead old man has robes.

    Sorry if the previous post did not adequately describe them

  2. Murderer!:
    Saeth: 10xp
    Maruc: 10xp +5xp
    Miklos: 10xp +5xp
    Nicolai: 10xp +10xp
    Feldard: 10xp +10xp +10xp DM choice

    Saeth: 1975/4000
    Maruc: 1895/3000
    Miklos: 1850/2500
    Nicolai: 1735/2400
    Feldard: 1835/2200

  3. Seeing Feldard injured, Nicolai attacks again, this time using his blade.

  4. Saeth Tegau

    “Dwarf, if you can’t handle it, permit me to make the attempt.” With a slight prayer that her spell still protected her, Saeth stepped forward alongside Feldard, swinging her sword in a wide arc to drive him back from her suffering companion. Both he and the thief seemed to want the man alive–perhaps taking off his sword hand would cool his ardor?

    Is it fair to assume that Saeth didn’t see any other exits from the room, as they weren’t mentioned?

  5. There are no other exits. I’ll try to update the map soon. The Shield spell is still on, but set to expire soon.

  6. Maruc

    Upon seeing Feldard stagger back from the blow and realising the young man would aid them Maruc didn’t feel this young man would flee. The armoured man was irrational, which wasn’t surprising since the young man had refered to him as Zweis Radu. OK, so Maruc had misinterpreted the situation. If Zweis had attacked the Veiled leader and his son then the logical conclusion was that Zweis was a Radu traitor opposed to the plots of the Veiled and therefore a potential ally. A fell ally none the less.

    “Zweis we are in the employ of certain Torenescu interests. Cease your attack and speak with us, or prepare to suffer the consequences!” Curses where is Miklos when you need him!

    Maruc rounded on the young man. “Stay your hand Radu or give me your name that I may trust you!”

  7. Miklos (Mu 1)

    Miklos will attempt to get back as soon as possible.

  8. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    The severity of his wound drove the dwarf to anger and he changed from mere defensive and subdueing attacks to more lethal blows. He no longer care would the human was, Feldard swung at the man with the intent to kill now! He bellowed a dwarven battle cry and kept up his attack despite the Elf’s comment that he backdown. Not a chance!

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