Through the Crowd

The dwarfs own curses joined that of the vendors as he came apon the blocked path. He was tempted to just hack his way through but knew that by the time he did so the villians would be long gone anyways. “Thrice cursed, worthless, piles of troll-dung ..” He grumbled as he halted his chase. “Arggh, by Thunder we’ve been led a merry chase – no doubt, Akarios is being warned we are seeking him at this very moment.”

Saeth leapt, attempting to clear the falling folds of cloth, intent on continuing the chase. They were so close, and surely couldn’t get too far through the marketplace–four hooded, armed men would create quite a commotion bulling their way down the street. Let the dwarf placate the shopkeeper, if he couldn’t handle this little jog.

Passing the shopkeep at speed Maruc called, “Take not Halav’s name in vain for he shall hear you….” Maruc bounded over the fallen tent wishing that he armour would get lighter, he knew he couldn’t keep this up for ever.

“Curses! These men run as if the very spawn of Hades where afer them! Perhaps they are.” Miklos guessed by their action to pull the tent down was an intention to escape rather than fight. He thought that if they where ther to kill them they would not have fled, or maybe they didn’t expect such robust resistance. This was a warning more than anything else, they had sprung the trap with bravery so then next warning will be more dangerous. Still, it was also encouraging they were getting upset with us and upset people make rash decisions. He knew they where close to the truth of the matter, otherwise why waste men on stopping us?

The group weaved through the fallen tentcloth. Saeth lead the way, her nimble body tossing aside the obstruction with relative ease. They lost some time on their quarry, and she struggled to catch up. They can’t stay ahead of an elf for long. Miklos and the others sped on, lengthening their stride to catch up with her.

Nicolai stopped and thought for a moment. “Hmm perhaps going to the docks wasn’t such a good idea. Too many spies around.” He then carried on running after the men.

They turned the corner onto a very busy street. People were fleeing the area where a new riot had broken out. Saeth’s keen eyes were able to find the hooded men among the crowd and so she kept up her pursuit.

It was a struggle to maintain the chase through the crowded thoroughfare. The crossbowmen callously shoved people out of their way. Eventually, they turned against the tide of traffic, and split off away from the mob down a narrow side street.

The street was on a narrow incline, at the top of which was a fishmonger’s cart. The fleeing criminals took advantage of their lead time and stopped at the cart, then pushed it down the incline.

As Saeth and the others came into the side street, the cart was just starting to pick up speed toward them and the crowd behind.



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6 responses to “Through the Crowd

  1. The Chase Continues:
    Saeth: 10xp+5xp +10xp DM choice
    Maruc: 10xp
    Miklos: 10xp
    Feldard: 10xp +5xp

    Saeth: 1440/4000
    Maruc: 1365/1500
    Miklos: 1335/2500
    Nicolai: 1255/2400
    Feldard: 1250/2200

  2. Nicolai stops and thinks.

    “Hmm perhaps going to the docks wasn’t such a good idea. Too many spies around.”

    He carries on running after the men.

  3. Saeth Tegau

    The elf, intent on her goal, paid little attention to the damage that the cart would wreck upon the crowd behind. She sidestepped and continued her climb up the now-empty street, nearer now that her prey had lingered by the cart.

  4. Maruc

    Maruc was really hot now under all the armour that he was only just getting used to. he was pleased to see that their quarry had stopped to do something behind a cart at the end of the lane up head. He could see that Seath would be on top of them very soon with Nicolai, but without backup. Still he didn’t think the the men would fight until they were cornered. Miklos would make short work of them either way.

    Then Maruc saw what they were trying to do. A quick glance down the hill at the packed marketplace he soon realised their intention, indeed these men knew no bounds. Maruc knew he couldn’t halt the cart by himself. It looked far too heavy. So he sped alongside it and grabbing the front corner he pulled to change its direction toward the side of the street and stop it against the wall. The idea being the if the cart tipped with the inertia, it would tip away and not crush him.

  5. Miklos (Mu 1)

    Miklos side stepped the cart, there was no way he could stop it and his friends would need him if they cornered the men. He drove his tired legs up the incline.

    There was a grunt behind him as Maruc struggled with the cart. It would have to be up to the dwarf to help the priest.

  6. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    The dwarfs grumbled as the others kept up the chase. It took longer for him to make it through the folds of fabric with his short legs and he ended up being dead last in the chase. Through the streets he followed after them. For the most part it was easy, all he had to do was look for the wake of people staring in confusion after them.
    As he came apon the marketplace and the near riot he was at a bit more of a loss as to where his companions had gone but eventually he spied Maruc turning into a side street. He headed that way and rounded the corner in time to see Maruc near to being crushed by a cart.

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