Veiled Reinforcements

So much for not alerting the others… Feldard took a moment to check the wound he received. It was minor enough – nothing that would keep him from battle that’s for sure! He hefted his battle axe and strode forward to meet the oncoming Veiled. If he could get to the entrance before they all arrived he could limit the number that came through. Battling two in close quarters was better than 5 in an open space!

Taking note of the sturdy dwarf’s intentions Maruc quickly marched by his side raising his shield and preparing to block the entrance so that they could not all come out at once.

Blocked away from the fight once again by the armoured phalanx of dwarf and clerk, the swordswoman paused to catch her breath, ready to leap upon any who broke through their line.

Meanwhile, Miklos lightly bounded down the stairs. He was useless in the coming confrontation, unless they broke though so he set about ensureing that the sleeping figures would remain unconscious for a long while with judicious introduction of the pommel of his knife and the back of their heads.

The dwarf’s strategy worked and they were able to choke off the path down the stairs. Reducing the numerical advantage of the aggressors, the armored adventurers were more than able to hold their own. Despite being on lower ground, Feldard swung his axe effectively and ripped through the robes of his foe, eliminating one of the men.

Seeing that the two had the situation well in hand, Saeth relaxed somewhat. Then she noticed the platform running around the back rim of the room. She leapt into action once more, climing the third staircase two steps at a time, and charging around to engage the returning criminals from behind.

“They are blocking the stairs!”

“Go around the other way! Surround them!”

Four of the robed men started to run around the side of the dark firelit balcony toward the other staircase where they would be on a collision course with the charging elf.



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7 responses to “Veiled Reinforcements

  1. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    Hearing the sound of battle on the balcony, the dwarf grinned – he could get to like the Elf! She obviously wasn’t reluctant to engage in battle like most other elves, as he’d been told. And the Halavist priest was certainly stout and sturdy in battle as well. He’d done well to ally himself with such companions.
    With one of the Veiled down, Feldard pressed the offensive. There was no way these treacherous villians would be leaving here alive – not if he had anything to say about it.

  2. Maruc

    Fighting resolutely, Maruc concentrated on ensuring that the small advantage they did have wasn’t wasted. He was not a trained fighter so he wasn’t really aware of Seaths heroics, he was too busy trying to say alive.

  3. Miklos (Mu 1)

    Miklos looked up as Saeth launched herself up the stairs he saw a group break off, three, no four. Not doubting Saeths prowess in combat Miklos thought that those sort of odds could spell disaster for any swordswoman. She may well soon be overwhelmed.

    Can I assume that Nicolai would aid Saeth on her flank and that the passageway would only be able to support combat two abreast?

    Lining his sight on the main group at the top of the stairs and ensuring they had no obivous missile weapons Miklos started to recall the sleep spell he had memorised. He launched the magic into the midst of them hoping to cause confusion.

    Oh for a nice fireball it could have solved the problem before we entered to room… Still one of these miscreants mighthave a spell scroll Miklos could swell his slim spell book so a fireball might not be the best approach…

  4. Saeth Tegau

    Speaking of spellbooks, elf magic works identically to Miklos’? I’ve assumed so, but haven’t needed to reference it yet.

    A pity that they had thought to come this way, Saeth thought. She yelled a battle cry rather than slowing her step, still confident that she could frighten and manhandle this number of inexperienced aristocrats. Besides, this couldn’t leave too many for the others to face. The swordswoman tried to count, but found herself too embroiled in swordplay to concern herself overmuch.

    How is Saeth’s assessment of their ability? She could get flattened in a hurry if it’s much off… but most importantly, it’ll tell us things about the Veiled Society.

  5. Saeth has an advantage because her opponents are unarmored and have only daggers for weapons

  6. Nicolai joins the fight, guarding Saeth’s weaker side.

  7. A Quick Massacre:
    Saeth: 10xp +10xp
    Maruc: 10xp +10xp
    Miklos: 10xp +10xp
    Feldard: 10xp +10xp +10xp DM choice
    Saeth: 1795/4000
    Maruc: 1710/1500
    Miklos: 1660/2500
    Nicolai: 1565/2400
    Feldard: 1610/2200

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